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Chapter 151: Changing the Marriage (Part 2)

The sedan had gone far away and was just about to be lifted into the residence of the Minister of Land. Chen Rou Qiu had tidied up and wanted to follow it to the residence of the Minister of Land, when coincidentally Chang Zai Qing walked over. Perhaps of the atmosphere of today’s marriage, Chang Zai Qing was also wearing a light peach coloured embroidered cotton skirt. Because she always wore a light refreshing green colours, it was rather graceful. Chang Zai Qing smiled, “Second Young Lady has married off. She will have a good future.”

When Chen Rou Qiu saw Chang Zai Qing, she then remembered that she had not seen Chang Zai Qing for quite some time. Ever since she spoke to Chang Zai Qing the last time, one did not know what Chang Zai Qing was busy with, and she was concerned of Shen Yue’s marriage thus she did not go and chat with Chang Zai Qing. At this moment she saw that Chang Zai Qing’s eyes were moving like flowing water and had a bit more colour than before. Her heart moved and she smiled, “Does Younger Sister Qing still go to Eldest Sao’s residence these days?”

Chang Zai Qing smiled as she shook her head, "Not often. Eldest Furen and the General are very busy and do not have much time to chat."

Chen Rou Qiu was certain that Chang Zai Qing was lying. Thinking that she was embarrassed, she then patted her hands, "Since Younger Sister Qing is so likeable, then one will find time to chat with you no matter what." Chen Rou Qiu thought that once Shen Yue's matter was over, she would ask Chang Zai Qing about the progress at her end. Shen Yue had no choice but to marry Wang Bi and even though the Wang family was not bad, thinking that her daughter was after all unable to marry the person she felt for and even have a rift with her over it, Chen Rou Qiu's was disheartened. On the other hand Shen Xin was currently the popular person in the Ding capital, and she thought that Shen Miao would be miserable since she was kidnapped. One did not think that Shen Miao would come back alive and because of Princess Rong Xin involvement, the rumours died down. In the entire Ding capital, if Shen Miao wanted to marry to a prince, that would be possible. Once she thought about how the thing that her daughter wanted so much could end up on Shen Miao's hands, Chen Rou Qiu's heart could not be reconciled. Then she thought about how Luo Xue Yan, such a coarse woman, could have both a daughter and a son, Chen Rou Qiu could not wait to destroy her.

She took a look at Chang Zai Qing in front of her. Chang Zai Qing had already gained Luo Xue Yan’s favour and from what she saw today, Chang Zai Qing seemed to have gotten along well with Shen Xin. As long as some time had passed, she would think of a way to get Chang Zai Qing to enter the Shen mansion… Then in the future Luo Xue Yan’s and Shen Miao’s future days would not go by pleasantly.

Humans most likely could not see others doing well, especially when they were not living well as Chen Rou Qiu who was currently having this thoughts. She could not wait to see Luo Xue Yan losing everything and burst into tears and in a short moment, she felt even more cordial with Chang Zai Qing.

She pulled Chang Zai Qing’s hands and smiled, “Let us go. Younger Sister should also follow me to the residence of the Minister of Land. I often tell Yue-er to learn from you, but one did not know what she would have gotten married without learning anything. This is regrettable.”

Chang Zai Qing followed with a smile, “After marriage, there will be a husband doting. Second Young Lady has good fortune.”

“You can talk well.” Chen Rou Qiu smiled, “Until one’s heart feels settled.” She saw that Chang Zai Qing’s waist had a five coloured fragrant sachet and mentioned it, “This sachet is made very exquisitely.”

Chang Zai Qing took the sachet off and passed it to Chen Rou Qiu, “If Furen likes it, then one will gift it to Furen.”

Chen Rou Qiu had always been fond of exquisite things and seeing that the embroidery on the sachet was indeed exquisite, she could not bear to part with it, thus she did not reject. She placed it below her nose to take a light whiff and said in pleasant surprise, “This scent smells very nice, one do not know what kind of fragrance it is?”

Chang Zai Qing smiled gently, “I do not have knowledge of fragrance and only know about tea. Thus one placed some tea leaves inside, thinking that it would be able to bring one’s spirits up and elevate boredom. One has let Furen see a joke.”

“Younger Sister is quick-witted and nimble-fingered, I would not dare to laugh.” Chen Rou Qiu accepted the sachet and laughed, “One really like it very much.”

The two of them chatted and laughed as they headed out.

Shen Yue’s and Wang Bi’s marriage was undoubtedly a great surprising and joyous news in the slightly quiet Ding capital. One did not know how the Wang family thought, as it seemed that they valued this marriage and carried the bridal sedan one round of the Ding capital.

Coincidentally it went by the Feng Xian Pawnshop.

Upstairs, Ji Yu Shu was eating pastries while talking, “This marriage of Wang family’s is sure bustling.”

Opposite him, Gao Yang lightly waved the fan and looked downwards. The strikes of the gong and beating of the drums were as loud as though it was thunder. He was somewhat annoyed and closed the windows, “The bride marrying has already changed, so what is the use of having such bustle? It is just a farce.”

