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Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 88 (Part 2)

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Chapter 88: Soft-hearted (Part 2)

“That girl’s actions were really too vicious.” Gao Yang was stunned looking at the injury in front.

Xie Jing Xing took off his outer robe and his middle robes were hanging on. The middle robe’s collar was loose, revealing half of his buff physique. His sleeve was half folded up and his arm was exposed. The injury that was caused by half of the hairpin was so deep that the bone was seen. As Gao Yang was applying medication on Xie Jing Xing, he was playing with the hairpin in his hand.

That hairpin was just an ordinary silver hairpin and the pattern on top was also a simple waved one. But the pointed part of the hairpin was grinded till it was incisively sharp that it was comparable to a hidden silver needle weapon, and the tip was curved as if it was a barb. If someone was stabbed with this hairpin, it would definitely tear a big piece of flesh off.

For instance, the wound at Xie Jing Xing’s arm.

“Shen Xin’s family are all noble and benevolent of character, but that girl’s action was this vicious. Really do not seem to be Shen Xin’s daughter. Could it be a wrong baby was carried back?” Gao Yang was still surprised, “You can see that when she attacked, her hands did not hesitate. It went into the meat.” He sprinkled the powder onto the wound and Xie Jing Xing frowned and sucked down a lump of cold air.

“Even if it is painful, one must tolerate.” Gao Yang snapped, “Third Xie, I have followed you for so many years and have never seen you to have tender and protective feelings for the fairer gender. What kind of muddled did you mixed your head with. She collided into such a big matter and also harmed you, but you just let her go like this. I say.” Gao Yang stroked his chin, “Could it be that you really took a fancy on her? She is still a little girl. Are you crazy?”

Xie Jing Xing impatiently said, “Alright. I am not that shameless to bully a little young girl.”

“You speak as if you have never bullied little young girls before.” Gao Yang smiled coldly, “I really do not know what are you thinking about.” He wrapped the bandage carefully around Xie Jing Xing’s arm and gave a sigh upon completion, “Now that the thing is in our hands, what next?”

“Search again.” Xie Jing Xing said.

“The Fu family would know sooner or later.” Gao Yang frowned, “Actually the strangest thing I felt was how did Shen Miao come to know about the secret chamber? If she is the Fu family’s people, you may be exposed.”

“She has enmity with the Fu family.” Xie Jing Xing lazily said, “And could not wait to use my hand to kill others. As to how she found it, it could be coincidence.” There was a sharp look that flashed in his eyes. He simply did not believe when Shen Miao said that she inadvertently learned about it. Shen Miao was one who did things for a reason and it could be seen from the matter of Shen Qing and Prince Yu. It may seem on the surface that it was of no use but at the end, it played an unexpected role. Xie Jing Xing even had a conjecture that Shen Miao dealing with Prince Yu was perhaps because of the ‘thing’ he currently had.

But how did she knew about it? Even he and Gao Yang only came to be aware of it and also spend a lot of energy. Shen Miao was an unmarried daughter and it would be very inconvenient to investigate the matter but she knew about the secret. The secrets she had were no less than others.

“In short, it is better to be careful.” Gao Yang stood up, picked the remaining bandages and medication up and headed out, “Moreover now she has discovered my identity, one would not know what kind of changes there will be in the future.”

Xie Jing Xing remained alone in the room as he directed the hairpin to the dancing flame, seemingly lost in thoughts. After a moment, what floated in his mind was that scene in the chamber, that young female’s large eyes and the look of her shedding tears silently.

He was not a person who had tender and protective feelings for the fairer gender, and it was not that he had other intentions with Shen Miao. It was just at that moment, suddenly there was an inexplicable feeling of being unable to bear. That feeling finally broke his usual calm actions and now thinking about it, he was somewhat regretful. The arm that was attended to was somewhat numb and painful. The one who attacked really did not hesitated at all. If he had not dodged quickly, this hairpin might have landed on his face.

