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Chapter 1: Rebirth

I am not the kind of woman who believes in true love, but I will only love one person in this lifetime.     -Anonymous

After Fei Fei had awakened, she felt a pain in her lower body and a vivid memory that did not belong to her. She was reborn!

In her previous life, Fei Fei was the daughter of the Mu Group and was originally the company’s successor as well. However, she was actually framed by her younger half-sister, Mu Mo, and was pushed down from the 18th floor. At that point she thought that her life was over, but never did she expect to experience rebirth!


What is this?

Where did this pain come from?

The identity of this new body was Lin Xi, a 17-year-old girl who was the illegitimate daughter of the Lin Group’s president. Although she was his child, it wasn’t until she was 14 years of age that she was taken from the countryside and brought to his residence. By the time she entered the city, she could not change her style. Her character and mannerisms, along with her fashion all reflected a country girl’s tastes. The way she carried herself reminded onlookers of the story “Back to the Village.”

Because of the arranged marriage agreement between Lin and Lu families, and due to having no other daughter but the illegitimate child at home, Lin Xi had found herself being married to the national male god, Lu Beichen.

However on their wedding night, Lu Beichen left straightaway because of his disgust with the original Lin Xi. He would not return for several nights…

As a result, when Lu Beichen had finally returned, the angry Lin Xi had used aphrodisiac to harden Lu Beichen.

Unfortunately, she accidentally used too much dosage. This resulted in Lu Beichen’s fierceness that caused the original Lin Xi to be unable to go on.


For the current Lin Xi, this situation……is too awkward!

She stumbled on the bed, causing her little face to frown deeply. Oh it hurts!

It turned out that this wasn’t a dream. She was still alive, but borrowing someone else’s body to live.

It seems she really was born again!

Her previous life’s memories still replayed in her mind~

Not only did half-sister’s mother indirectly kill her own mother, she too was pushed down from the 18th floor by her half-sister, causing her death without a proper burial.

Mu Mo, she will remember this wicked sister’s name….

Mu Fei Fei had always been a good person, but that doesn’t mean she would turn a blind eye when others tried to murder her. Of course she can’t possibly let her sister get away after her crime.

As Mu Fei Fei was immersed in her thoughts, a gloomy atmosphere suddenly emerged from behind. As she turned to look back, the sight immediately caused her to choke from surprise.

Wow! What a handsome man!

The drenched man had walked out of the bathroom with a gloomy face.

He only wore a bath towel to cover his lower body, and one could clearly see that he had a perfect figure. The muscles were distributed just right. His honey colored skin and sculpted figure outlined a sexy figure.

The sculpted dimension of his face were handsome and stood out on its own. At this time it emanated a cold yet noble aura.

His eyes were ferocious, like the king of hell, as if the mere sight of them would cause the onlooker to tremble from fear of being devoured.

Hey, he had such a beautiful face and yet he’s making an expression as angry as the king of hell.

What a waste on his beauty! It’s such a pity!

When Lin Xi snapped back to reality she immediately stood up to escape, but without warning, a pain had struck her causing her to fall directly on the ground.

“Ugh  ~ it hurts!”

Her little face wrinkled tightly and she began to sweat.

However, before she could collect herself, she felt a sensation down her back and she was thrown directly on the bed. Lin Xi’s eyes moistened from the pain.

So rude ~

“Woman, you dare to drug me. Do you want to die!”

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