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Chapter 196: Emperor Yong Le (Part 2)

Shen Miao listened to Empress Xian De's words and her heart was somewhat hesitant. In the short time of interacting with Empress Xian De, Empress Xian De had a personality that one would like on first look. Unlike the usual deliberate fawning, Empress Xian De was those quiet ones that would make others feel very comfortable. She seemed to live genuinely and not like a female in the Inner Palace.

But what was the meaning that she said that Xie Jing Xing was luckier than Emperor Yong Le's fortune?

This was too difficult to answer thus Shen Miao could only listen quietly without speaking.

"His Majesty deeply entrust Jing Xing." Empress Xian De said, "He hopes that Jing Xing can live comfortably and happy but does not hope that Jing Xing would change his original aspiration because of greed and comfort. His Majesty lived in hardship so if His Majesty hurt you because of this matter, you mustn't blame him."

Shen Miao smiled gently, "ChenFu is not qualified to place any blame to the decision of His Majesty." She looked at Empress Xian De, "Is it that Your Ladyship have something to say to ChenFu?

Empress Xian De smiled before sighing, "Just now when one first saw you, BenGong felt a familiar feeling in you. You are a smart young lady and BenGong know that it is easy for a smart person to see something fixated. If you cannot resolve it, then the knot in one's heart cannot be untied."

Shen Miao slightly frowned. She faintly felt that there was another meaning to Empress Xian De's words.

"His Majesty view Jing Xing very important and with regards to Jing Xing marrying, even though His Majesty agreed, one's heart is after all not happy. Jing Xing naturally have ways to resist His Majesty's decisions but you are different. You are a young lady of Ming Qi's and in Great Liang, there would be many places that are restricted." Empress Xian De said, "BenGong like you a lot but BenGong is His Majesty's wife and BenGong cannot change His Majesty decision and can only hope that you will feel comfortable."

Shen Miao said, "What is His Majesty going to do?"

Just as Empress Xian De was about to speak, a charming female voice came from behind, "Older Sister has such good spirits today and stroll in the Imperial Gardens."

Shen Miao and Empress Xian De turned their heads together and saw that from the other end of the small hallway, some palace people were supporting a female dress in palace clothes over. This female was wearing a silver red and purple robe with agate jade on her head. It was the beginning of spring but she dressed more beautiful that spring. As she walked nearer, one discover that this female had a beautiful face but one did not know if it was this dressing made her seemed slightly impetuous.

She came over enchanted and greeted Empress Xian De but there was a careless appearance, seeming not putting Empress Xian De in her eyes.

"Oh. So it is Younger Sister Consort Jing." Empress Xian De said blandly.

Shen Miao was thinking in her heart that this Consort Jing looked like she was in her early twenties and could be at the position of a Consort. It was either her family was extremely prominent or was extremely favoured. However Shen Miao felt that compared with Empress Xian De, other than being younger and beautiful, this Consort Jing seemed to be inferior to Empress Xian De and one was unable to see what other points were there that was worthy of Emperor Yong Le's favour.

That Consort Jing seemed to only notice Shen Miao then and asked, "This person is unfamiliar. Which Furen is this?"

Currently Shen Miao had already dressed as a married female and combed a married female's hairstyle. Thus even though her face was delicate, one would not consider her as an unmarried young lady of an official.

"This is the Furen of Prince Rui of First Rank, Rui Wang Fei." Empress Xian De did not seemed to want to introduce Shen Miao to Consort Jing and thus her words were simple.

When the words were spoken, Consort Jing's expression changed. When she heard those words, she called out in astonishment, "Rui WangFei?" Then she looked up and down of Shen Miao to size her up.

It was different from Emperor Yong Le's careful examination gaze, not to mention different from the kind hearted observation from Empress Xian De. This person's gaze was extremely rude, as if she was sizing some plaything. After finish looking, she snorted and spoke somewhat ill-intentioned, "One had initially thought that what kind of great national beauty would one be that it made Prince Rui of First Rank marry back to Great Liang despite the far distance. Now from this look…" She smiled harshly, "It is most likely my eyesight is not good and unable to see anything special."

