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The students in the class are also somewhat surprised.

They all feel that Gao Ge is being too mean.

After all, Li Lang has already bowed his head and given compensation. He is also willing to drop out of school. He could've let him go by now. Why did he still ask him to kneel down?

Gao Ge does not care about other people's ideas.

He just wants to see if Li Lang will kneel down.

Li's decision will demonstrate what Zhao Jin said to him as well as Zhao's attitude and thoughts.

For Gao Ge, Zhao Jin, or the Zhao Family are all huge threats. If Zhao Jin still finds trouble with him, he must be fully prepared and think of the best solution.

However, if Li Lang kneels down, it means that Zhao Jin admits defeat, and he has not seen the tactics of Gao Ge. He is still safe for now.


Gao Ge is really not an easy-going person.

The so-called forgiveness is shit.

"What will Li Lang do if I am at a disadvantage?" Gao Ge thinks to himself.

To his enemy, Gao Ge has never been nice, not to mention that he experienced the era of aura recovery, and more deeply knows what is called the law of jungle.

If it is not because he is not strong enough now, and there is no suitable opportunity, he even wants to directly erase Li Lang from the world, so as not to give him a chance to breathe.

Will Li Lang hate him from now on and try to retaliate?


Even if Gao Ge is being so mean, Li Lang will surely do that.


Li Lang breathes deeply again.

With one leg bent, he kneels down.

Compared to the last time, it seems to be a lot easier. After all, he has already done it once. It is not so unacceptable to kneel to Gao Ge for the second time.

Just like a person falling into a septic tank, he may feel like to die at once. However, if he just climbs out and falls again, he will feel much better.

"Are you satisfied now?"

Li Lang bites his teeth and whispers.

Gao Ge smiles and says: "Did you forget something?"

Li Lang: "..."

In the class, everyone is silent.

It is so quiet that the math teacher who just walked into the classroom feels a little surprised.

Since when do the classmates behave so well?

But when he walks into the classroom and sees the situation, his expression quickly changes.

"What are you doing, Gao Ge? That is ridiculous!"

The math teacher surnamed Luo, who is in his 40s this year, was transferred from the town. This is a man that tries everything to pursue a higher position. When he sees this, he once again feels that the opportunity already waits for him to seize.

He walks quickly towards Li Lang, and tries to pull him up from the ground.

As long as he can handle this matter well and let Li Lang be satisfied, he will probably be pushed to the position of the grade director by Li Lang's father.

He has been yearning for this position for several years. With no relationship and money to help, he can only wait.

"My hard work has finally paid off!" He has already burst into tears.

When he is planning to stand on the side of Li Lang and scolding Gao Ge, he is pushed away by Li Lang.

"Fuck off! It's none of your business!" Li Lang roars.

Obviously, he vents the anger to Mr. Luo.

Mr. Luo is stunned and confused.

He feels that his brain doesn't work.

Gao Ge still does not speak.

Li Lang turns his face to Gao Ge and gives him a kowtow. Then he quickly stands up and looks at Gao: "Are you satisfied now?"

"Well, that's a nice kowtow." Gao Ge chuckles.

Even Yue Xincheng and Meng Jing think his expression is annoying.

"Gao Ge, you..." Mr. Luo just intends to speak, and Li Lang shouts to him again.

"Shut up!" Li Lang says, turns around and walks out of the classroom. Before leaving, he does not forget to leave a word: "I will drop out of school and will not come here again."

He said it because he worries that Mr. Luo will deal with Gao Ge again. Then Zhao Jin will find trouble with him if Gao gets angry, which means his embarrassing kowtow is useless.

"Mr. Luo, how do you feel about this?" Yue Xincheng teases at him.

Mr. Luo suddenly gets angry, and he says: "Which class are you in? Who allows you to be here? Get out!"

Yue Xincheng is not annoyed, just laughs: "What a wrong flattery!" Then he leaves the classroom without any words.

Mr. Luo is so outraged. He glares at Gao Ge, wanting to say something, but suddenly feels it is meaningless. He just returns to the podium and drops the book which is in his armpit on the podium, making a huge noise.

"Go back to your position, class begins!"

Everyone knows that Mr. Luo is in a bad mood, so no one is willing to be the unlucky one who bears his anger. So they all return to their position and take out the books.

Sitting in the classroom, Gao Ge is absent-minded.

Although Zhao Jin doesn't take any move now, but it is because the previous lie Gao Ge told.

But lies will always be disclosed. After all, it is not his own competence.

So now, he must improve his strength as soon as possible.

Why is Zhao Jin so afraid of Xia Lu?

It is because Xia Lu and the Xia Family are strong enough to make the Zhao Family scared. This is what Gao Ge is going to do now.

To become the god of this world!

Before that, what he needs to do now is to wait.

He is waiting for the opening of Mount Duanlong. He will enter the mountain at first place and become the first beneficiaries after the recovery of the aura.

That is the most important turning point in his life...

In the last life, Gao Ge has already been idle for too long. In this life, he wants to turn over and to see the sun. He doesn't think it is too much.

After class, Yue Xincheng dashes into the classroom of Gao Ge.

He stands in front of Gao Ge, and his eyes are full of complicated feelings. He keeps silent for a while and finally grabs the arm of Gao and walks out of the classroom together.

After walking out of the teaching building and finding a quiet corner, Yue Xincheng turns his face to Gao Ge.

"Fatty Yue, what do you want to do?"

"Boss, this thing, who gave it to you?" Yue Xincheng shakes the bag in his hand.

That was sent by Li Lang.

Gao Ge smiles and takes the bag. He looks at it, inside which are three jade-green stones. He looks at it under the sun carefully and snorts again.

"Zhao Jin is not some sort of great figure. The quality of the three pieces of magic stones is just medium! This purity can only be regarded as the middle and lower grades. They can't even be counted as middle grades."

Yue Xincheng closes his mouth and looks at Gao Ge amazingly.

"Well, I can't use these three pieces of magic stones now, so you can use them first." Gao Ge hands the bag back to Yue Xincheng.

Yue Xincheng is going crazy.

"Boss, the price of each piece of these three magic stones is more than one million! Uh... This is not the point. The point is, how do you relate to Zhao Jin? Isn't he a member of the Zhao Family? Also, how do you know the magic stone?!" Yue Xincheng is mad.

"I know what you know; I also know what you don't know." Gao Ge pats Yue Xincheng's shoulder. "All in all, since you call me Boss, I will not let others bully you again. Things that have not been done before, I will do them in the future..."

After saying these words, Gao Ge is silent for a moment, and a myriad of thoughts crowd into his mind.

Gao Ge appears like a stranger to Yue Xincheng.

He suddenly feels that his understanding of Gao Ge is really too little.

"You will know it later. Now, please buy the house for me first." Gao Ge smiles, "I will go back to the classroom. Let's go out in a few days."

Yue Xincheng does not speak but look at the back of Gao Ge with a complicated feeling in his heart.

He sees Gao Ge walking away, further and further...

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