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Chapter 147: Person Who Break Flowers Off As Presents (Part 2)

When Princess Ming An came over, she did not want others to hear the conversation between her and the Xie brothers, thus she only brought one person but the rest of the people did not left, and were at a distance away from the pleasure boat. However with the current big disturbance, they should already be alerted and come over, so why was there no one?

As Princess Ming An was in a fluster, Xie Chang Wu was likewise. He did not come over by himself and planted some subordinates in either side of the pleasure boats, so as to prevent any mishaps occurring. But why was there no activity at all? Where were his people?

The only guard Princess Ming An had, was very quickly thrown aside by the black clad people with his face cut into stripes. Large drops of cold sweat quickly formed on the foreheads of Princess Ming An and Xie Chang Chao.

"Who are you?" Princess Ming An suppressed the fear in her heart, "Bengong is the Princess of the Great Qin. If you leave now, Bengong will overlook this misdeed, else in the future do not blame Older Crown Prince Brother for chastising!"

Xie Chang Wu did not know to be afraid, or to scold Princess Ming An for being a stupid fool for even identifying herself out. However thinking about it, it was obviously a trap today, and one fear that the other party was already aware of Princess Ming An's identity, but one still did not know about the whereabouts of Princess Ming An's letter.

But what could they do about it? Xie Chang Wu knew that one could not call for help here, not mentioning if others were to hear it, even if others discovered them, he was an official of the Ming Qi, and to be with the Princess of the Qin country in the middle of the night at the Wan Li Lake, no matter how many mouths he had, it could not be clarified.

With no room to advance or retreat, Xie Chang Wu unexpectedly calmed down. He looked at the other party and sneered, "The offence of conspiring to harm a Princess of a country is not light. If your distinguished selves does not fear death then by all means try. Have a taste of being chased to the four corners of the earth, and be like stray dog that live each day in fear."

With Xie Chang Wu's words, Princess Ming An's heart was slightly comforted. Although she was also afraid, but with the background of being a Princess of a country, other people would not dare to do anything to her. "Correct. This Bengong's identity, it is not what you people can touch. Today if you all dare to touch Bengong, in the future the Qin country's Imperial family will definitely grind your bones to dust!"

"Really?" Suddenly a male voice rang out from among the people clad in black.

That voice was low and a bit husky, but it was like a warm wine in the cold winter, making others feel good when hearing it. Princess Ming An and Xie Chang Chao looked over and saw that among the black clad people, there was one person who came forward.

Because they were all clad in black, one was unable to see them clearly. Currently one felt that this black clad person was somewhat different from the others. Under the weak light, that person's stature was significantly taller that even when wearing the same clothing as the rest, it could not hide his noble air, as if this could be discerned with a glance.

"Who are you?" Princess Ming An said furiously, "Do not you know who Bengong is? Bengong is the Princess of the Great Qin! With Bengong's order, one can make all of you lose your heads!"

Hearing this, that person in black paused but started to chuckle. Even if one was unable to see the other party's face due to the cloth covering, his laughter was obviously joyful. However Xie Chang Wu and Princess Min An could hear the ridicule and mockery through the cloth.

Princess Ming An's face flushed red as she had never been that insignificant before. However there were some doubts in her heart, as she felt that this person's voice was familiar and seemed to have heard it somewhere before. However one was unable to remember where had one heard it from. She asked, "What are you laughing at?"

"Laughing at you overestimating your capabilities."

"You!" Princess Ming An was furious.

"Just a Princess of the Qin country, what significance is this?" That person's voice was good to listen but the words were vile, "As usual a heap of white bones when dead."

"Audacious!" Princess Ming An shouted out.

"This Prince is audacious, what can you do?" The person said without a rush.

This Prince? Princess Ming An was startled, but in a flash she suddenly thought of another person. That person's voice was as mesmerising as this. She looked over and was unable to see the person's face due to the cloth, but the pair of eyes that was exposed was as intoxicating as peach blossom wine. It was as if there was a sentimental smile in the eyes but when one seriously looked at them, they were filled with indifference.

"You are… His Highness Prince Rui!" Princess Ming An cried out involuntarily.

