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Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 69 (Part 3)

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Chapter 69: In Captivity (Part 3)

At the same time when everyone was talking about Shen Miao, she was however in the ancestral hall lining up the chess pieces.

The wind in the ancestral hall was cold and chilling, and since grey slabs of stones were spread out on the floor, this made one to feel the chill entering the bones when one was kneeling down. Jing Zhe and Gu Yu brought over some soft mats but those soft mats were not of use. Shen Miao instructed them to boil some herbs and to place them at the various corners of the room before smoking them, so that the cold would not cause an illness to take root.

Jing Zhe and Gu Yu initially did not believe it, but afterwards when they saw how effective the medicinal coup was, they asked how did Shen Miao came to know about this secret medication. Shen Miao only said that she heard from others, but she herself knew that she had learnt about it during the few years she was a hostage in Qin country. Those days were too cold and there was not enough money, so she could only find the cheapest medical recipe to get rid of the humidity in one's body. These little things in the ancestral hall were really nothing in comparison.

"Young Lady is still playing chess." Jing Zhe stomped her feet.

The chess pieces that Shen Miao was facing were lined up, and all the pieces that were in a picturesque disorder were now rearranged by her so that black were with black pieces and white were with white pieces, making one unable to see any representation.

"Chun Tao had already passed the words through Mo Qing." Jing Zhe saw Shen Miao being silent and continued speaking, "Second Furen want to exchange the marriage with Eldest Young Lady and that Young Huang Master who is a cut sleeve. What can be done? How does Young Lady still have the mood to continue to play chess?"

Initially they thought that the Wei family was a good marriage, but Shen Miao rejected Old Shen Furen's proposal in Rong Jing Tang and was locked in the ancestral hall. But even so, Chun Tao was able to inquire that the Shen family already went behind Shen Miao's back and accepted this marriage proposal, but only the people of the Western courtyard did not know about it. This was saying that other than Shen Miao, everyone else knew that she will be marrying off.

If she was married to Wei Qian, then so be it since he was regarded as someone who was decent and upright but that Huang De Xin is a cut sleeve. Would not it be letting Shen Miao to become a living widow if she was married over to him? The few maids that heard it almost went crazy. Mo Qing also said that if Shen Miao was willing, he could escape with Shen Miao.

Mo Qing used to be a person from the pugilistic world and naturally did not understand that escaping was easy but once escaped, it would meant that others would be able to fabricate what had happened after the escape and no one would know about the truth. Moreover Shen Miao had never thought of escaping so she immediately refused it.

"If not, at least let Mo Qing pass a message to Master from Young Lady. This matter is also hidden from Master, since they want to get Young Lady married before Master return to the capital. Once grains become cooked rice, nothing can be changed anymore." Gu Yu also urged. They know that the current Shen Miao has a mind of her own, but she did not say anything making the few maids feel anxious for Shen Miao.

"What message to pass?" Shen Miao said lightly, "Currently Ren Wan Yun's people are guarding outside the Western courtyard, and even a fly would not be able to fly out. If I were to escape then what about the rest of the people in the courtyard? Even though I am not a benevolent person but there are some people that Father and Mother specially left for me. Do you believe that if I leave, Ren Wan Yun would not immediately kill everyone in the courtyard to prevent the secret from divulging."

Jing Zhe and Gu Yu were startled.

"Moreover, do you think it would be so simple as to just pass a message? There are always people guarding all day long and their intention is to keep me locked up. Do you think they would give me an opportunity to escape? Then you all have sorely underestimated my Second Shen already."

Shen Miao seemed not to fear Ren Wan Yun's brain but in this world a mother's strength would increase. For the sake of Shen Qing's happiness, Ren Wan Yun would naturally complete the matter with her life. In this, Ren Wan Yun's bet was not small and it seemed that regarding the exchange of the marriages, this was not discussed with Shen Gui and was totally her idea. If it was successful, naturally it would be joyous but if it failed, then most likely Ren Wan Yun would not have any more room to stand in the Second household.

