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Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 78 (Part 2)

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Chapter 78: Bustling With Activity (Part 2)

At the corner of the male side of the banquet, there was a light coloured robed man. As compared to the other richly clothed nobilities, he was dressed very simply but this did not make him feel awkward. On the contrary, because he was dressed simple, there was a kind of romantic, natural and unrestrained air of a distinguished literary person. At this moment, he was quietly watching that unspeaking purple clad young female and there was some waves of emotion in his eyes.

This man was Pei Lang. It went without saying that Pei Lang was not eligible to participate in such events like this, but the official supervisor of Guang Wen Tang had a death in the family so he let Pei Lang to attend by representing the school. Even though Pei Lan was a teacher in Guang Wen Tang, in actuality he was considered as half a supervisor so there was no decline.

Who knew that after coming in, one would see such a scene.

Prince Zhou and Prince Jing stood beside Fu Xiu Yi and they heard Jiang Xiao Xuan’s deliberated provoking words. Prince Zhou laughed and pat Fu Xiu Yi’s shoulder and said with a profound meaning, “Your Ninth Younger Brother is really extraordinary…”

Fu Xiu Yi brows slightly wrinkled but there was a light smile on his face, “Forth Elder Brother is joking.” Having said that, his eye unconsciously drift over to the seat of that young female.

“Ah.” A light chuckled escape from the young female’s lips and the surrounding area quietened down.

One was unable to hear any emotion from this laugh. If one were to say it was a ridiculing laugh, it was too soft for it. If one were to say it was a happy laugh, it was too calm for it. It was as if a wine that had settled for too long and had thousands of complex taste, and stirred up so many feelings in one’s heart that at the end there was only a floating and plain laugh out of it.

It was still alright for the male guests but the female guests were surprised. They had been immersed in the circles for so many years but they could not even hear the meaning behind Shen Miao’s laughter. How old was she?

Shen Miao lifted her head and there was no pause in her eyes, just like that day in the academy examinations when she shot the arrow at Cai Lin, and that look was shot towards the figure who was holding his hands, Fu Xiu Yi.

Fu Xiu Yi was slightly stunned.

The eyes of that young female, were not filled with obsession, love or pleasant surprise but with a deep bottomless calm. As if looking at him was the reincarnation of a century year old elderly who had gone through so much experience. There was no sadness nor happiness, but made one felt uneasy.

That pair of clear eyes had a very nice shape. If it was slightly bent, it will look so sweet that it would make one reminiscent the taste of honey sweets. But she just quietly looked on. In Fu Xiu Yi’s heart, there was a sudden uneasiness, like one was walking in the jungle alone and in the depths of the grass, there was a beast who was targeting one. That sense of uneasiness became more and more intense, that the smile on his face was unknowingly put away as he watched Shen Miao determinedly.

“Ah.” Shen Miao lightly laughed again. This time everyone could see clearly that her ruddy lips slightly bent but her eyes did not move, making it clearly a sneer.

Most probably it was due to the person that one loved that did not return the feelings, and the hatred fed on love so the sneer was born from the grievances and dissatisfaction. Everyone thought of it like this but were also surprise that Shen Miao actually dared to give such a straightforward expression to show her dissatisfaction. Who had the courage to sneer at the princes in the Palace?

Fu Xiu Yi did not move.

In that sneer, he clearly saw a faint layer of killing intention. Even though it was deliberately disguised, but one could not cover the breathing of such feelings. That kind of appearance was definitely cold and made his heart shrink.

Just because he could not accept the other’s intention of a killing intention against him? Fu Xiu Yi became somewhat stunned, but the thing that shocked him was that he actually felt that the killing intention was filled with menace.

Could this be his misconception?

When he looked with rapt attention at Shen Miao, the latter had already turned her head over and was speaking to Feng An Ning.

In Shen Miao’s eyes, there was a flash of killing intention. For so long, even if it was during the academy examinations, she only saw Fu Xiu Yi from afar and she did not want to be this close with Fu Xiu Yi because she was afraid that once she was close to Fu Xiu Yi, she would not be able to conceal her monstrous hatred!

Jiang Xiao Xuan’s provocative words were replied by Shen Miao’s two inexplicable light laughters. Her first one was a complex light laugh and the second one was a light and cold laugh, but even fools could see clearly and obviously that there were no feelings of love for Fu Xiu Yi! Even after laughing twice, she simply talked to the young lady beside her. That contempt and disregard made others unable to guess if it was on purpose or unintentional.

It was just that the atmosphere was much colder because of her.

There was a flash of light in Prince Zhuo’s eyes as he smiled and leaned towards Fu Xiu Yi, “Ninth Younger Brother, it can be seen that you are not invincible after all.”

Fu Xiu Yi laughed warily but his heart was gradually paying heavy attention to Shen Miao.

“Oh. It seems that the Fifth Young Lady of the Shen family had some imposing attitude.” Su Ming Feng said with interest. Now that he was more or less recovered from his ‘serious illness’, he was still unable to work so his official position was still not reinstated.

“Older Sister Shen was originally very good.” Su Ming Lang rolled his eyes at him.

Pei Lang who was at his seat, lowered his head for a sip of tea but his eyes were pondering.

Just as there was some silence, one could hear a hearty bright laughter, “Haha. Everyone, I have arrived late!”

That little mountain like figure was no one else but Shen Xin. Following closely behind Shen Xin was Shen Qiu. Seeing that the main person was here, the various official came over to greet him. Shen Xin greeted Prince Zhou and the rest before sitting down at the banquet. He and Shen Qiu missed the good show just now else even if Shen Xin do not take action, Shen Qiu would not have any protective feelings for the fairer gender and Jiang Xiao Xuan would definitely take the consequences.

After Shen Xin, Prince Li and entourage and the Crown Prince and entourage also arrived. The Crown Prince’s health was weak but the Crown Prince's Consort was magnanimous and dignified. Shen Miao glanced at the Crown Prince's Consort and her eyes moved.

This Crown Prince's Consort had the backing of her maiden Prime Minister family’s backing, and the Crown Prince borrowed that backing to have a strong hold of power. Later the Crown Prince's Consort became pregnant, Emperor Wen Hui worried about the poor health of the Crown Prince and that the family of the Crown Prince's Consort would take advantage and seize the power, so he actually instructed some actions to be taken so that the Crown Prince's Consort will lose the foetus. The Crown Prince's Consort was deeply in love with the Crown Prince and did not know that her husband could bear the pain and kill his own blood. She was also scared that by telling this to her maiden family, because it would be a disaster for them and afterwards she succumbed to grief. After the Crown Prince's Consort was dead for three years, the Prime Minister’s residence knew of the truth and wanted to seek revenge for their daughter and finally joined forces with Fu Xiu Yi…

Shen Miao looked at the cup in front of her, each one of the Fu family were ruthless, fickle-hearted and ungrateful. There was not much difference between her and the Crown Prince's Consort. Both of them were sacrifices for the schemes to gain the country, an innocent discarded chess piece.

Now she wants to be the person who play the chess, whoever wanted to play with her must be prepared to sacrifice!

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