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Chapter 150: Forcing a Marriage (Part 1)

Although the matter of Princess Ming An had set off an uproar among the people in the Ding capital, the Judicial Bureau was unable to investigate the end of it. Emperor Wen Hui would get angry every three to five days and a number of officials were embroiled in it, but it seemed to have become an unresolved case. In the course of time, the commoner's enthusiasm for this case also faded. After all, one had to go about their things and was unable to resist the coldness of the winter, even if one kept watch on an unresolved amorous case.

In the cold winter days in the Ding capital, a major event happened in the Shen residence.

Shen Yue was engaged and would soon be married.

The family that Shen Yue was spoken to, was the family of the Minister of Land that Shen Wan and Chen Rou Qiu thought highly off. In total there were only two sons in their Wang family, the youngest son was less than ten years old this year, and the eldest son was Wang Bi and the one that was engaged to Shen Yue. Wang Bi was twenty four years of age this year and had entered officialdom. He was serving in the Education Ministry, had great learnings and was considered a person with a promising future. In addition, even though the position of a Minister of Land was not one of the most important officials in court, the other officials would often inevitable have contact with him. Thus if one were in-laws with the Wang family, in the future there would be quite an amount of help in one's career.

The help in one's career was naturally viewed by Shen Wan's eyes and in Chen Rou Qiu's view, Wang Bi was the eldest son of the Wang family, and currently there was no TongFang or concubines in his courtyard and in a lucky coincidence, Shen Yue was one filled with a thick scholarly air. If she was able to capture Wang Bi's heart when she was married over, she would be able stand firm in the Wang family in the future. And by giving birth to a son and a daughter, she would be able to sit back and relax in this lifetime.

The marriage was personally set by Chen Rou Qiu with the Wang family and the eight characters cards were exchanged. When Shen Yue knew of the matter, she naturally kicked up a fuss. But the normally gentle Chen Rou Qiu seemed to have ironed her heart this time to get her married, and the always doting Shen Wan did not need to Shen Yue's request at all. Old Shen Furen was more than happy to see this, as to her an unmarried Shen Yue was an additional mouth to feed in the Shen residence, and currently the days were difficult in the residence.

Shen Yue had made a tremendous din, so much so that despite Shen Wan, who never disciplined his own daughter, also felt that Shen Yue was too much this time, and in a fit of anger locked Shen Yue in the ancestral hall, so that she could reflect upon herself.

On this night, Shen Yue sat in the ancestral hall alone and wept.

There were traces of a large fire in the ancestral hall. Ironically the last time Shen Miao was locked in the ancestral hall, Ren Wan Yun attempted to use the opportunity of Shen Miao's marriage to exchange it with Shen Qing. Who knew that in the middle of that there would be a big fire and unexpectedly Shen Xin would return to the capital at that moment, thus Shen Miao escaped from that calamity. As Shen Yue looked at the tightly closed doors of the ancestral hall. It seemed that from that moment, everything started to go smoothly for Shen Miao. Because there was Shen Xin and wife and also Shen Qiu behind Shen Miao to support her, so Shen Miao could do anything without the slightest scruple. Shen Yue believed that if one day Shen Miao wanted to marry to Fu Xiu Yi, Shen Xin and wife would never obstruct like Chen Rou Qiu and Shen Wan.

Moreover Shen Miao previously also admired Fu Xiu Yi and if one day Shen Miao's previous love was rekindled, with Shen Xin's current comeback and with power in his hands, would Fu Xiu Yi reject it? Besides Shen Miao was already not the idiot that was laughed by the entire capital two years ago.

Thinking of the possibility that Shen Miao might be together with Fu Xiu Yi, Shen Yue's heart was particularly troubled. She had even thought about the big fire in this ancestral hall, why had it not burn Shen Miao to death?

Just as she was thinking about it, she heard the movement of the door from the outside. Shen Yue thought it was Chen Rou Qiu who send people over to serve her food and went off in a fit of pique, "I do not want anything. Go out."

The sound still continued and Shen Yue said angrily, "Get lost!"

The door opened with a 'zi-ya' and a head emerged at the door. It was Shen Dong Ling.

