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Chapter 120: Can’t Sign the Contract

After watching Xia Shahai leave in low spirits, Xia Xibei also left with a smile on her face.

The Songs had found a shop, and they were waiting for her to go and have a look.

The shop that the Songs found was also situated in the commercial area in the vicinity, where more people usually moved about.

Once Xia Xibei was satisfied with it, they could begin the operation.

Xia Xibei had several hundred thousands in hand at the moment. If she collaborated with the Songs, they could open a few milk tea shops.

However, she had no plans to do that for now.

On her way to the shop, she received a call from Pan Yan.

On the other end of the phone, Pan Yan sounded very sincere, “It’s been a week. Have you been considering it?”

“I’ll be frank with you then.”

Considering how genuine Pan Yan had been, Xia Xibei didn’t want to lie to him. “I’m not on good terms with my parents, they wouldn’t sign for me.”

Pan Yan was taken aback. “They’re reluctant to sign?”


“Erm…” He hesitated for a moment and said, “Is there no room for discussion at all?”

“Yes.” Xia Xibei laughed a little. “There’s a few months left before I come of age, I’ll only be able to decide for myself until then.”

Pan Yan was rather disappointed. Who would know how things would turn out a few months from now?

Furthermore, it would take a long period of time before one could debut! A lot of trainees in their company had started in their teens, and Xia Xibei’s age was relatively old in comparison.

“How about this, come train at our company first, and we’ll sign the contract once you reach adulthood?”

His suggestion made Xia Xibei pause in her tracks. A few moments later, however, she declined the offer. “I know your company has rules, you don’t have to do that for me.”

Pan Yan fell silent as well, he had realized the problem too.

Without the security provided by the contract, who would know where Xia Xibei would be after she finished her training?

Wouldn’t he be cultivating a treasure for someone else for free then?

As a mature company, they would avoid such mistakes at all costs.

“How about this, let me talk to your parents!” Pan Yan suggested again.

“No need for that.” Xia Xibei shook her head. “They’ll become even more repulsive toward it if you talk to them, I don’t want to get you into trouble.”

Before Pan Yan could go on, she added, “There’s no need to rush things, I’ll figure out a way on my own. You should carry on with your work first. I have some matters to handle at the moment, let’s talk some other time.”

Looking at the call that was hung up, Pan Yan looked somewhat crestfallen.

How could he miss out on such a good sapling like Xia Xibei?!

Although Xia Xibei advised him not to rush things, how could he not be anxious?

After pondering on it for a while, he got up and headed for the General Manager’s office.

The general manager of SY shook his head after getting to know his purpose of visit. “I get what you mean, and I trust your insight. However, we can’t make it an exception.”

The general manager explained seriously, “Without a contract, what if she backstabs us after we spend so much effort on her? Don’t tell me that you’ll be responsible for it, no one can shoulder such responsibilities! Sister Xue just brought this matter up to me just now. We are a legitimate company; without a signature, it’ll be useless even if she came from the heavens!”

Pan Yan’s lips moved in an attempt to speak, but he was interrupted right away, “Enough, let’s drop the matter. The company has just recruited newcomers, go have a look, there are lots of talents among them as well! Train them properly, and we might have a chance to raise a king or queen of the industry, too. Stop overthinking.”

Before Pan Yan could continue speaking, the general manager chased him out of the room.

Meanwhile, Xia Xibei had no idea that Pan Yan was vying for her. She was caught up in a rather unusual situation.

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