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Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 77 (Part 2)

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Chapter 77: Reciprocate (Part 2)

Bai Wei’s mother, Bai Furen, called Chen Rou Qiu over to sit by her side. She and Chen Rou Qiu were close friends that grew up together, naturally she would want to sit together with Chen Rou Qiu. Bai Wei also pulled Shen Yue over to her side. Ren Wan Yun walked over to sit by Yi Furen’s side and Yi Pei Lan looked at Shen Qing and complained, “You have not appeared for a long time. Heard that you have fallen ill. You seemed to have slimmed down but how is it that your face is somewhat swollen?”

Shen Qing lowered her head in panic and vaguely replied, “Perhaps it was due to laying on the bed for too long.” Ren Wan Yun has boiled a lot of medication to smooth the pregnancy for her. Even though Shen Qing hated the child in her abdomen, she was even more afraid of not being able to be a mother after aborting it, so she only could drink it down with clenched teeth. Since it was to smooth the pregnancy, there would be a variety of tonic herbs so naturally one would get fatter a little. Even though it was not obvious in her figure, she was somewhat swollen.

Yi Pei Lan did not doubt her and only patted Shen Qing’s hand before saying, “You better recover your body well. You are already an engaged person, you must not treat yourself badly.”

Shen Qing shivered and did not speak after lowering her head. She knew that Ren Wan Yun had arranged the marriage with the Huang family, and also knew that Huang De Xin was considered a young talent, but she did not know for what reason her heart was very resistant to this marriage, as if under the bright and beautiful marriage there was an unknown danger.

Yi Pei Lan’s voice was not soft and just loud enough for Huang Furen who was sitting at the side to heard it. When Huang Furen heard this, she looked at Shen Qing critically. As for this marriage, she only wanted to find a Furen in namesake for her son. Shen Qing could be considered as compatible to her son but with her sick look today… She better not be a sickly person since she needs to carry on the Huang family line and give birth to a son. Other than that, whatever she liked to do, she would not care.

On the other end, Bai Furen was quietly whispering to Chen Rou Qiu, “Rou Qiu, I see that the Fifth Young Lady in your residence is not simple at all.”

“Oh?” Chen Rou Qiu asked curiously, “Why does one say that?”

“One is afraid that Fifth Shen Young Lady had someone’s guidance. Just now when she entered, all the Furens have seen that her posture and etiquette were even better than of those in the palace. I will say something that one would not love to hear, I am afraid that Yue-er is very much inferior.”

Chen Rou Qiu was startled before asking, “What are you talking about? Who do not know that Fifth Lady does not understand rules and regulations.”

Bai Wei was Chen Rou Qiu’s close friends and was also from a scholarly lineage and naturally had high requirements for etiquettes. Today for her to apprise Shen Miao that highly, it made Chen Rou Qiu felt unfathomable. At the same time she felt absurd but could not help but look towards the direction of where Luo Xue Yan sat.

Luo Xue Yan was isolated and sat at the side by herself with Shen Miao by her side. Luo Xue Yan was after all older and had more experience so even if no one paid her attention there would not even the slightest emotion from her. She only needed to bring out that unmoving face that she use on the battlefield, but Shen Miao was a young female and could also sit with her back straight. The others did not talk to her and it looked like they were not deliberately neglecting her but more like they did not dare to talk to her.

Chen Rou Qiu’s fingers were somewhat trembling.

The female guests were in their own thoughts while in the main fall, Shen Xin’s sentence set off an uproar in the main hall.

“Beloved Shen Official’s words are serious?” Emperor Wen Hui asked.

Emperor Wen Hui was close to sixty years of age but there was no appearance of his maturity. There was a smile on his face and his pair of eyes were shrewd and sharp, which helped to see how sharp and fierce he was during his youth. At this moment he was looking down at Shen Xin, questioning him in a deep voice.

Just now in front of all the officials, Emperor Wen Hui commended Shen Xin with awards but Shen Xin requested Emperor Wen Hui to confer a grace, to allow him to stay in the capital a longer time, six months as he wanted to accompany his wife and daughter in the residence.

For the many years that the Formidable Great General had been going to the battlefield he was invincible and exceptionally brave, but he had never made such a request before. In a moment, it made everyone to ponder deeply. The expressions of the officials changed. Was Shen Xin request of staying in the capital for half a year at a critical juncture, truly to just accompany his loved ones?

Emperor Wen Hui sized Shen Xin up. He had yet to die and the relations between the princes were already stormy. Now the situation was ever changing and any intervening forces would change the entire board. Previously the matter of Shen Xin’s Di daughter’s love for Prince Ding was spread out all over, and Emperor Wen Hui was still thinking of the outcome if this fat meat of the Shen family ended up in Prince Ding hands, but who knew there was no more news after that. Now Shen Xin suddenly made this request, was it that there was another plan in place?

He looked carefully at the man below. Shen Xin’s complexion was dark, eyes resolute and his stature was as straight as a little mountain. The gestures that he made to Emperor Wen Hui were also done respectfully, he was a loyal and brave man. But a monarch needs to control the officials and never look at the surface of things but to the value. Regarding Emperor Wen Hui, as long as he saw a threat to the country, even if a meritorious service was done, it must be wiped out cleanly and neatly.

After a moment, Emperor Wen Hui laughed out loud, “For so many years, beloved Shen official had been guarding the Northwest region, now that the enemy is broken, Zhen is very pleased. With such a Great General, it is Ming Qi’s fortune. Beloved Shen official’s request, Zhen will grant it!”

