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Chapter 191: Secret (Part 2)

From that day when Shen Xin and Shen Miao had the long secret talk onwards, Shen Xin's and Shen Miao's relationship seemed to be closer and Shen Miao would often watch Shen Xin practice in the courtyard. It made Shen Qiu angry but he only said, "Lately Younger Sister sticks to Father all day that one do not care about me anymore."

Shen Miao felt that there was some secret tatict understanding between Shen Xin and herself and that Shen Xin had become the person who understood her most in the Shen family thus there was no scruples when she spoke. Most of the time she would be advising Shen Xin to be wary of the Heaven family since she had stayed in the Palace for so long in her last life time and had some understanding of Ming Qi's Imperial family. When she told Shen Xin, he was very surprised as he did not know where Shen Miao learned all these from. Naturally Shen Miao pushed all the credits to Xie Jing Xing without any hesitation which then provoked Shen Xin to be more wary of Xie Jing Xing. With such trickery and schemes, one could not be underestimated and have to be on guard against, else he would be counting money for him after being sold off.

Speaking of Xie Jing Xing, Shen Miao did asked him if he had said anything to Shen Xin. Xie Jing Xing did not admit nor did he deny it. Seeing his attitude, Shen Miao understood in her heart. When talking about what would happen to the Shen family in the future, Xie Jing Xing said that he still had plans in Ming Qi's Ding capital and nothing would happen to the Shen family. With this words of his, Shen Miao was assured.

In a turn of an eye, time had flew to the night before the marriage.

On the next day, Shen Miao will be married off from the Shen family and the sedan carriage would go round the entire city and the ceremony would be completed festively before leaving Ding capital gates, leaving Ming Qi in grandiose as it heads towards Great Liang.

The things that should be brought were brought, the people that should be following were also followed. Shen Miao did not forget about Pei Lang at all. Currently with Pei Lang's identity, it was very dangerous for him to remain in Ding capital as Fu Xiu Yi would dig three Che (1 Che = 1 foot) to the ground to look for him. It was better to let Pei Lang hide in the marriage entourage and head together to Great Liang.

Shen Miao had thought that even if it was because of Liu Ying, Pei Lang would not agree easily to go to Great Liang and had planned to persuade him but she only mentioned it in the letter and Pei Lang agreed to it straightforwardly that he agreed to go to Great Liang. This made Shen Miao doubtful and thought that it might be Xie Jing Xing that persuaded Pei Lang but then felt that most likely Xie Jing Xing would not do such a thing. Whether Pei Lang stay in Ming Qi or go to Great Liang, whether he was dead or alive, most likely Xie Jing Xing would not even put it in his thoughts at all.

Shen Miao will be marrying tomorrow but other than the entire Shen residence having a sleepless night today, naturally there were others that had no mood to sleep.

The Princess residence was one.

Princess Rong Xin returned to the room after a walk and all the servants were dismissed by her. She only feared that her abnormal behavior would be suspicious to others.

Ever since discovering that Prince Rui's identity was Xie Jing Xing, even though Princess Rong Xin had many doubts, she had never taken the initiative to go to the residence of Prince Rui to question Xie Jing Xing. She knew that the Heavenly family had many ears and eyes and even though she was now only a Princess who has no worldly cares, it did not mean that there was no one watching her every move. If those people sense someone and discovered Xie Jing Xing's identity, what could be done then?

Princess Rong Xin still had some old feelings with Xie Jing Xing. She was vigilant with him, suspected him but did not forget the many moons of companion and also unable to forget that during those lonely days, it was Xie Jing Xing that came over to talk to her and pass the difficult times of being a widow.

Human's emotions were very complicated as there was no pure love or hate. If one could distinguish love and hate clearer then many things would become easier. The most difficult was the complication of love that one was not able to harden one's heart but unable to not be affected.

Tomorrow Shen Miao would be marrying off and tomorrow Xie Jing Xing will be leaving Ming Qi's Ding capital. The next time Xie Jing Xing step onto Ming Qi after this return to Great Liang, it could be the time where both armies would meet or that he come to flatten the Ding capital of Great Liang.

Princess Rong Xin was the YiMu of the past Xie Jing Xing but also the Princess of Ming Qi. In front of the country and family, one had to always make the choice. What was more that there were elements of deception in this family relations.