Shen Miao did not know how was she embroiled with this one and so cautious that she was not willing to speak. Empress Xian De 's expression was however somewhat cold, "The people that Consort Jing sees as special are even lesser than less."

Shen Miao was somewhat surprised that Empress Xian De would be furious at Consort Jing for her and felt that this kind of Empress Xian De was similar to Emperor Yong Le.

It was just that the sarcastic words that Empress Xian De spoke was not effective and one did not know if Consort Jing understood it or not. Consort Jing looked at Shen Miao and suddenly smiled, "It seem that Older Sister has good relations with Rui WangFei and would stroll around the gardens together. One do not know what kind of private words did one have with Rui WangFei? After all things have to be said since it is Rui WangFei of First Rank's first time here and there must be many things that one do not know."

Shen Miao looked at Consort Jing.

Consort Jing smirked, "One think it is so. His Highness Prince Rui is busy very day so where would there be time to speak to Rui WangFei about matters of Great Liang? Speaking of which, some days ago, my Fourth Younger Sister was still asking when His Highness Prince Rui would be returning. She said that she had learned a song and wanted His Highness Prince Rui to give her some pointers."

Empress Xian De said angrily, "Consort Jing."

Shen Miao suddenly came onto realization in her heart. She was wondering why Consort Jing would target her for no rhyme or reason. So this was like that. Thinking of when Xie Jing Xing was in Ming Qi, he was well like by young ladies and now in Great Liang, with the identity of Prince Rui, there would be even more oriole and swallows flying around. She only reach here for a moment and was already hated by others.

Consort Jing was smiling as she looked at Shen Miao, "If Rui WangFei is bored, one can invite my Fourth Younger Sister over to the residence. My Fourth Younger Sister has always like to make friends and if Rui WangFei has nothing to do, it is good to have more sisters."

More sisters? Shen Miao heart laughed coldly. More like having more sisters in the inner courtyard.

One had thought of dealing with it lightly but her eyes landed on the white jade thumb ring that Xie Jing Xing gave it to her and suddenly Shen Miao changed her mind. She smiled, "One fear that this would not work."

Consort Jing was startled and Empress Xian De was also stunned, seemingly did not think that Shen Miao would say so.

"His Highness has handed over everything of the residence of Prince Rui over to me to managed, from the big matters of the common funds to small matters like revenue from shops, servants and guards, the invitations from those who come over, one is too busy with matters inside and outside that one fear that there is no time to entertain guests." Shen Miao smiled warmly and seemed to be a little apologetic, "Since one come over for the first time and His Highness trust this ChenFu, ChenFu dared not let His Highness down. If Fourth Young Lady likes, one can look for His Highness for a meet. ChenFu will not have time."

These words made Consort Jing dumb and speechless but a fire was burning in her heart.

Shen Miao's words looked warm and mile and spoke that she did not have time to accompany guest but in fact it was just a bringt show. Look at how Prince Rui of First Rank dote on her that he handed all matters of the residence of Prince Rui of First Rank to Shen Miao to manage. This was naturally because there was only Shen Miao, the only mistress in the Prince residence so one would dote on one person but there was no need to even pass all the management of shops, maids and guards over to her right? It was better to say that Rui WangFei of First Rank also manage Prince Rui.

Rui WangFei of First Rank had changed the way of showing how high her position was in the Prince residence.

Shen Miao was busy with official matters and also secretly trampled on Consort Jing's Fourth Younger Sister, indicated that she had nothing to do all day and ran around to other family's residence to cause trouble. This was not considered a good thing.

The corner of Empress Xian De's lips slightly rose.

Consort Jing was so angry that the colour of her face turned green.

Originally Shen Miao was not one who would be enemies of others, especially when she was unfamiliar with the people and matters here. It was just that Consort Jing had provoked the anger in her heart. If she did not pushed back viciously, in the future everyone would be stepping on her head.