Seeing Shen Dong Ling at the moment, Shen Yue was also surprised. Shen Dong Ling took a look outside before abruptly closing the doors again. She walked over to Shen Yue and after some thought, sat down on the floor and handed the basket over to Shen Yue before saying lightly, "The old women outside guarding went to drink so I sneaked in. Knowing that you have not eating for a day and fearing that you are hungry, I have brought you food. Second Older Sister, you must not make much noise."

Shen Yue was slightly startled and saw that Shen Dong Ling had already opened the bamboo basket and took out plates of snacks.

Although Shen Yue treated Shen Dong Ling just for show on normal days, at the moment she was touched. Thinking that she had not eaten for a day and Chen Rou Qiu and Shen Wan did not care or paid any attention, but it was the Shu Younger Sister with lukewarm relations that remembered. Immediately, her facial expression towards Shen Dong Ling got much warmer. It was just that she could not eat those snacks no matter what.

She said, "Do not waste your effort. I just cannot eat it."

Shen Dong Ling looked at her, "Why is Second Older Sister unwilling to marry to Gentleman Wang? Gentleman Wang is a good person. One heard that his family background is excellent and if Second Older Sister go over, then it would be the fortune of a family matriarch. Is it because one do not want to leave the Shen family?"

Shen Yue took a glance at Shen Dong Ling. Most probably it was because Shen Dong Ling stayed in the residence all day and did not go out, so even though she was around the same age as Shen Yue, she still have the innocence of a child on the surface. Shen Yue's heart was at one side despising and at the other side envious. She despised Shen Dong Ling's view of the sky from the bottom of the well and not knowing that there were people beyond people, and Heavens belong Heavens and just a Wang Bi could not move her. At the other end she was envious of Shen Dong Ling's simple thoughts as she was more relaxed and happy. Seeing Shen Dong Ling's appearance, Shen Yue had an impulse to pour out what was on her mind and she smiled bitterly, "What does it got to do with me if he is a good person or not? After all he is not that person in my heart."

Shen Dong Ling thought for a while before she understood something in a flash, "Could it be that… There is someone in Second Older Sister's heart?"

"So what if there is? So what if there is not?" Shen Yue smiled bitterly, "Who let me be born in the Shen family, where I have no power to choose my future husband. Father and Mother only care about career prospects and do not even care about how I think. Sometimes one feels that it is better off being dead."

Shen Dong Ling jumped in shock and quickly waved her hands, "Second Older Sister must not think like this. One have to know that in all matters of this world, it is the easiest to die but there is nothing if one dies. Why Second Old Sister not change the mindset? One knows that the Wang family is a good family so Third Shu and Third Shen would not harm you after all. Perhaps that Gentleman Wang is also the ideal person in many young females' hearts and many Young Ladies are envious of Second Older Sister's fortune. Take me for example, if I could be married into the Wang family, one fear that my YiNiang would go to the temple everyday to thank Buddha for giving me such a good marriage like this."

Shen Yue shook her head with a smile and she discovered that Shen Dong Ling was somewhat stupid, as she could not understand Shen Dong Ling when talking to her. Especially when she saw Shen Dong Ling's envious look, she even felt that Shen Dong Ling could not be seen in public. Thinking of that, it was true. For a Shu daughter, it was already rather good to be an official wife, let alone an official wife in the family of the Minister of Land.

Shen Dong Ling saw that Shen Yue was still moody and changed the general idea of things, "When the carriage gets to the mountain, there will be a way through. Second Older Sister need not be that brokenhearted and worried at the moment due to the matter and harm one's health. Just like Fifth Younger Sister's engagement, one heard that Fifth Younger Sister also made a fuss and it seemed that it was a situation where there was no room for change, but who knew that Eldest Bo and Eldest Shen would return, and afterwards nothing happened to Fifth Younger Sister."

Shen Dong Ling said it rather muddled but Shen Yue's heart moved when she listened to it.

At first, one saw that Shen Miao was about to marry off but because of Shen Xin's and wife's return, she escaped the calamity. At that time Shen Yue was eavesdropping at the door when Chen Rou Qiu was talking to the servants, and came to know that Ren Wan Yun had planned to exchange Shen Qing's and Shen Miao's marriage.

Since Shen Qing and Shen Miao could exchange, then why could not she?

