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Chapter 122: Giving You a Doll

The young man stood there awkwardly, watching his beloved pet rubbing up against Xia Xibei’s feet.

She looked so solicitous; it was hard to watch.

If he wasn’t sure that this was his cat, he would really think the animal had been swapped!

“Bei Bei, it really likes you!” Song Jiaren exclaimed, squatting down to touch the cat.

The cat’s smooth fur was just so tempting.

However, Honey avoided her hand, raised its head, and yelled at Xia Xibei once again.

Without waiting for Xia Xibei’s response, it moved over a doll again.

The diligent appearance broke the young man’s heart.

“Honey! You make me sad!” He covered his face and said, “That doll was caught with my hard work, and you just gave it away!”

He complained as if his wife had cheated on him.

Xia Xibei looked at the young man with a little embarrassment. She did not expect this cat to be so enthusiastic when seeing her.

She squatted down and touched Honey’s little head.

Everyone saw that Honey’s eyes lit up immediately, rubbing its head on her hand, its eyes closed in satisfaction. Then it lay down, exposing its belly.

The corners of the young man’s mouth twitched. Honey was not so passionate about him, and he was the litter-shoveling officer!

Although this girl was pretty, the cat should not be this loyal to her!

Xia Xibei stroked its belly and smiled in apology, “Sorry, this is the doll your owner caught for you. I can’t have it.”


Honey’s voice was sweet and pretty.

Before they could talk, it got up and left Xia Xibei’s hand.

The young man’s eyes lit up. Had this little thing finally found its conscience?

Of course, if Honey acted like a baby with him and wanted to give away the doll, he would still agree.

However, he was stunned the very next moment.

Honey turned around and ran to the claw machine.

Then, the audience was further stunned.

It actually crawled in from the exit of the claw machine!


The young man immediately stood up and rushed towards the claw machine.

“What the- The cat is really puffy!”

Song Jiaren was dumbfounded. The opening of the claw machine was not small, but it wasn’t big either, at least not enough for humans to enter it.

Honey looked fluffy, much bigger than this opening. But unexpectedly, it could get in!

No wonder people said that cats were liquid!

But why did it go in there?

Soon, everyone understood its intention.

Honey soon entered the machine, her hairy body submerged in a pile of dolls. If they hadn’t stared at it, they would have thought it was a doll too.

Under everyone’s gaze, it reached out its paws and pushed down on the two dolls near the exit.

“What the-!”


Everyone was stunned while seeing the two dolls fall down.

Was the cat a human?!

After catching, or rather, pushing out the two dolls, Honey was not too greedy. It casually got out of the machine.

Nobody could close their mouths as they watched its smooth movements.

Not caring about what the others thought, Honey pushed the two dolls towards Xia Xibei and gave a triumphant cry.

“God, this cat is exactly like a human!”

“OMG! Am I seeing things?!”

Everyone was stunned by this magical act.

Honey’s owner was equally dumbfounded.

If he wasn’t sure that he hadn’t seen Xia Xibei before, or that Honey had been with him right after weaning, he would have thought that this woman was Honey’s original owner!

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