After a while she walked to the front of the table to sit down and took out a brush and paper. She dipped the brush in the ink and was about to write on the paper when she stopped the brush just above the paper, as if she was very tangled up.

When this letter was written, when this letter was sent, no matter if no one knew of Xie Jing Xing or he would be blamed by tens of thousands of people or perhaps even fall into danger, one thing could be for sure that once this letter was finished, it meant that she had made a choice. All the past sentiments of her and Xie Jing Xing would disappear at this moment.

From a close family to a hated person, be it for Princess Rong Xing or Xie Jing Xing, it was a painful matter. Princess Rong Xin dared not think about the result but she had no other choice.

She also did not expect that previously when she heard about Xie Jing Xing's death, she almost followed him but now personally pushed Xie Jing Xing to a possible dead route.

She gritted her teeth and finally wrote the letter quickly.

In the residence of the Count of Ping Nan, Su Yu and Su Furen were looking at Su Ming Feng's closed study door and looked at each other in dismay. Su Ming Feng had lived for twenty over years and for the first time liked a young lady. It was a pity that this marriage was not fated. Previously with the Crown Prince pressurizing, the Su family was willing to take the risk of offending the Crown Prince and let Su Ming Feng marry Shen Miao first but who knew the Crown Prince matter passed and now a Prince Rui came attacking from thin air.

For a person like Shen Xin who loved his daughter that much, at the end could only obey the Imperial decree and let his Di daughter marry far away to Great Liang, much less that status of the residence of the residence of Ping Nan was much lower than the General residence.

Su Furen signed and said, "The plan now is only to wait as the days passes and Ming Feng would come to understand and forget the Young Lady of the Shen family."

"It is easier said than done." Su Yu shook his head, "Ming Feng's personality is like mine, long-lasting emotions. To change affection and forget the Young Lady of the Shen family, one feared that it would not be that easy." He looked at Su Furen, "It is useless for us to stand here. It is better for us to go back first and let Ming Feng think about it."

Su Furen glared at Su Yu, "Feelings is not a pieces of meat that fall off from your body, you don't even know about heartache. This is my son, seeing his heart hurting is more painful than cutting my flesh."

"Then you too don't go in to persuade him. He don't listen so isn't it the same?" Su Yu said in grievance. He then saw Su Ming Lang hugging a thick copybook for calligraphy as he walked past.

As Su Ming Lang aged, the liveliness during his childhood was finally put away and gradually became the second Su Ming Feng. However Su Ming Lang was a little more snobbish then the gentle and courteous Su Ming Lang. Even now when he saw his parents, he would put on airs of an adult which mad Su Yu complaint openly and discretely that Su Ming Lang was now no more adorable.

Su Yu called him, "Ming Lang."

Su Ming Lang stopped and walked over to the two of them before greeting his parents.

"Your Eldest Brother has suffered a blow today and is currently not in a good mood. Father has an important thing to hand over to you. Go to your Eldest Brother's study and talk to him to persuade him."

Even though Su Ming Lang's temperament had some changes, he was still very close with Su Ming Feng. Upon thinking, it was true as Su Ming Lang matured late and looked as round as a meatball when young thus being teased by his friends or scolded by Su Yu. It was Su Ming Feng that would protect him every time and also plead Su Yu for leniency. Su Ming Lang was one that would think of those who dug the well when one drank the water, thus he still remembered that his Oldest Brother treated him well when he was little.

Su Furen also said, "Yes. Yes. Ming Lang, go and ask your Eldest Brother to teach you to right or perhaps play cards with you. In all, don't let him be idle."

Su Ming Lang looked at the couple and said old fashionably, "You want me to persuade Eldest Brother not to be upset about Older Shen Sister's marriage right?"

Su Yu and Su Furen, "…"

Su Ming Lang looked at the lantern that was still lit in the study, "We brother want to speak of things close to one's heart so if Father and Mother have nothing to say, do leave first. I will not let Eldest Brother throw himself into the river."

After half a beat, Su Furen then said, "Then thanks Ming Lang."

Su Ming Lang stepped towards Su Ming Feng's study and he pushed open the doors with great difficulty. He saw Su Ming Feng sitting on front of the desk with a complicated expression. These days, this expression often appeared on his face.

Su Ming Lang climbed onto the nearest chair to Su Ming Feng and sat properly before looking at Su Ming Feng, "Eldest Brother, if you like, go and fight."