Shen Xin immediately gave his thanks to the bestowment, “Thanking Your Majesty!”

This kind of action made the rest of the people in the hall cast sidelong glances at one another. Emperor Wen Hui left the main hall after granting it and left behind a crowd full of people. Shen Xin’s action just now was considered as unexpected, and the first who spoke was the Marquis of Lin An, Xie Ding. This was a person that has been in competition with the Shen family for his entire life and he clearly did not understand Shen Xin’s action. He ridiculed, “Is it that General Shen fought too much battles and is now scared of fighting, thus wanted to stay for half a year in the Ding capital to enjoy life?”

Not only was Shen Xin not annoyed when he heard this, he gave a smile that exposed his white teeth as he said, “Is Marquis Xie envious of this General? Oh, that is no wonder. After all Marquis Xie have no wife or daughter…”

“You!” Xie Ding’s expression became ashen. This Shen Xin was rough and had no schemes but his mouth was the most poisonous. Princess Yu Qing’s death and Xie Jing Xing treating him like a stranger were Xie Ding’s lethal spots, and Shen Xin still mercilessly stabbed them with a knife. Xie Ding could not wait to spear Shen Xin to death.

Fu Xiu Yi looked at Shen Xin and he looked quite excited. The Shen family had again exceeded his expectations. Since before when Shen Miao liked him, even though he felt annoying, he thought that the Shen family can be used, but afterwards Shen Miao clarified to everyone that she had no such feelings, which made Fu Xiu Yi to be laughed by Prince Zhuo and Prince Jing. Now Shen Xin brought up staying in the capital for half a year which made others unable to make any sense of the matter. Fu Xiu Yi had a strange feeling that the overall looking easily to control Shen family had suddenly became a unmoving rock. As in the future, there will be countless of variables that could affect the overall situation…

Shen Xin abnormal actions made the officials unable to fathom but today’s bestowment made one jealous. Everyone went forward to congratulate sincerely or falsely, Shen Xin talked to them about interesting things of the Northwestern region, but did not notice the hidden cold pair of eyes behind him.

That pair of eyes were staring fixedly onto Shen Xin, as if it was a poisonous snake that was entrenched in the grass, waiting for an opportunity to strike and bite one to death. And the end of the robes of the person who was looking at Shen Xin was empty as he was playing with the ornamental thumb ring. It was no other than Prince Yu of the First Rank.

The atmosphere inside was getting warm and outside Shen Qiu blocked Wei Qian at the corridor.

Wei Qian was considered a talented and unpretentious man, but compared to Shen Qiu’s healthy and brimming vitality, he seems to look too weak. He saw Shen Qiu and asked with a frown, “Is there anything the matter for Little Deputy General Shen to block this one’s way?”

Shen Qiu looked up and down at Wei Qian to size him out. He himself was friendly and easy-going, if he met Wei Qian before, he might had become friends with him, but after hearing from Shen Miao that Wei Qian had someone he liked, when he saw this person, he felt a wave of anger. To Shen Qiu’s eyes, his own Younger Sister has a thousand good qualities and only had position to not like others, how could there be the capacity of others disliking her?

“You are Wei Qian?” Thinking about this, Shen Qiu’s tone of voice was also not happy.

Wei Qiang was startled and found that the oncoming person was hostile. He replied, “It is exactly so.”

“I am here for no big matter.” Shen Qiu patted Wei Qian’s shoulder and said, “Just to tell you that there were previously rumours about my Younger Sister engaged to your Wei family, they were just rumours and my Shen family did not put it to heart. So your Wei family should not put it to heart too.” Shen Qiu took a step back and said nonchalantly but in fact had a chilling tone, “The selected husband for my Younger Sister naturally have to go through my eyes first!” Finishing his words, he did not see what expression Wei Qian had on his face and just turn around to stride away.

Wei Qian stood stunned on the spot alone. Shen Qiu’s words were clearly drawing the line with his Wei family, but… It was correct that he had someone he liked, but even if Shen Qiu were to fight injustice for his younger sister, he need not need to say that he was like a useless fool. The Shen family’s protection was just too bold and ferocious. Moreover, he did not have the opportunity to intervene in this marriage at all!

Outside the corridor, Gao Yan watched that dazed Wei Qian as lease as punch. He shook his head and said, “The people in the Shen family are just too overbearing. They are that arrogant and did not put the Wei family in their eyes.”

“Watched enough?” The purple clad youth beside him had impatience on his brows and his tone of voice was also not very pleasant, “Are you done?”

“Wei Jian is your people.” Gao Yang said, “He is bullied by others like this and you do not stand up for him?”

“Since you like, you go.” Xie Jing Xing shot a glance at him.

“I would not even dare.” Gao Yang said as though he was watching a good show, “That Shen girl has so many people protecting her that if one was not careful, trouble will come knocking. However…” His smile was gentle and warm but his tone of voice was rejoicing in other’s misfortune. “Today Prince Yu is present so one fear that some matters would not be good. I actually heard that Prince Yu plans to marry a Wangfei. Guess which young lady from the Shen family he wants to marry?”

“I guess he will not be able to marry.” Xie Jing Xing raised his brows as his sight landed in front.

In the garden a familiar figure jogged up and said to the young eunuch something before putting a sachet into the young eunuch’s hands.

That figure was no other than Shen Miao’s personal maid, Jing Zhe.

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