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Chapter 119: Are You Insane?

Xia Shahai recalled how Xia Xibei had threatened him before, saying that she was going to hurt his children!

And today she showed up at the school where his two children studied… She was going insane, wasn’t she!

Xia Shahai couldn’t help but tremble when he met her calm, cold smile.

“Are you— are you crazy?!”

He couldn’t understand how Xia Xibei had turned into someone like that.

She was still a soft, flimsy little girl not long ago, but she had turned into a lunatic now!

Xia Xibei gently smiled. “I’m not crazy, but if you’re trying to do something, I’m not sure if I’ll go crazy.”

Her body was slightly inclined forward, her lips curling into a semblance of a smile, but the words that she spoke sent chills down one’s spine.

“In fact, as long as we don’t get into each other’s way, the world will be a peaceful place to live. But if you do something that makes me unhappy… I’m sorry, but I don’t have a good character, and I can’t guarantee what I will do in return.”

Upon meeting her dark, profound eyes, Xia Shahai shuddered with chills and his limbs went cold.

He knew that Xia Xibei was being serious!

She had gone crazy!

After casually speaking those menacing words, Xia Xibei leaned backward. “Although I don’t get along with my younger brother and sister very often, I hope they grow up safe and well.”

She fumbled out her phone and opened the photo gallery. “Look, they’re adorable and beautiful, aren’t they? I’m sure they’ll be beauties when they grow up!”

Xia Shahai’s scalp tingled when he saw the photo of his two children. “You-you are a monster!”

“Monster?” Xia Xibei chortled again. “I became a monster because of you.”

When she thought of the pain and struggles that she had endured in the past and those disgusting behaviors of theirs, Xia Xibei’s heart turned even colder and more ruthless.

“I know why you came to meet me, but remember, the house belongs to me now, and it has nothing to do with you,” Her smile was serene and her tone of voice placid, showing not a hint of madness, “In fact, it doesn’t matter even if I give you the house, I still have several hundred thousands in hand after all.”

Xia Shahai’s heart skipped a beat, but before his excitement could take over, he heard Xia Xibei carry on, “What can’t I accomplish with so much money? For example, it’s not a big deal… to buy two lives.”

Xia Shahai’s face fell dramatically, and he stared at Xia Xibei in complete disbelief. In a strident voice, he yelled, “What a sadist you are!”

Xia Xibei chuckled. “Heya, don’t get all worked up, I was just kidding with you. How would I do such things? I’m only seventeen after all, I have a bright future ahead of me!”

Of course she was joking; she would be a fool if she wasted her time and future meddling with these people!

However, she looked so serious that Xia Shahai dared not budge at all.

What in the world had this goddamn child been through all these years that made her so terrifying!

Moreover, she was not even a grown-up yet, so even if she did something like that, the punishment that she’d receive would be relatively less severe.

If she had really set her mind to go against him, there was no way he could stop her!

The current situation fits the saying, “the barefooted does not fear the opponent in shoes”.

He dared not take the risk.

“I-I came here this time, ju-just to pay you a visit.”

Xia Shahai was a practical person; he admitted defeat right away.

As far as he was concerned, it was better to admit defeat than to suffer the fatal consequences.

Especially when Xia Xibei was using his own children as the bargaining chips—he couldn’t possibly take the risk.

“Did you? I’m fine, no need to worry.”

Xia Xibei flashed him a genuine, cheerful smile. The two of them smiled as they looked at each other, seeming like a pair of father and daughter who loved each other dearly.

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