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Chapter 158: Whistleblowing

Realizing Jin Yazhen’s resentment towards her and thinking about what happened yesterday, Xia Xibei felt that she was still too kind.

Since the two sides were destined to be enemies, why should she be merciful? Wasn’t that just bringing trouble to herself?

Tang Luo took out a tablet and started clicking on it.

Soon, things that Xia Xibei couldn’t understand appeared on it.

Xia Xibei shrugged.

She didn’t know much about electronic devices, at least not as much as Tang Luo. She knew how to use it in an ordinary way, but she’d let the professionals handle the more advanced matters.

Soon, Tang Luo found the account for the person Xia Xibei had mentioned. The account was not used frequently.

“Send these over.”

Xia Xibei provided another account with lots of videos.

Tang Luo took a look and was stunned.

The protagonists were Jin Yazhen and Yang Xuan!

He couldn’t help but look at Xia Xibei, puzzled.

“That person is Jin Yazhen’s benefactor.”

“Benefactor?” Tang Luo was shocked.

If everyone around them weren’t reading, their movements would have attracted attention from the others.

Xia Xibei nodded, her expression remaining unremarkable.

“Jin Yazhen was not only with Yang Xuan.”

Yang Xuan was proud of how he had two-timed people.

But he didn’t know that Jin Yazhen was no decent person either.

Here, Jin Yazhen was together with Yang Xuan, enjoying young love, but on the other side, she had a middle-aged lover.

This man was almost 40 years old and could be mistaken as Jin Yazhen’s father.

He had opened a not-so-small gold shop, and in the eyes of Jin Yazhen, he was considered a rich man.

Jin Yazhen’s family was not financially comfortable, but she had been very vain since childhood.

One couldn’t tell that her parents were part-time workers based on how well she dressed.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t try her best to get more from other people after taking advantage of Xia Xibei.

This man could provide her with more material things.

Men of this age didn’t usually go online so much, let alone pay attention to Jin Yazhen’s online activities.

Moreover, very few friends knew about him and Jin Yazhen.

Because of this, Jin Yazhen boldly made some affectionate videos with Yang Xuan, and then posted them online.

However, if the man found her pedaling two boats, she would be finished for sure.

Xia Xibei hadn’t thought of this before because she was not sure whether Jin Yazhen was already with that man at this time.

After seeing the silver chain on Jin Yazhen’s neck just now, she had finally confirmed that they were together!

“It’s done.”

Tang Luo looked up and turned off the tablet.

“Thank you,” Xia Xibei smiled brightly, then turned to look at Jin Yazhen.

Tang Luo also looked over. He couldn’t help but shake his head when confronted with Jin Yazhen’s bitter expression.

This kind of person would only push all her own mistakes onto others, never taking a moment to self-reflect.

However, Tang Luo also got some inspiration from Xia Xibei’s operation.

Jin Yazhen felt a little flustered seeing Xia Xibei and Tang Luo looking at her.

What did they want? What did they find out?

While she was thinking about this, her phone suddenly rang.

The ringtone was so loud, it disturbed those who were reading around them.

Everyone gave her disgusted looks.

With people showing contempt, she hung up in a panic, attempting to stop the ringing.

She could see the number clearly after everyone turned around.

Her face paled suddenly.

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