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Chapter 131: The Girl is Too Difficult


Huo Zijun and a few subordinates were stunned, staring at the scene before them.

Were they hallucinating? Was this Qiao Yanjue?!

They knew that Qiao Yanjue didn’t have words like “compromise” and “gentleness” in his dictionary!

And he was acting so docile in front of Xia Xibei?!

Xia Xibei was also a little surprised. Of course, she knew how tough Qiao Yanjue was.

How could he have become a widely revered and lethally decisive “Lord Jue” by being easy-going?

Even if he took out a gun and shot her, it would be expected.

But now, when he actually used such a gentle tone to talk to her, Xia Xibei felt as if she was placed in a trance.

“It’s very late now, there may not be any taxis around. Given your physical condition, you will definitely be tired. Anyway, it’s on my way, so I can take you back.” Qiao Yanjue’s usual cold expression softened. “Is that okay?”

Xia Xibei looked at Qiao Yanjue blankly, feeling as if he had been swapped with someone. How else could he be this gentle?


However, in the face of such a strange Qiao Yanjue, Xia Xibei couldn’t hold onto her previous attitude.

She could be tough when met with toughness, and if others were tough against her, she could be even tougher!

But when the other person was soft, she couldn’t keep her cold attitude.

“Yeah, Little Xia, what he said makes sense. Just let him send you back! This way, I can rest easy, knowing you’re safe.”

Huo Zijun hurried to help when Qiao Yanjue glared at him. However, he couldn’t help grumbling to himself.

It seemed as if Xia Xibei wasn’t just an ordinary girl!

Of course, Qiao Yanjue’s attitude toward her was different too.

He would have plenty to talk about with other brothers later!

Since Huo Zijun spoke up too, Xia Xibei thought for a while before finally nodding, “Well then, I will trouble you.”

Listening to Xia Xibei’s tone, which was completely different from earlier, Qiao Yanjue couldn’t help but praise his decision.

Sure enough, this girl was persuaded by reason, not swayed by force!

“OK, let’s go.”

Qiao Yanjue nodded and the other men immediately took the bags away, delivering them to the car.

“Can you walk?” Qiao Yanjue asked with concern.

Xia Xibei looked at him uncertainly and nodded stiffly, “Yes.”

In fact, she wanted to ask Qiao Yanjue if he was on something!

Was this polite gentleman really the Qiao Yanjue she knew?

The 30-something Lord Jue stood by his word, inspiring awe in others, but the 24-year-old Qiao Yanjue was equally scary!

The former was too domineering and tough, the latter was too out of the ordinary!

Who had even heard of a Lord Jue like this?

Xia Xibei didn’t have much contact with Lord Jue back then, but her impression of him was always of someone who was domineering, arrogant, and fierce.

Rumor had it that he wasn’t even this gentle with his fiancée.

Was he on something?

Seeing Xia Xibei’s expression, looking as if she had seen a ghost, Qiao Yanjue couldn’t help but grit his teeth and pinch his skin.


If this girl wasn’t so difficult, he wouldn’t have had to force himself!

When he turned around and saw the same horrified expressions on his subordinates, his face changed and his voice immediately cooled, “Is the car ready?”

“Re- Ready!”

Frightened by his cold expression, several of his men trembled, immediately straightening their backs.

Xia Xibei also took a breath.

OK, he wasn’t on something. It wasn’t that bad.

Hearing Xia Xibei sigh, Qiao Yanjue could only make a fist and push down his frustration.

Were all the girls so difficult these days?!

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