“I am rather interested in this play. Best for it to last three nights and days.” Ji Yu Shu often desired to see the world plunged into chaos, as an onlooker would not dislike the bigger the commotion. He said, “Speaking of which, why is there no movements from Young Lady Shen?”

Before Xie Jing Xing left, he wanted Gao Yang to watch Shen Miao. If Shen Miao wanted to do anything, he had to think of ways to help. After knowing Shen Miao for two years, Ji Yu Shu more or less knew Shen Miao’s temperament. She looked warm and had a gentle appearance, but actually was not good to provoke. The Shen family treated the Eldest household completely lacking of any feeling and now with such a farce playing, if Shen Miao did not throw stones while they were down, it would not make sense.

Gao Yang smiled coldly, “It is just that there is not any at present but in the future there will be.”

Ji Yu Shu wiped his mouth, “Actually you should not have such a big preconception of Young Lady Shen. Young Lady Shen is still not bad and has a generous hand. She also look very pretty so why are you always onto her? Moreover, the Shen family did not give you any trouble…”

“No trouble?” When that topic was mentioned, Gao Yang felt a weigh on his chest. Not mentioning Shen Miao, Xie Jing Xing moody appearance had made the people beside him unhappy. Even that Biao Older Sister of Shen Miao was also not a oil-saving lamp. Gao Yang had never seen a patient that could torment. She was unmoved by force or persuasion, and kept on thinking that he was the same level as the sitting doctors in the medical halls. Gao Yang was a young and promising official in the Great Liang, and was an Imperial Physician that was specially used by the Emperor but when it came to Luo Tan, he had became a visiting doctor. Gao Yang was indeed unhappy.

Ji Yu Shu did not notice Gao Yang’s expression and tidied his clothes before saying leisurely, “No matter what, one will wait till tomorrow to watch a good show. The bigger the row, the better it is. Like this when Third Older Brother return, He would not be bored.

Not a single person from the Eldest household of the Shen family came to the Wang family's marriage. In fact, Shen Wan had given an invitation to the Shen mansion. No matter what, one must take care of things on surface. However Shen Xin was one who shamed gestures of politeness, and the things that the Shen family did in the beginning had made Luo Xue Yan disgusted thus they did not even accept the invitation, much less send a gift. Some people who were sitting back to watch the developments also understood the attitude of the Eldest household of the Shen family. It seemed that they were really firm on severing the relations with the Shen family, and there would not be any room for it to be turned around.

In any case, the marriage was successfully carried out.

On the second day morning, Wan YiNiang woke up. Yesterday when Shen Yue was getting married, Shen Dong Ling was helping out till she did not see her figure for the entire day. Afterwards upon returning to the residence, the maid had said that Shen Dong Ling was so tired that she fell asleep immediately, thus Wan YiNiang did not disturb her. Now she deliberately made a sweet broth for Shen Dong Ling to drink as tonic, thus she stood outside Shen Dong Ling's bedchambers and knocked on the doors.

No one answered from the room so Wan YiNiang said, "Dong Ling, YiNiang is entering." Finishing, she pushed the doors open.

One then saw someone laying on Shen Dong Ling's bed with the quilt covering. Upon hearing the commotion the person quietly sat up. Wan YiNiang was first startled and had an unbelievable look, "Second Young Lady, why are you here?"

The person who was lying on Shen Dong Ling's bed was none other than Shen Yue. Shen Yue was obviously married into the residence of the Minister of Land, and that was saying that Shen Yue was not supposed to be in the Shen residence, but instead in the residence of the Minister of Land. How would she appear on Shen Dong Ling's bed without rhyme or reason? Wan YuNiang looked all around and did not see Shen Dong Ling's figure at all. Even though she was not considered intelligent normally, at this moment she roughly understood something and asked with a trembling voice, "Second Young Lady, Dong Ling… What about Dong Ling? Where did Dong Ling go?"

Shen Yue quickly lowered her head and her eyes turned. When she lifted her head up again, her eyes were already full of tears.

When Wan YiNiang saw Shen Yue's tears, the scene in front of her became dark and she heard Shen Yue crying, "Do not know. I do not know too. Third Younger Sister came to give me a toast and then… I do not know anything at all!"

The Shen family exploded.

In Rong Jing Tang, everyone were standing in place as Old Shen Furen was so angry that her mouth was twitching. She looked at Wan YiNiang and said angrily, "You have taught a very good daughter!"

Shen Gui was standing at the side and initially wanted to say something. Currently Wan YiNiang was the only woman left that have given birth to his children and on normal days, Wan YiNiang was gentle and obedient. Even though Shen Gui lingered in the cluster of flowers, he had some affections for Wan YiNiang. However upon seeing his Third Younger Brother's and Third DiMei's furious expressions, he swallowed his beseeching words.

