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Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 79 (Part 1)

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Chapter 79: Pregnant (Part 1)

“This younger brother is interested in— Shen family’s young lady.”

With a ‘hong’ sound, the entire hall was suddenly up in an uproar and everyone’s eyes were on the three Di young ladies of the Shen family. Among the three Shen young ladies, Shen Qing was already engaged and only Shen Yue and Shen Miao was left. Shen Yue was gentle and moving and her talent reputation was known throughout, but now Shen Miao was also a fine young lady and from her bearing, one would be surprised and the more important thing was that behind Shen Miao there was Shen Xin, a big respectable Buddha. Moreover the crowd could see clearly that the person Prince Yu was observing was Shen Miao.

For a moment, the look that everyone gave to Shen Miao was extremely strange, there were those that rejoiced in her misfortune, there were also some with stares out of sympathy and compassion. The previous WangFei died dubiously and everyone who knew found it strange. And everyone also knew clearly what kind of evil character Prince Yu had. But such a person like this was actually protected by the Imperial family. One side was a dignified Formidable Great General and the other side was the blood brother of the Emperor that saved him before. How would the choice be?

Shen Xin’s expression sank down after hearing Prince Yu’s words and some blue veins even burst out on his forehead.

The reputation of the Formidable Great General was not a false one. In a short time there was a vicious and hostile air which made the surrounding people change their expressions.

The official was a loyal official but if one cannot even protect one’s own daughter, Shen Xin would use his entire body and life of meritorious service to go fearlessly against Prince Yu

Shen Qiu’s lips were also tensed as he stared viciously at Prince Yu as if when Prince Yu mention Shen Miao’s name, he would pounce over and fight till either the fish dies or the net splits.

As for Luo Xue Yan, she had already pulled Shen Miao’s hands over tightly and the carefree smile was long gone. What replaced it was a ruthless expression as if a mother wolf guarding her cub and would not give in to the other’s coercion.

Everyone saw the Shen family’s behaviour and they could not help but exhale. Now Emperor Wen Hui was sitting high above and the Shen family actually made such a gesture. The atmosphere was like swords were drawn and bows were bent, Emperor Wen Hui was mistrustful and for the Shen family to overrun the Imperial power with no fear, were not they afraid that there would be a knot in the Emperor Wen Hui’s heart?

Prince Ding expression also slightly changed and there was a trace of surprise when he looked at Shen Miao.

“It seems that this Fifth Shen Young Lady is really the treasure of General Shen’s heart.” Su Ming Feng whispered to Xie Jing Xing, “The Shen family could do things to such a point for her.”

Be it towards Prince Yu or to be enemies with the Imperial family, no matter what, the Shen family’s actions had clearly expressed their unyielding attitude. One was afraid that even with Emperor Wen Hui’s decree, this Shen family would never agree easily.

Xie Jing Xing smiled lazily and did not express an opinion.

At the corner, Pei Lang’s hand that was holding tea tightened slightly. What would that young female, who did not even blink when arrows were shot during the academy exam, do?

Emperor Wen Hui’s smile was somewhat deep and unpredictable and the look that he gave to the Shen family darkened. He said, “Which young lady of the Shen family did Royal Younger Brother taken into fancy?”

Everyone was waiting for Prince Yu’s reply and there was a floating smile on Shen Qing’s face. But before the smile could get wider, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her abdomen and could not help but miserably shout out an “Ah” and fell onto the ground as she clutched her stomach.

“What is going on?”


Shen Qing’s sudden actions made people jump in shock. Ren Wan Yun immediately bring her to her arms. Shen Qing’s face was extremely pale. Shen Yu grabbed Chen Rou Qiu’s clothes and the latter’s heart jumped and she did not know why but she looked over at Shen Miao.

But that purple clad young female was sitting at the table and there was not a single movement of expression. She looked into Chen Rou Qiu’s eyes and slightly smile before turning her head towards Luo Xue Yan and asked worriedly, “What is going on with Eldest Sister? Could it be poisoning?”

“Poisoning!” When these words were out, chaos start raising around.

Shen Miao still did not behave sparingly and continued looking at Luo Xue Yan, “Could it be that assassins have mixed in the crowd?”