Actually Shen Miao’s tears were perhaps only a tactic. Xie Jing Xing was well aware of it. That young female was extremely sly and her brain was sharp and intelligent, and she indeed had an incredible ability. To suddenly show weakness most likely meant that she wanted to stay alive.

Xie Jing Xing spreaded his hand out and that silver hairpin flashed insignificantly in his hand, but it made one reminisce that pair of eyes that one covered, those fluttering feelings were like a flying butterfly that was dancing on one’s palm and in that moment of vulnerability made his mind feel peculiar, he should not have sympathized with her.

“Little malicious woman.” Xie Jing Xing suddenly smiled. Under the lamp, that youth’s handsome brows were eye-catching and there was a playful smile on his lips as he murmured, “Should not have been soft-hearted.”

In the Shen residence the Eastern courtyard was blooming with flowers at the moment.

In Rong Jing Tang, Old Shen Furen had a gloomy expression as she looked towards Shen Gui and said, “So to say, there is no way to release Qing girl?”

Shen Gui shook his head, “The entire household of Prince Yu was exterminated and only Qing-er was left alone. No matter how, there would be no escape from implication and the case has to be trailed.”

“With such a big matter, one do not know if His Majesty would blame it on us.” Old Shen Furen worriedly said, “What is the matter with that girl Qing-er, does the matter really have nothing to do with her?”

When Ren Wan Yun heard those words, she burst out. Ren Wan Yun suddenly flew out and knelt in front of Old Shen Furen, scaring her as she cried, “Old Furen, you saw Qing-er grow up and you should know what kind of character she has. How could she do such a thing? Moreover what kind of ability does Qing-er have to be able to have such connections to such powerful people like this. Is obvious that it is the enemies of Prince Yu residence and Qing-er was only lucky and able to escape. We already let her down, we must not leave her like this.”

Ren Wan Yun and Old Shen Furen have been Mother and Daughter-In-Law for so many years and was also crystal clear about Old Shen Furen’s temperament. Old Shen Furen was selfish and set the helm according to the wind. Even with the feelings about Shen Qing, she would not hesitate to abandon her as she put her own safety before matters of principle. Ren Wan Yun sometimes felt that it was because of Old Shen Furen's blood running in Shen Gui’s bones, that he was such a person with no conscience. Both their selfish temperaments were exactly the same.

After Old Shen Furen heard Ren Wan Yun’s words, she was angry and said, “Number Two’s wife, your words are really strange. How did we let down Qing girl? Is it me who forced her to have an illicit relationship with Prince Yu? Is it me who forced her to be pregnant? These kind of rules were not taught by me at all.”

Old Shen Furen was originally a songstress and mixed around at the haunts of the common people, so the words she said were naturally not good to listen. No matter how shrewish Ren Wan Yun’s bones were, she was flip off at Old Shen Furen’s relentless words. She retorted, “Mother! How could you say that of Qing-er, she is your granddaughter!”

Chen Rou Qiu consoled, “Second Sao, do speak less louder. Mother is also worried about Qing-er, that is why she got angry. Everyone knows that out of the three Di Young Ladies, Mother like Qing-er the best.”

She was originally the favourite Young Lady, but now one did not hesitate to tread shabbily all over. Old Shen Furen had a selfish character and it was actually a despicable conduct. Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan both looked down upon such a scene but did not speak a single word, treating as if they were watching a commotion.

Shen Yuan glanced at Chen Rou Qiu and his glare was very dark that it made Chen Rou Qiu to pause and feel some fear. Shen Yuan walked to Ren Wan Yun’s side and supported her up before looking towards Old Shen Furen, “Grandmother need not be anxious, the matter have yet to reach a terrible state. Now Younger Sister is only suspected and no offences were charged. Younger Sister has nothing to do with this matter so one thing that after a period of time the truth will unveil. I will seriously investigate the matter and would not let Younger Sister to be wrongly accused for no reason.”