"But Young Lady, we just leave it as it is?" Jing Zhe anxiously said, "This servant will fight with this life and would not let Young Lady marry that cut sleeve!"

"Can you all see this chess game?" Shen Miao did not speak much and just pointed to the chess board on the table.

On the chessboard, the white and black pieces were arranged into two rows that was so entirely different that it looked somewhat strange.

"This servant, this servant have no knowledge about chess and is unable to see what kind of move this is." After a long while Gu Yu carefully answered.

"What did you see?" Shen Miao asked.

Jing Zhe courageously answered, "The white and blacks were all lined up clearly."

"Yes." A glimmer of light flashed in Shen Miao's eyes, "In this chess, all the pieces are all out. You know my pieces and I also know your pieces so the final winner would be based on ability."

Jing Zhe and Gu Yu looked at one another and did not really understand Shen Miao's words.

"Ren Wan Yun thought that she knew all the chess pieces I have but that is not the case." She took out a black chess pieces from behind and placed it beside the white chess pieces, "I still have one last move to make."

"Old Shen Furen's birthday is next month?" She suddenly asked.

"Yes, it is." Jing Zhe answered, "Heard that Chun Tao asked and now we know that Second Furen's intention is to announce Young Lady's marriage during Old Furen's birthday celebration."

"All to do this before Father comes back to the capital." Shen Miao smiled gently.

"Yes. There are still a few more months before the year ends, it seems that is too late." Gu Yu was worried.

"Is it?"

When Shen Xin withdraw the troops from the front and returned to the capital, it should be around the end of the year. Unfortunately, in the sixty eighth year of Ming Qi, because Shen Xin pushed back the enemies in the Northwest region and the enemy fled, he was able to come back early to submit the surrender letter. The Shen army brought the surrender letter and returned to the Ding capital a few months early.

Coincidentally enough or it could be that it was in order for Shen Xin to express filial piety, since usually when Old Shen Furen's birthday comes around, Shen Xin would not be in the Ding capital. As this had happen numerous of times, there were others that said that Shen Xin was not filial. Thus on Old Shen Furen's seventieth birthday in the sixty eighth year of Ming Qi, Shen Xin came back to the capital in advance.

That day, Shen Xin suddenly returned home and Old Shen Furen was entertaining guests for the celebration in the residence and Shen Miao did not attend. Why? It was naturally because she was hiding in the residence of Prince Ding. Shen Xin initially wanted to return to enjoy family bliss but came to know that his own daughter did not regard any etiquette at all. He headed towards Prince Ding residence to get her but because of Fu Xiu Yi's hypocritical warmth, she turned a deaf ear to Shen Xin's words and threaten to die in order to forcefully marry to Prince Ding.

Now to think about it, it was an enmity leading to sin. Shen Xin returned in a rush and was travel-worn but he saw such an unfilial daughter who lead the Shen family into the abyss with no chances of turning back.

This lifetime was not that past life, she did not run away from the Shen family because of Prince Yu and was also no longer blindly obsessed with Fu Xiu Yi's fake image. If Shen Xin returned, he would see a different daughter. Would she be able to slightly redeem some of the sins from her past lifetime?

"Father is all the while very respectful towards the Old Furen." Shen Miao lightly said.

"Yes." Jing Zhe answered.

Old Shen Furen came from being a songstress and she was an expert actress, so she was able to act flawlessly as a caring mother when Old General Shen was alive, and so he was unable to pick any wrong out. Warriors emphasised on relationships and Shen Xin knew to repay a kind act with gratitude, so since he received Old Shen Furen favour in the early years, he did not even think that under this old woman's skin laid a vicious heart.

"This time Second Shen really made it convenient for me." Shen Miao said with a smile and her eyes brightened so much that it shocked others. "Just nice, tear it all apart in front of the entire world to see."

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