With the correct conditions of Heavens, timing, interest and people, and with Xie Jing Xing supporting her, if she were to let it go, she would be a fool.

Shen Miao smiled gently, "One heard that a kindhearted person would always feel the same. For Your Ladyship Consort Jing to be so worried of ChenFu's loneliness and want to look for some sisters to accompany ChenFu, one think that one felt the same. Most likely Your Ladyship Consort Jing has also times when one is lonely. Why not in the future look for a few more sisters to come to the Palace to sit? Like that Your Ladyship Consort Jing would be joyous."

Consort Jing was so angry that she almost could not breath.

Shen Miao's words was saying that Consort Jing let Shen Miao invite her Fourth Younger Sister to the residence for a sit and wanted to increase the number of 'sisters' in the inner courtyard. Shen Miao was also a smart person and immediately return it back to let Consort Jing add a few more 'sisters' in the Palace.

Consort Jing gritted her teeth with hate. Sue was currently at her prime but it has been for a number of years. There were so many female candidates that entered the Palace every year and the favour of a Monarch was the most precious. If there were a few 'sisters' that could cause cities and countries to fall, then where could she stand?

This Rui WangFei's mouth was really sharp.

Empress Xian De however laughed, "Since Younger Sister Consort Jing is lonely, then it is easy to handle. Tomorrow I will mention this to His Majesty that these days the Palace is somewhat deserted and it is time to add a few more new sisters."

Consort Jing was quickly anxious, "Not lonely. I am not lonely." Empress Xian De's position of the Empress was very stable and naturally it would not matter to her to add in a few sisters but Consort Jing was at the period where she was most favoured thus she feared that the favour would be shared.

Shen Miao was grateful to Empress Xian De for pushing the boat along. Even though Empress Xian De only spoke about it, she said seriously, "Your Ladyship Consort Jing must not deny it. Since one cares for ChenFu, ChenFu should also return a peach with a plum." She said it like Consort Jing should instead thank her.

"Chi." From not far away, a chuckle was heard. A few people turned back to look and saw Emperor Yong Le and Xie Jing Xing standing at the back of the garden from don't know when. Because they were concealed by the trees, no one discovered their figures and one did not know how much they have heard.

Emperor Yong Le looked indifferent and one was unable to see any anger or joy as he said, "Prince Rui of First Rank, this wife of yours really have s set of fangs." It was at the end somewhat unpleasant so one thought that the deliberate teasing of Consort Jing by Shen Miao and Empress Xian De were all heard.

Consort Jing ran towards Emperor Yong Le in grievance, "Your Majesty…"

Xie Jing Xing walked over and pat Shen Miao's head, as if to praising that white tiger in his inner courtyard and said with great please, "Jiao Jiao is really sensible and know how to be actively compassionate towards others." He then swept a glance at Emperor Yong Le, "Since Consort Jing wants to have sisters then Imperial Older Brother should go along with it. It is not that the Palace cannot afford to raise an idler."

When Consort Jing heard it, her heart was anxious and panicking. She bit her lips and looked towards Emperor Yong Le with a pitiful appearance.

Shen Miao wanted to laugh. Consort Jing came over to bare her fangs and brandish her claws but she did not have brains. Now it seemed that it was them that joined hands to bully Consort Jing. One did not know why did Emperor Yong Le support this kind of female.

Emperor Yong Le said, "Since when do you want to manage Zhen's matter?"

"Isn't Imperial Older Brother's consort is also managing this ChenDi's consort?" Xie Jing Xing raised his eyebrows and looked at Consort Jing. He had a beautiful and handsome appearance and would often smile idly, the females in the Palace liked this appearance of his but they all knew deep in their hearts that this Prince Rui of First Rank could not be provoked.

Her eyes were sharp and his tone of voice was clam but one could not help but feel cold.

He said, "Consort Jing, are you sure you want this Prince to listen to your Fourth Younger Sister's song?"

Consort Jing shivered.

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