When Old Shen Furen heard of this, her eyes warmed up. Out of all her grandchildren, she loved the youngest grandson Shen Yuan Bo the most, but was the proudest of this young and extremely capable Shen Yuan. Moreover Shen Yuan had always delighted her so she nodded her head, “Since it is so, you should investigate it well. If Qing girl is really innocent, I naturally do not wish for her to be wrongly accused.” Pausing, she also sneered at Ren Wan Yun, “But I see that your mother is really possessed, if her mind is really not clear then do not go out. Stay in the residence and give me less problems.”

Ren Wan Yun was angry and resentful. She did not know from when onwards Old Shen Furen’s dissatisfaction increased, and now to even wantonly humiliate her in front of her children. Even Chen Rou Qiu’s eyes were laughing at her when she sees her.

It was until Shen Yuan supported her back to Cai Yun Yuan that Ren Wan Yun then managed to breathe properly. She grabbed onto Shen Yuan’s arm, “Yuan-er, think of a way to save your Younger Sister. How could Qing-er have such an ability, how could she be the perpetrator!”

“Mother, do not worry.” Shen Yuan comforted her, “Since Younger Sister was wronged, then one would not be afraid of investigating. Now she was suspected, because the real perpetrator had not yet being brought to light, thus once the real perpetrator is found out then Younger Sister’s grievances would naturally be resolved.”

When Ren Wan Yun heard this, it was as if she had found a life-saving straw and her eyes became somewhat alive. She asked with joy, “Then when will the perpetrator be found? How long does your Younger Sister need to be locked up for? When will you be able to find that perpetrator?”

Shen Yuan watched attentively at Ren Wan Yun. She looked very haggard and had not been putting on makeup for a long time. Her skin looked old and bleak and her hair was dishevelled, where was the meticulous appearance she had before? She had always been a rich person who paid a lot of attention to appearance and now to be this sloppy, it felt as if she was a different person.

And the cause of all this came from a young female that was formerly known as an idiot by others.

Shen Yuan was feeling somewhat of a headache. He had claimed to be smart but did not expect that upon his return to the capital, there was such a big mess that was given to him. Ren Wan Yun’s status in the residence had plummeted, and disregarding Shen Qing’s pregnancy before marriage, now the involvement with the case of the extermination of the Prince Yu entire household make matters worse.

Shen Yuan did not know why but he suddenly remembered that day when Shen Qing was married, he spoke to Shen Miao and Shen Miao said this at that time, “No one can say for sure what will happen in the world. Some people may have the luck of misfortune but it could be that there is no more road in front.”

Now, there is no more road in front of Shen Qing and even if there was a road, it would be extremely difficult. Only she was left alive in the entire Prince Yu residence and just this point, Shen Yuan had saw it clearly that the person did not leave Shen Qing life as it is because of being soft hearted. By leaving a life, it became Shen Qing’s talisman to press for her death.

Dying in a household massacre and dying under murder charges were totally entirely different things.

It was obvious that the perpetrator deliberately put Shen Qing in such a difficult situation, but Shen Qing was just a little young female. Who would be so ruthless to such a young female? Was it Shen Miao? Then how could Shen Miao gather that many assassins to kill everyone in Prince Yu residence? It was very complicated to get such a number of people.

Shen Yuan’s eyes deepened. No matter if the mastermind was Shen Miao or not, he had to investigate thoroughly. Since that person targeted Shen Qing, it may be directed toward the Second household of the Shen family. Even though Shen Qing’s prospects were bleak, they were not yet at the point of desperation. He must uncover the people behind and return it to them a thousand times.

Shen Yuan thought like this but he did not expect that just as Shen Miao had said, in this world no one can say for sure what would happen in the world. Some people may have the luck of misfortune but it could be that there is no more road in front.”

His road, on the second day, was sealed and became a dead end.

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