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Uu~ Pitch black again. Some sounds can be heard but, maybe it’s because I just reincarnated, I can’t really hear it that well. It’s blurry when I try opening my eyes so I can’t really see.

“@#/@&[email protected]/aw”

I can hear something so I tried listening but, as I thought I don’t really understand it. Just when I thought that,

『Language(Continental Language) has been acquired』

Uoo! Somehow a woman’s voice could be heard in my head. And then, I was able to understand the sounds that I couldn’t understand before. Is this the ability to understand language that the Goddess said.

Then, my eyes have finally gotten accustomed so I try opening it and, I’m inside a woman’s arms. I try raising my face and a very beautiful woman is carrying me. Standing opposite of her is a man, behind him stood a woman wearing an olden day’s long maid costume.

The three of them are very young.

The man standing on the opposite and the woman carrying me is around their early 20s, the woman in the maid costume is probably about high school age.
They have faces that make me think ‘Is everybody in a different world all handsome men and beautiful women?’. The male is a handsome guy who has golden hair and blue eyes, one couldn’t help but take another look if they saw him.
He’s surely popular isn’t heー, this handsome rascal!

The woman carrying me is also an extremely beautiful person.
A very well-featured face with long silver hair accompanied by red eyes. From her looks, she feels gentle.
Judging by the atmosphere from the surroundings, this person is my mother.
Then could this man be my father?
I stare fixedly at the man and,

“Oh! Why are you looking fixedly at me? Could it be that you know I’m your father?”

Is what he said. Speaking of which, I’m able to understand the language.
Maybe it’s because I’ve acquired 『Language(Continental Language)』just now?

“Fufufu, that might be it. Horahora~ It’s your father and mother~”

As I thought, they are my father and mother.
Being born from these two, I’m extremely curious about how I look.

“The eyes and hair resemble Eris and the face me, maybe?”

“That’s right. With this face, he’s probably going to become a guy who makes women cry like Sieg~. We have to make sure his personality isn’t similar as well”

“O, ohon! W, well putting that aside, about this child’s name, is it alright to decide on the name we thought about before?”

“Fufufu, that’s right. I also agree with that name”

Oo! Finally, my name is decided! What kind of name would it be

“Your name is, Lei! Leivelt・Runwalker!”

Oo~ Isn’t that a nice name! I’m going to live as Leivelt from now on huh.

“Lei. Let’s get along together. I’m your mother, Eris”

Should I reply to this? Let’s try.


Oo! Everybody’s eyes opened wide.

“The parents might be idiots but, this child might be smart in the future”

“That’s for sure. After all, he’s the child of Eris and me!”

“Geez! Dear!”

No no, don’t leave your child and create a lovey-dovey atmosphere by yourselves.
And introduce the other person as well.

“Hora, Kuroe. It’s the Leivelt that you will be attending to. Carry him”

I wonder does attending to me means she’s exclusive to me. Such a beautiful person is~
More importantly, it’s been on my mind since just now but, this attendant has something attached to her that my parents don’t!
That is!
There are cat ears on her head and a tail on her butt!
I want to go mofumofu¹ on the cat ears and tail!

While I was thinking about such thing, I was carried by this girl called Kuroe.
Well, I’ll greet her since I’ll be much obliged to her from now on.


Kuroe who saw that somehow started crying!
Eh! Did I do something that made her cry? This is bad! What do I do?
Something like a woman crying, I’ve never encountered this before so nothing is coming up to mind!
How should I say this, I’m a baby so I can’t do anything. For the time being, I’ll wipe the face that’s wet with tears.

“Au~~~!” Pechi Pechi Pechi²

……Rather than wiping, this is slapping.

“Ara ara maa maa. Already know how to console a girl at this age?”

No no! I’m just desperate, Okaa-sama³.

“Fufufu, thank you, Lei-sama. I became overcome with emotions after thinking that he’s the person I’ll be attending from now on and tears started flowing out
My name is Kuroe.
I don’t think you will understand even if I say it now but, I will be taking care of Lei-sama’s needs. Please get along with me”

Oo~! As I thought, she’s my exclusive cat ears maid-san!
I’ll smile again here as a greeting!


I replied and Kuroe as well


replied with a smile. As I thought, her smile is cute!

My parents are handsome and beautiful, my maid is a beautiful cat ears maid.
I just realized but, me having a maid means that I’m in a wealthy family right?
My parents are also wearing nice clothes, the room is also spacious.

I was thinking that this is a rather nice family and, a knock can be heard from the door.

“Excuse me, Sir”

This, a woman that feels like the attendant came in.

“Sir. Eris-sama also just gave birth so, it might be better for her to rest”

“Oo! That is right. My bad, Eris. I was so happy that the child is born that I got carried away”

“No no, it’s fine. I’m also extremely happy that our family have increased by a person. Even so, Lei was also just born so let’s let him rest”

“That’s right. Kuroe, pass Lei over to Eris”

“Understood. Then Lei-sama, let’s have a rest”

Oo. Drowsiness hits me the moment I lay down.
As expected, I get sleepy immediately because I’m still a baby.
There’s a lot to think about but, I’ll sleep for now.

“Goodnight, Lei”

“Goodnight, Lei”

“Goodnight, Lei-sama”

“Goodnight, young master”


Everybody greeted me so I replied and proceeded to fall asleep.

And like this, Day 1 of reincarnation comes to a close.

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