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Chapter 160: She’s My Lover

When Jin Yazhen arrived at the scene, she couldn’t help but gasp.

The verbal quarrel stage had passed, and the fighting had officially started.

Brother Liang was pulling Yang Xuan into a violent beating!

“How dare you steal my woman! How dare you cuckold me! I’ll beat you to death…”

His fist fell mercilessly onto Yang Xuan, who yelped again and again.

After a few punches, he was finally pulled away by others.

Even as he was pulled away, Brother Liang was still trying to kick Yang Xuan with his feet, yelling at him.

There were already many students around, all of whom were whispering curiously.

Someone recognized Yang Xuan. After all, the incident from before was only a few days ago.

They couldn’t help being curious about what had happened to Yang Xuan. Why was he so full of drama?

A security guard pulled Brother Liang’s arm back and prevented him from hitting Yang Xuan again.

“Who are you? How did you get in?!”

The dean, who had rushed over, was very angry. Where did this man come from?

When he saw Yang Xuan, he was even more upset.

It was him again?!

“I don’t know…”

Yang Xuan also felt helpless. Just now, the man suddenly came to him and asked if he was with Jin Yazhen. How could he admit to such a thing?

However, even though he denied it, he could not escape the attack.

After being beaten up, he was about to cry.

“You don’t know?!”

Even though Brother Liang was restrained, his arrogance remained the same.

Yang Xuan was just an ordinary high school student. What was there to worry about?

“You stole my woman and cuckolded me, and you don’t even know?!”

“Sir, please watch what you say!” The dean was also angry. “He is just a student. What you just said is outrageous!”

How could a high school student have anything to do with these things?

This man was so old, he could have been a parent of the students here. The difference between their ages and social status was really big. How could they possibly have anything to do with each other?

“I’m outrageous?!” Brother Liang was even more annoyed. “I have evidence!”

“Evidence?” The dean frowned. “What evidence?”

“Let go of me first!” Brother Liang demanded the security guard who was pulling him from behind. “Relax. I won’t hit him. I just want to show you the evidence!”

The dean looked at Brother Liang and finally nodded, “Let go of him first.”

The two security guards looked at each other and let go of their hands hesitantly, still ready to make a move at any time.

After being released, Brother Liang did not move on Yang Xuan, but took out his phone instead.

“This is my lover!”

He clicked on a photo and showed it to everyone.

A pretty young woman was leaning close to him, their faces touching. It was very sweet.

If he hadn’t said that she was his lover, it would be easy for others to think that she was his daughter. After all, their age difference was too great.

“This is…?”

The dean’s brow jumped, feeling that the girl with the intricately-applied makeup looked familiar.

“She goes to school here!”

Brother Liang curled his mouth and looked around, then his eyes lit up. “Baby, come here!”

Jin Yazhen, who was hiding in the crowd, felt as if her heart had skipped a beat. Her face turned pale and she couldn’t help but shrink back.

However, everyone’s eyes focused on her, leaving her with nowhere to run.

The other students looked at her in shock. She was this old man’s lover?!

What the- This was too shocking!


The dean finally recognized Jin Yazhen. She turned out to be the female student who stole things but blamed Xia Xibei!

How dare she do such a thing?!

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