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Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 81 (Part 1) Chapter 81: Bargaining (Part 1)

Bai Xiao Sheng was not a person but an industry.

In one’s time in the living, there are thousands of poses and attitudes, there are imperial courts and families, and also the commoners in the pugilist world. In the thirty six trades and seventy two industries, there were such people where they belonged to the three religions and nine schools of thoughts. It does not sound serious or noble but there were many opportunities and roles in them. There were times these people from three religions and nine schools of thoughts would maintain and preserve the sporadic relationship between the Imperial court and the pugilist world.

And Bai Xiao Shen was one of that industries.

As the name suggested, Bai Xiao Sheng was similar to detective agencies and in the hundred over years of legacy, this industry did not appear much and ordinary people would have never heard of it before. As for who or whom, no one knew. But not knowing did not meant that it was of no existence. The Feng Xian Pawnshop in the Ding capital was currently Ming Qi’s Bai Xiao Sheng.

That red clad female’s eyes started to be in awed and it was Mo Qing and those behind that felt somewhat weird. Even though they were in the army, they one roam the pugilist world but did not know about what was Bai Xiao Sheng.

It was naturally so, no matter it was Feng Xian Pawnshop or Bai Xiao Sheng, ordinary people would not know that the people who came here were all prepared.

“Young Lady is…” The red clad female asked.

“I am here to make a deal.”

Hearing that, the red clad female’s expression slightly changed following which she spoke to Shen Miao under the little shop assistant stunned eyes, “This Young Lady’s stuff must be expensive, as such please follow me to discuss at the back.”

Mo Qing and the rest wanted to follow but was held back by the red clad female, “These few are not required.”

“Young Lady…” Jing Zhe was somewhat worried if Shen Miao would encounter any accident if she were to enter alone.

“You all remain back.” Shen Miao said, “I will return upon the completion of the deal.”

After Shen Miao and the red clad female left, Mo Qing and the rest were left at the outer hall. One of the guards that Shen Qiu gave to Shen Miao said, “Brother Mo, what is Young Lady doing here for?” Since they had killed people before, they had intuition for danger. That red clad female’s expression and conversation between Shen Miao made these people feel that the matter was not simple at all.

“I too do not know.” Mo Qing shook his head with a wry smile and looked towards the corridor that lead inside, “Young Lady has a sense of propriety.”

The red clad female brought Shen Miao through the corridor. This corridor was very long and at the end of it there was a square pagoda that was six floor high. There was a veil at the highest flow which one was unable to see what was inside but the renovations were done extremely beautiful. Even the wood that was used to make the pillar was Wan Xiang wood which valued at thousands of gold.

Outsiders spread rumours that the owner of Feng Xian Pawnshop was extremely wealthy, else it would not have been maintained for so many years outside expectations. It bought the most expensive large piece of land in the Ding capital but income does not cover expenditure, and that was someone not anyone could bear.

But Shen Miao knew that the reason why Feng Xian Pawnshop was so rich and powerful was because the money they earn was not simply due to pawning of things but was one that did not require capital and naturally it was totally profiting.

The red clad female welcomed her into the lowest level of the pagoda and let her sit in a room at the lowest floor. It was a tea room that was filled with mahogany wooden tables and chairs that had lifelike carvings of landscapes. One was able to see a high artistic craftsmanship with one glance, it was really worth a lot of money.

“I am called Hong Ling,” The female smiled. With her smile, it seems that drops of water could almost flow out from her eyes like flirtatious expressions were engraved into her bones. She asked, “How to address this Young Lady?”

“My surname is Shen.” Shen Miao said.

When Shen Miao was sizing up the other person, Hong Ling was also sizing Shen Miao up. She was secretly surprised as she thought which rich young lady came to look for trouble in Feng Xian Pawnshop but who knew that she could hear ‘Bai Xiao Sheng’ from the person’s lips. Those who knew this was an expert so she brought her inside. But Hong Ling had done business in Feng Xian Pawnshop for so many years and it was her first time to meet such a young client which made her feel unsure as to how much the other person knew. Most likely this was the first deal and she wonder if she needs to elaborate.

“So it is Shen Young Lady.” Hong Ling smiled, “Not sure if Shen Young Lady is in our Feng Sian Pawnshop to buy or to sell?”

Shen Miao said, “To buy and to also sell.”

Buying and selling at the same time. Hong Ling could not help but be surprised for a moment. When the few green clad girls that were serving in the surrounding saw Hong Ling forgetting herself, they all quietly took a glance at Shen Miao.

Putting away her shocked heart, Hong Ling continued to smile, “Then one do not know the deal that Shen Young Lady want to do is worth how much?”