Shen Yue's heart started beating furiously and an idea that had long formed came to mind. Her gaze turned towards Shen Dong Ling, who was beside her.

As for the person of choice… Was not there a ready-made one in front?

Shen Dong Ling was a Shu daughter. Shen Dong Ling felt that the Wang family's gentleman was very good. Shen Dong Ling's character was weak and she was easy to deceive… No one is more suitable than Shen Dong Ling.

Shen Yue looked at Shen Dong Ling and suddenly grabbed her hands before saying lightly, "Third Younger Sister, how do you think of my treatment of you?"

Shen Dong Ling was startled before lowering her head and spoke somewhat blushingly, "Second Older Sister is not repulsed by birth and treat me extremely well. Among the sisters in entire Shen residence, only Second Older Sister was willing to speak to me." Shen Yue all along wanted to have a noble and magnanimous appearance that even though she despised Shen Dong Ling in her heart, she would not reveal a single thing on her face, and instead looked like she treated Shen Dong Ling well. Especially after the previous time, Shen Yue would go look for Shen Dong Ling to speak ever three to five days, thus from the outsider's point of view, the relationship between the two of them was not bad.

Hearing that, Shen Yue smiled, "Then Third Younger Sister, now that I have difficulties, are you willing to help me out?"

Shen Dong Ling smiled effortless, "No problem. As so I can do it, one will definitely do my best for Second Older Sister."

Shen Yue smiled, "I feel relieve after hearing your words." She then tighten her hands around Shen Dong Ling's hands, "Can you…. Help me by marrying Wang Bi?"

After listening to that, Shen Dong Ling was stunned in shock. After being in a daze for a while, she then wanted to withdraw her hands from Shen Yue as she said frantically, "This is not possible. Second Older Sister, one can help you in other matters… I cannot help you in this matter."

"You can!" Shen Yue did not let go and said in a hurry, "Did not you also find that Gentleman Wang is also very good? Did you not say that if it was you who had this marriage, your YiNiang would be happy about it? Third Younger Sister, I beg of you!"

"Be that as it may," Shen Dong Ling continued to retreat, "But this is too risky! If this is discovered, I will be beaten to death and Second Older Sister, you will be punished! This is too risky! Moreover Second Older Sister, you need not need to take such a big risk like this. Why can not you just marry Gentleman Wang!"

As Shen Yue looked at Shen Dong Ling, tears started to flow down in two lines. She naturally looked delicate and cultured so such tears actually made others feel sad. And Shen Yue's voice was also in desperation, "If you do not agree, it would be ending my life. Third Younger Sister, taking into consideration that we are sisters and taking into consideration, like you said that in the entire Shen residence only I treated you well, I beg you to save my life!"

Shen Dong Ling was instantly stupefied when she saw Shen Yue knelt down and after hearing Shen Yue's words, she panicked even more that she did not know what to do. She pulled Shen Yue up, "Second Older Sister, do not be like this! Do not scare me!"

Shen Yue tugged Shen Dong Ling's hands, "Third Younger Sister, Second Older Sister beg you this time. Do you want to see me become a bag of bones?"

Shen Dong Ling bit her lips as she looked at her. Shen Yue's hair was loose and her eyes were hazy with tears. She indeed was forced to such a desperate state, thus she had no choice but to forcefully nod her head, "I agree. Second Older Sister, get up first."

Shen Yue's eyes brightened before she threw herself up to hug Shen Dong Ling and hurriedly thank her continuously, as if she was grateful to the bones. However with her back facing Shen Dong Ling's face, she revealed a pleased smile.

"It is just that Second Older Sister, it is better to take one's time to consider about this matter." Shen Dong Ling said, "After all, changing the marriage is not a small matter and once the matter comes to light, it would not be good for us at all. Third Shu and Third Shen will oversee it, it has to be discussed in detail."

Shen Yue released Shen Dong Ling and said excitedly, "That is natural." She looked at Shen Dong Ling and held her hands, "Rest assured Third Younger Sister, since you did it for me, I will definitely explain it clearly that it was me who forced you. I will not let Father or Mother blame you and will not let you be implicated."

Shen Dong Ling smiled, "En. I trust Second Older Sister."

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