This time it was not only the female guests but even the male guests’, princes’ and Emperor Wen Hui’s facial expressions that changed. In the returning banquet where hundreds of civil and military officials were present, if an assassin was mixed in, the Imperial family would be in danger. Immediately all the guards outside rushed in and their hands were all on the swords around their waists as they eyed the surrounding movements like tigers.

One possibility was that an assassin was mixed in, second was Shen Qing who was on the ground groaning in pain. Like that, no one cared about who was the Shen family’s young lady that Prince Yu mentioned to marry. After all, one’s life was more important compared to these rumours.

Su Ming Feng mouth was opened and after a quite a while he then whispered admiringly, “Good method.”

Shen Miao relied on this sentence to transfer everyone attention and focus.

With the current chaos and nervousness, it made Prince Yu look like a fool.

Xie Jing Xing swept a look at the ‘worried’ young female and lightly snorted.

Shen Miao’s eyes slightly moved. After getting along with the Fu family for so many years, no one knew better than her on how paranoid they were. At the current condition of Shen Qing, even the mere mention of it, for Emperor Wen Hui who has survived countless of assassination to be like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow.

“Mother, it is better to find a Imperial Physician for Eldest Sister.” Shen Miao said, “This cannot go on like this.”

It was only then that Luo Xue Yan recovered and frowned at Ren Wan Yun. Shen Qing was in such a pain and Ren Wan Yun, as a mother, did not even think about finding a physician for her daughter. She really did not know how this mother was regarded. Luo Xue Yan immediately rushed to Emperor Wen Hui to greet and said, “This official’s wife beg His Majesty to call for the Imperial Physician to take a look at Qing-er’s illness and find a solution to this crisis.”

When the words were spoken, Shen Qing had yet to speak when Ren Wan Yun screamed, “No!”

Everyone’s eyes fell onto Ren Wan Yun.

When Ren Wan Yun spoke, her heart did not feel good. With so many probing eyes looking at her, she reluctantly smiled and said in clenched teeth, “This official’s wife… This official’s wife is saying that how can Qing-er trouble the Imperial Physician… And it is better not to spoil everyone’s mood. This official’s wife will just withdraw with Qing-er…”

“What kind of words are this?” Luo Xue Yan said seriously, “Nothing is more important than a life. Could it be that you as a mother find that Qing-er’s life is not as important as the banquet’s mood?”

Everyone’s expressions became strange. With this situation, it seemed that the biological mother, Ren Wan Yun, was not willing to get an Imperial Physician but Luo Xue Yan, a BoMu, was zealous in Shen Qing’s life and death.

At the male section of the banquet, Shen Gui stared at Ren Wan Yun and in his heart he wished that this mother and daughter had no relations with him at all. Else if this made Emperor Wen Hui unhappy, how would his future career be like?

“Eldest Shen Furen said correctly.” It was the Empress that spoke as she glanced at Ren Wan Yun, “Eldest Shen Young Lady’s injury is important. The returning banquet is not as important as one’s life.”

Ren Wan Yun’s heart was panicking. If Shen Qing was looked at by a physician, then the foetus in her abdomen would be disclosed to others. She said, “Your Ladyship, it is better…”

“I am fine…” Large drops of cold sweat rolled down Shen Qing’s forehead and her face was as pale as a sheet, since the pain came out strangely. She clutched her abdomen without saying a word as she knew that the Imperial Physician must not come over, and she suppressed the pain down as much as possible.

“Eldest Sister, it not only related to your safety but also related to everyone safety in the hall. If you were really poisoned, it meant that assassins were mixed in and everyone is in danger. Even if you do not think for yourself, should not one also think of His Majesty?” Shen Miao’s calm voice rang out.

When she finished speaking, Emperor Wen Hui’s eyes became somewhat more serious.

Shen Qing almost vomited blood from Shen Miao’s words. One sentence pulled the Emperor into the situation. What could Shen Qing do? Did she dare not to think of the Emperor?

The few princes of the Fu family had also heard Shen Miao’s intention. Prince Li paused for a moment before speaking, “This young lady from the Shen family really have one sharp mouth!”

“Someone come.” Without the slightest hesitation Emperor Wen Hui said, “Go and invite an Imperial Physician. Zhen naturally want to investigate clearly what happened to the young lady from the Shen family!”

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