Shen Dong Ling actually schemed against Shen Yue and married herself off on behalf of Shen Yue. Now Shen Yue was left in the Shen residence but Shen Dong Ling was married into the family of the Minister of Land. Even if this was done to anyone, they would all not be happy. Shen Gui did not expect that the usually timid and obedient Shen Dong Ling would have such a courage to exchange the bride. Shen Gui would never offend his Third Younger Brother just because of a daughter, even if that was his only bloodline left.

Wan YiNiang cried as she kowtowed to Old Shen Furen, "May Old Furen inspect wisely. Third Young Lady is timid normally, so how would she have such a guts to exchange marriage? Old Furen, is there any misunderstanding in between? Even if Third Young Lady were to borrow ten of thousands of guts, Third Young Lady will definitely not dare to do such treacherous things!"

"Do you mean that it is Yue-er that is slandering Third Lady?" Chen Rou Qiu's face turned ashen, "Wan YiNiang, these words are devastating criticisms!"

Even if Old Shen Furen did not like seeing Chen Rou Qiu on normal days and was not sentimental towards Shen Yue, Shen Yue was after all the Di granddaughter of the Shen family and to be snatched of marriage by a Shu granddaughter, it was not good to hear about it. Immediately after Chen Rou Qiu spoke, she said, "What kind of mother will give birth to what kind of daughter! Really are things that cannot be seen in public!"

Wan YiNiang cried as she looked at Shen Yue, "Second Young Lady, was not your relationship with Third Young Lady extremely good? Help to speak for Third Young Lady. Third Young Lady is not that type of person, correct?" Wan YiNiang would not believe Shen Dong Ling would do such a thing no matter what. Ever since young Shen Dong Ling was one who had plans, and many a times when Wan YiNiang did not understand some things, Shen Dong Ling would always give Wan YiNiang advice. Wan YiNiang had always think that if this daughter that crawled out of her stomach did not have an issue with her identity, she would not be worse off than any Di daughter of the Shen residence. Shen Dong Ling looked timid and shy on the outside but everything she did had a scheme to it. Even though previously she had heard Shen Dong Ling saying that Shen Yue's marriage was an opportunity, but Wan YiNiang had never thought that it would be such a situation. Wan YiNiang believed that even if Shen Dong Ling was so stupid, she would never use such a ruthless method to exchange the marriage. After all, with all this, no matter if Shen Dong Ling was in the Wang family or in the Shen family, there would not be any foothold for her!

One had originally expected that the demure Shen Yue would say a word or two for Shen Dong Ling, but one did not expect that Shen Yue would turn her face faster than one turn a page. Once she heard Wan YiNiang's words, Shen Yue cried as she spoke, "Wan YiNiang, I really do not know what is going on. Third Younger Sister said I will be leaving the residence and being sisters, she gave me a goodbye toast and I drank the cup of wine. When I woke up, it was already the second day morning. I also believe that Third Younger Sister did not do it on purpose… But how could things become like this? I really do not know anything!"

Shen Yue's words were superficially indicating her belief in Shen Dong Ling but in her words, she had untraceably said that she was schemed by Shen Dong Ling and undoubtedly fuelled the fire. Sure enough, when Chen Rou Qiu and Shen Wan heard those words, their facial expression became even more gloomy. Shen Gui also frowned and Wan YuNiang could see that everyone was standing on Shen Yue's side, and a trace of despair appeared in her heart.

"The top priority is to think of how to resolve it first." Chang Zai Qing said softly. She was not a person of the Shen residence and it was not good to comment on the words before, but she had reminded everyone now that the bride had been changed so how would they give the Wang family an explanation? To let them send Shen Dong Ling back? Or was it to send Shen Dong Ling to a house elsewhere for the rest of her life? Anyways, Shen Dong Ling was only a Shu daughter. However she was send away, the most important thing was that one could not let the Wang family be displeased.

Old Shen Furen made a prompt decision, "First go to the Wang family to discuss about this matter and let them send Third girl back. What kind of things Wan YiNiang teach? Needless to say, lock Wan YiNiang in the woodshed. Since the thing that you birthed had done something wrong then as mother, you deserved to be taught a lesson!"

On the contrary when Shen Yue heard this she became anxious. She did not expect that it was possible for Shen Dong Ling to be sent back. If Shen Dong Ling was sent back, did she still have to be sent to the Wang family? After working every possible means, was it just a waste of effort? How could this be?

Chen Rou Qiu and Shen Wan were however satisfied with Old Shen Furen's words. Chen Rou Qiu glanced at Wan YiNiang and her heart was filled with resentfulness. She kept thinking that in the future she must definitely torture Wan YiNiang, sell her off as servant to be a plaything.

When Wan YiNiang heard that, her eyes became black. One had to know that when Shen Dong Ling was sent back… She was already one who had married before and Shen Dong Ling was after all a Shu daughter. The Shen family would definitely protect Shen Yue and sacrifice Shen Dong Ling. Like that, the next half of Shen Dong Ling's life would be destroyed!

Just as they were thinking of all this, a servant came from outside to report that someone from the Wang Minister of Land's family had arrived.

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