Shen Miao shook her head.

Hong Ling did not really understand her intention, “Shen Young Lady…”

Shen Miao’s voice was very calm, “Just now I have already said in front. The deal I am making is too big, he cannot see and you also is unable to see. If this is to be discussed, get your master to come over.”

Hong Ling’s voice was somewhat unsmooth. For so many years she was socially active but because those who came here for business knew about Bai Xiao Sheng was what industry, they would be courteous to her, thus this was the first time she had such a rude call. She initially wanted to flare up but when she raise her head and looked at Shen Miao’s eyes, she was momentarily surprised.

The young female’s age opposite her was not big and had a pair of clear eyes but when they saw someone there was a bursting sense of coolness and calm but an inexplicable majesty to them. Hong Ling felt that the look that the other person was giving her really had no trace of fear, as it was simply someone looking down from the top.

Hong Ling’s quivered in her heart and in a moment the anger that was displayed disappeared. After doing so much business with other, she was able to see one clearly. This young lady’s air… Was a little shocking. She did not know what went on that made her feeling somewhat anxious.

“Shen Young Lady, I am the supervisor here so all the dealings made are naturally done with me.” Despite feeling that Shen Miao’s identity was not normal, Hong Ling was not afraid and the smile on her face was much more beautiful. “No matter how much money it is, it is not as though I have never seen before.”

“It has nothing to do with money.” Shen Miao slightly smiled, “I had said before, you cannot make the decision for this deal.” She looked around, “I came with sincerity but you all did not have any sincerity. Bai Xiao Shen is no more than this.”

Hong Ling had never encountered such a rude person like this and immediately her facial expression became a third colder before saying, “I instead feel that Shen Young Lady is not sincere in doing business. Since Shen Young Lady cannot trust me then I have no choice.”

Shen Miao stared at her. After a long while, she said, “Like this, I will first sell a news to you.”

Hong Ling paused and see the calmness from the opposite young female’s expression before speaking a sentence, “In the beginning JiangNan’s Yu province’s Chen family’s younger sisters were missing and current whereabouts are unknown. How about selling this news to you? If this news is valued, please let me meet the manager and then discuss about the news to buy.”

Hong Ling was startled and looked at her in shock. After a moment, she corrected her expression and said, “May Shen Young Lady wait for a moment, Hong Ling will withdraw first.”

Hong Ling hurriedly left and the remaining green clad girls in the tea room looked at her curiously, apparently they did not know why did Hong Ling suddenly leave after listening to her words.

Shen Miao looked at the light tea in her hands. The tea was premium Yin Zhen Jun Shan (type of tea) and it was very rich when it enters the mouth. The light touch of incense in the rea room that accompanied made one could not help but feel relax and happy, it was obvious that the owner knew how to enjoy.

This Bai Xiao Sheng industry dealt with pugilist world’s news and was focused on the buying and selling of news. There were people who want to buy news, there were people who want to sell news. When the seller and buyer of news are linked, this business deal was considered successful. The Bai Xiao Shen industry was like the fire beacon transfer point in a battlefield and link the buying and selling side together.

And this news that Shen Miao was selling was a sensational case in Ming Qi that year. JiangNan’s Yu province’s Chen family had two younger sister that were stunning beauties. With this kind of appearance, if they were to enter the Palace, they would be able to gain a position of a consort. Even though the beauties in the world are all painted skins and were white bones with rosy cheeks, the true beauties were like the most exquisite jade that an additional glance was profane.

The Chen family was a big household and has a big family business and having two daughters like this was not a good thing. When daughters’ appearance are too magnificent and there was no protection of the same level, it would only bring disaster to the family. It was fortunate that not only the Chen family was the richest in JiangNan, they also had a status in the pugilist world. The Chen family had a good network, had many friends and Old Master Chen did a favour for a sect so the Chen family also had backing.

Who knew that even with such, the Chen family’s sisters when they were sixteen, during the Lantern Festival, disappeared under their eyes. The Chen family had such unsuccessfully for a long time and it was since three years when the Chen sisters went missing. The Chen family still spend a lot of energy and money to find these two daughters even though they knew the odds were not in their favour, but they never gave up. They even went to look for Bai Xiao Shen and spent heavily in gold to buy news.

But there was no news all these time.

Now someone suddenly want to sell news on this three year old business, how could Hong Ling not be surprised? Chen family’s remuneration was very high that even if Bai Xiao Sheng only do this business, even if it was only a fraction, they would be able to gain quiet an amount of money.

Business people would talk accordingly to money. Shen Miao did not believe she would not be able to find the master behind the scenes.

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