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1608 Chasing and Intercepting

Seeing that Dolores had passed out, the corners of Xia Xibei’s mouth curved with a bright smile.

She stood up, picked Dolores up, and put her on the bed.

Then, she undid Dolores’ blouse, revealing her perfect torso.

Although Dolores was in her thirties, she didn’t look a bit old and was in perfect shape.

She exercised a lot, so her muscles were very smooth, and she had an enviable figure.

Her long legs were adored by her fans.

Xia Xibei took the woman’s clothes off to reveal her full chest and perfect waist.

If others were here, they would have been shocked.

Wasn’t this a scene of assault?

However, Xia Xibei’s face remained unchanged, not at all enchanted by the beauty in front of her.

The reason why she invited Dolores back here and also took off her clothes was that she wanted to verify her suspicions.

Once Dolores’ clothes were off, Xia Xibei’s eyes roamed over her body.

Soon, Xia Xibei saw a black spot on Dolores’ chest.

The black spot looked like an ordinary black mole, but it was a little larger than a black mole.

Xia Xibei reached out her hand to touch this black spot, and input her spiritual power.

Soon, she felt a bump under this black spot.

Sure enough!

Xia Xibei confirmed her suspicions.

There was a parasite compulsion inside Dolores’ body!

This kind of compulsion didn’t move normally. However, it was able to keep Dolores completely under control.

So, Dolores’ love for that man was probably caused by this compulsion.

Xia Xibei thought about it and took out her silver needle bag.

Soon, an additional circle of silver needles appeared on Dolores’ chest.

The silver needles surrounded this black spot in the middle.

As if sensing danger, the black dot began to go up, as if trying to escape from under the flesh.

The sleeping Dolores was frowning, supposedly feeling the torment of the parasite.

Xia Xibei took the medicine and dabbed it on Dolores’ nose, and she fell back into a deep sleep.

Making sure Dolores would not wake up, Xia Xibei continued her actions.

Soon, there was another small circle inside the circle.

The circle shrank a little as if it was chasing the parasite inside, determined to enclose it.

The parasite’s movements were becoming more and more intense, desperately resisting this attack.

Xia Xibei’s expression did not change as her hand moved again, and made a smaller circle of silver needles.

The black spot had nowhere to escape.

After a while, Xia Xibei narrowed the circle to as small as it could be.

The black spot had nowhere to run and could not move.

Xia Xibei applied another medicine, and the black spot did not move.

After waiting for ten minutes, Xia Xibei made sure that the black spot did not move, then she withdrew the silver needles.

After the silver needles were retracted, she put a little more ointment on top of the needle holes, and the marks disappeared.

After a careful inspection, there were no obvious marks on Dolores’ body.

Xia Xibei then packed up her things and put Dolores’ clothes back on.

After another half hour, Dolores suddenly woke up.

She sat up sharply and looked down at her clothes first.

The clothes were fine, nothing had happened to her body, and she didn’t feel any different.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

She walked out just in time to see Xia Xibei come in with a tray. Seeing her awake, Xia Xibei couldn’t help but smile, “You’re awake, I’ve prepared dinner.”

“I… How did I fall asleep?”

“Maybe you didn’t sleep well at night?” Xia Xibei had a calm face. “Or rather, maybe you are not a strong drinker?”

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