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Chapter 161: The Consequences of Backlash

Jin Yazhen’s face was deathly pale as she stepped back unconsciously.

However, someone who was behind her shoved her forward.

Brother Liang grabbed her, showing a brilliant smile, but his eyes were full of malice.

“Baby, what’s the matter? You got out of my bed just yesterday, so why don’t you recognize me?”

“You… You…”

Jin Yazhen’s heart beat wildly, unable to say anything.

All eyes fell on her, cutting her flesh like a knife.

“It’s okay. It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember. I will remind you.”

Brother Liang raised the corners of his mouth as he tapped on the phone.

Then, an ambiguous voice rang out.

“Brother Liang… Ahh… More…”

As soon as they heard the voice, everyone’s expressions changed.

Whoa, this was so salacious!

Jin Yazhen’s pupils shrank suddenly and her face lost all color.

How come- How could he record those things?!

All the surrounding people wanted to cover their ears. They looked at the two of them with disgust, especially Jin Yazhen. Everyone felt as if they were seeing trash.

It was disgusting to hook up with a man that old at her young age, and doing those things? It was gross!

The dean’s face was even more ugly, and he couldn’t wait to face off with Jin Yazhen.

It was confirmed once again that this girl was a piece of work.

That incident where she slandered Xia Xibei had only just recently passed, and now this… She was polluting their clean and pure campus!


“Baby, you are so hot in bed, but you act like you don’t know me when we’re out of bed. Then you hook up with this kid. Is that really appropriate?”

Only Brother Liang was calm at the scene.

He came over here hoping to make things miserable for Jin Yazhen.

When it came to these sex scandals, girls were the biggest victims.

Especially since Jin Yazhen was still a high school student. Once things came out, it would be a devastating blow. When she was two-timing and cuckolding him, she should have thought of being exposed one day!

How dare she play him after taking his money? Did she think he was a schmuck?

He had nothing to worry about, as he didn’t even have a wife.

The incident’s biggest influence on him was his bruised male pride.

A big man like him was actually a cuckold… How embarrassing?!

“How is this kid better than me? Can he satisfy you more?” Brother Liang asked, pointing to Yang Xuan. “I gave you so much money, and you turn around and spend that money on him? You are really something else!”

“Brother Liang!” Jin Yazhen was about to kneel down. She wanted to beg him not to say anything else, but she was mute.

The expressions of the people around them became even more repulsed. They all wished to stay away from Jin Yazhen.

“Kid, you’re pretty good!” Brother Liang smiled at Yang Xuan. “You spend my money and you use my woman; you’re really a young hero!”

The corners of many people’s mouths twitched. It was too ironic to use this title here!

“He is much better than you think!” a gloating voice called out from behind. “He was two-timing many people; he is much stronger than you!”

Everyone turned their heads and looked. The person talking was a chubby girl.

People were startled. Wasn’t she Song Jiaren?

They had heard that Yang Xuan had been pursuing her before.

Now it sounded as if there was a lot of backstory.

So… Yang Xuan was no saint either.

“Shut up!”

Seeing that the incident was about to get worse, the dean angrily interrupted, hoping to stop things from escalating. “We’ll go back to the office and take care of things!”

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