Su Ming Feng, "…"

"A true man should have the courage to accept the consequences of one's action." Su Ming Lang encouraged him with a solemn attitude, "As a brother, I will definitely support you. Since you like the Young Lady of the Shen family then go and snatch the bride over. Anyways compared to the whatever Prince, Eldest Brother is much better."

Su Ming Feng laugh in spite of himself when he understood what Su Ming Lang was saying and shook his head, "What does her marrying to who has anything to do with me?"

"Then why are you upset?" Su Ming Lang asked curiously, "Do you not like Older Shen Sister?"

"Don't listen to Mother's nonsense words. When did I like her?"

"But you still send people to investigate secretly Older Shen Sister." Su Ming Feng accused, "If this is not like, what is?"

Su Ming Feng shook his head, "I did not do this because of like but because." He suddenly stopped speaking and a complex expression appeared on his face.

Su Ming Lang looked at him, "Eldest Brother, you look really strange now."

"Second Younger Brother." Su Ming Feng suddenly said, "Do you still remember Xie Jing Xing of the residence of the Marquis of Lin An?"

"Older Xie Brother?" Su Ming Lang said, "Of course I remember. Is that Eldest Brother's best friend? Eldest Brother said that Older Xie Brother left for a faraway place and will not be returning so in the future I must not mention about Older Xie Brother. Why is it brought up today? Eldest Brother, is Older Xie Brother returning to Ding capital?"

Su Ming Feng shook his head, "No." He asked, "You also think that he is my best friend?"

"Of course." Su Ming Lang said, "Even though Older Xie Brother is fierce, his mouth is bad and always like to bully me, but he treats our family rather well. Didn't Eldest Brother say before that Eldest Brother is the youngest (aka maknae) of the residence of the Marquis of Lin An and Older Xie Brother is Eldest Brother's Eldest Brother."

Su Ming Feng was silent.

Su Ming Lang looked at him curiously, "Is Oldest Brother quarrelling with Older Xie Brother?"

Su Ming Feng stood up, "No. I need to go out. Ming Lang, stay here and don't go anywhere."

The night of Ding capital covered everything and in the Princess residence and the residence of the Count of Pin An, the darkness was like an undercurrent waves tumultuous crashing against the reef under the calm water.

In the residence of Prince Ding, Fu Xiu Yi was sitting on the highest position.

His appearance looked a little haggard and this made his handsome appearance somewhat inferior. In the period before, a large fire burn down the underground prison of the residence of Prince Ding and Fu Xiu Yi almost smashed everything that could be destroyed in the room. However before the raging anger was fully vented, the oncoming news made him even more angry. It was that Pei Lang's body was not found in the underground prison.

Obviously Pei Lang was rescued and one naturally knew that the fire was set by the person who rescued Pei Lang.

To be so blatant and daring to behave atrociously in his residence of Prince Ding and most importantly ruin the thing that he valued, Fu Xiu Yi was determined to dig three Che (1 Che = 1 foot) to the ground to find Pei Lang and the person behind Pei Lang. He thought that it was the Shen family people but at the end of the investigation, it had nothing to do with the Shen family at all. Upon further investigation, the clues were cut and there were no trace at all.

One could only imagine the fire in Fu Xiu Yi's heart.

And tomorrow it would be the marriage of Shen Miao and Prince Rui and after tomorrow, Shen Miao would be following Prince Rui to Great Liang, thus it would not be possible to know about the secret behind Prince Rui. How would Fu Xiu Yi be willing to see the opportunity disappearing right in front of him?

Just at this time, the guard that Fu Xiu Yi sent to investigate matters came in and greeted Fu Xiu Yi before speaking, "Your Highness, there is movements in the Princess residence and the residence of the Count of Pin Nan."

Fu Xiu Yi's eyes lit up as he said, "How is it?"

The guard took two steps forward and bent down to whisper two sentences to Fu Xiu Yi's ears. Fu Xiu Yi's looked shocked before immediately expressing great joy.

"The Heavens is helping me. Immediately instruct people to follow two of them. Don't let any little thing go."

The guard complied and left. Fu Xiu Yi lean back to the back of the chair and a self-satisfaction smile slowly floated on his face.

"Prince Rui. The Princess Residence. The residence of the Count of Ping Nan. Shen Miao." He said, "This Prince wants to see what kind of untold secret you have."

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