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Chapter 141: Friendly Little Chub

Xia Xibei didn’t expect the chubby boy to be so naive either.

“It’s a special skill. No one else can master it,” she responded with a smile.

“Really?” The chubby guy was rather disappointed. “That’s a pity then.”

Tang Luo and Ren Juncheng exchanged a glance of concern for the idiot.

This guy was… Unbelievably naive!

“Oh, right, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Yu Ziqi. What about you guys?”

“I’m Xia Xibei, this is Tang Luo, and that’s Ren Juncheng.”

“Nice to meet you guys! You can call me Qi!” Yu Ziqi was beaming with a bright smile.

He was about 5 and a half feet tall and kind of plump with chubby cheeks. It didn’t make him look unpleasant, but rather quite adorable.

With his silly, gullible personality, he seemed completely naive and harmless.

“Do you guys live nearby too?” Yu Ziqi asked.

“My house is around here,” Ren Juncheng said.

“Nope! I only came here today for a visit,” Xia Xibei explained, “But Tang Luo and I study at Qing Ye High School.”

“You guys are from Qing Ye High School?” Yu Ziqi was surprised. “I’m a freshman at Qing Ye High School!”

“You’re a freshman?” Tang Luo had a subtle look in his eyes.

“Yes!” Yu Ziqi nodded in excitement. “That means I could hang out with you guys!”

“Sure,” Xia Xibei nodded. “It’s quite convenient, since we’re all studying in the same school.”

As he watched them chattering away merrily, Ren Juncheng seemed kind of dejected. “If I’d known it, I would have applied for Qing Ye High School too.”

“It’s okay, we can hang out here!” Yu Ziqi was elated. “We can also meet up right here! Look, my Asura and your Honey are getting along really well!”

As he spoke, Yu Ziqi watched the obedient cat and dog with a benevolent look in his eyes.

Ren Juncheng’s lips twitched.

From Yu Ziqi’s perspective, he did not see how Honey had just given Asura a quick punch.

When they looked over at them, it put up a lovely, well-behaved front once again.

Only then did Ren Juncheng know how witty his cat was. It even knew pretense!

If they kept playing together, Asura would be bullied to death, wouldn’t it?!

However, he was Honey’s owner, so he could only keep quiet.

Honey only attacked Asura with its claws at most; it didn’t cause any substantial harm.

But it was still best to separate them afterwards.

Yu Ziqi did not realize how his Asura was being tormented, still in high spirits.

“How about this? Since we’re really lucky to get to know each other, I’ll buy you guys some food!”

Yu Ziqi was an endearing little chub. His smile was bright and passionate, which made people happy.

The three of them couldn’t help but accept his adamant offer.

However, if they were to enter a shop, Asura and Honey would not be easy to deal with.

Even though cats and dogs were allowed to walk outside, most premises would refuse them entry into the shop itself.

“It’s fine, come with me!” Yu Ziqi said, patting his own chest.

Very soon, they arrived at the fourth floor of the square, where there was a high-class restaurant.

Upon entry, they were greeted by a man with the look of a manager, who led them into a reserved room with a big smile on his face.

Xia Xibei took a glance at the menu. The cheapest dish had a three-digit price.

“Come on, order what you like!” Yu Ziqi urged them passionately, “The food here is quite good.”

“Do you come here often?” Tang Luo asked.

“Yes. This place belongs to my mum… My mum’s friend, and I have a VIP card.”

Yu Ziqi made a stiff swerve with his words. However, Xia Xibei had noticed the problem.

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