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Chapter 135: Honey is Depressed

The two of them began discussing the things which needed to be done.

Xia Xibei knew a little bit about live streaming. As for platform development, that was Tang Luo’s area.

It seemed that Tang Luo already had some understanding of it, so their conversation was pleasant and smooth.

They found a place to have lunch and continued their discussion.

It wasn’t until the two of them listed all the issues they could think of that they stopped.

After stopping, they couldn’t help but laugh at each other, feeling a sense of sympathy.

Their personalities were well matched, and it felt very pleasant to get along with each other.

After having dinner too, they realized that they had been sitting for a whole day without moving!

“Let’s take a walk and digest some of this food,” Xia Xibei suggested.

It was exhausting sitting for a whole day.

“Ok.” Tang Luo didn’t disagree.

As the two of them walked together, they attracted a lot of attention.

The two were about the same height, but Tang Luo was slightly taller, with good proportions. He had long legs and a handsome face, making the passing young women give him a second look.

As they reached the square, there was a group of entertainment facilities outside.

Suddenly, Xia Xibei’s phone vibrated.

After checking it, she couldn’t help laughing.

“What’s wrong?” asked Tang Luo.

“It’s fine. It’s just someone looking for me.”

Song Jiaren had sent her a link. She clicked on it and saw that it was a post by a blogger who was looking for someone.

[Please, does anyone know the address of this beauty? Help!]

The title was surprising and the text below was also a bit bizarre.

[Yesterday, I took my Honey out, but it was mesmerized by a certain beauty! When we came back, Honey was fine in the evening, but early in the morning, it started begging to go out! I took it to the place we visited before, but it was still restless. It didn’t calm down until I said we’d go find the girl from before! But how do I know where she is?!]

By now, people could tell the person posting was having a breakdown.

[I don’t know the address of the girl at all. I couldn’t find it even after I looked for it! Now, Honey is depressed! Yes, Honey is depressed! It has no interest in anything! Not even its favorite cat food!]

[Please, does anyone know this girl’s contact information? If you do, please send me a private message! I’d be so grateful! Please save my Honey!]

Below were photos of Honey and Xia Xibei, which appeared to be screenshots from online.

Comments on the post varied.

[Is this the latest way to pick-up someone? Using your own cat as an excuse?]

—— [It’s not a pick-up line! If I wanted to strike up a conversation with her, I’d have tried to get her number before!]

[It’s only been a day, right? Depression doesn’t happen this fast! Also… Do cats get depressed?]

—— [Honey has never been like this before! The doctor said it is really depressed!]

[I remember this video… A beautiful girl and a cute cat. This is really a publicity stunt! It’s been only one day, and there’s already a follow-up?! ]

—— [I don’t have time for a publicity stunt! Take a hike!]

[Is the poster trying to do something to this girl when he gets the address?]

—— [I don’t need the exact address, just a phone number. I can meet up with her somewhere!]

The later comments made the poster go crazy.

Xia Xibei had to shake her head and smile after seeing the drama.

So, when she told Honey “goodbye” yesterday, it really believed it.

Before Xia Xibei could think about how to get in contact with the poster, someone quickly approached her.

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