His Highness Prince Rui? Xie Chang Wu looked swiftly at the black clad man. He also felt that the black clad person was familiar, as if one had seen him somewhere before, but he had never thought that it was His Highness Prince Rui of the Great Liang.

The black clad person did not admit nor deny, but there was some sense of acquiescence when looking at them. Xie Chang Wu hesitated for a bit before asking, "For what reason does Your Highness Prince Rui come here for?"

Even If Xie Chang Wu cracked his brains thinking, he was not able to think why Prince Rui would appear here. One knew that there was no relations between him and Prince Rui, and there also seemed to be no contact between him and Princess Ming An either. So why would he appear here? And to do what?

After Princess Ming An recognised that the person in front was Prince Rui, the fears that she felt disappeared, and in a flash her voice was filled with tenderness as she said softly, "For Your Highness Prince Rui to come here at such a late night, what is it for?"

Xie Chang Wu felt that Princess Ming An was really stupid. Since the other party had already killed all the guards that both of them brought, it was apparent that he was not here to rekindle about the past. Moreover this Prince Rui gave the feeling of danger to others, this made Xie Chang Wu's heart tremble.

Prince Rui ignored Princess Ming An and instead looked at Xie Chang Wu, "You seemed to have something to ask this Prince?"

Xie Chang Wu forced a smile, "One dared to ask Your Highness, if one had seen my Third Younger Brother?"

That letter had Xie Chang Chao's handwriting but the person who came was Prince Rui. Could it be that Xie Chang Chao fell into Prince Rui's hands? What conflicts did Xie Chang Chao had with Prince Rui?

The black clad man laughed, "Seen before."

Xie Chang Wu's eyes widen, "He…"

"Was killed by me."

As soon as the words were spoken, Princess Ming An and Xie Chang Wu were simultaneously startled, and could not help but shudder.

After a long pause Xie Chang Wu then asked, "Why did Your Highness Prince Rui kill my Third Younger Brother?"

"He messed with people that he should not mess with."

Messed with people that he should not mess with? Xi Chang Wu's heart was in doubt. Could it be Shen Miao? The only person Xie Chang Chao offended would be Shen Miao. But why did Prince Rui stick out for Shen Miao? Is there some secret relationship that was going on with Prince Rui and the Shen family? Xie Chang Wu felt like he had stumbled onto a earth-shattering secret iceberg, but because he was unable to see the overall picture, he was totally confused with it.

"For Your Highness Prince Rui to come, one do not know what would be the matter?" Princess Ming An finally awakened when she hear the other person had killed Xie Chang Chao, and seemed to be finally aware of the dangers that was posed by the darkness of the night. She tried to probe by talking, but her heart started to beat fiercely.

That person's voice was as soft as the wind, but was like the snow that was falling down from the skies onto the Wan Li Lake. It was very beautiful but made one feel cold. He said, "Is not it good for such a beautiful scenery to be the place where one is buried?"

Xie Chang Wu said, "Why are you doing this? There is no animosity or grievances between you and me. Can you let us off?" He obviously knew that the other party had murderous intent, but he had no way out. Xie Chang Wu finally was unable to hold back the fear in his heart and cried out.

"No animosity or grievances?" The other party seemed to have heard a joke, "You are a bit too forgetful."

Xie Chang Wu felt that these words were somewhat familiar and immediately following that, he saw the black clad person slowly pulling off the cloth covering his face.

Even the extremely faint and weak light, was unable to conceal the brilliance from this person. The long eyebrows, straight nose and thin lips were per usual, and the pair of peach blossom eyes was looking over filled with ridicule. It was clearly a gentle smile but had a touch of contempt.

That was the biggest nightmare of Xie Chang Wu's life.

"Xie Jing Xing!"

Princess Ming An was indulging herself in that charming look, and was thinking that Prince Rui's face was indeed as astonishing as the rumours said, but was interrupted by Xie Chang Chao's cries.

Xie Jing Xing? Was not that the Xie family's Di son of the residence of the Marquis of Lin An, that died two years ago in the battlefield, and also the one that made one sigh in admiration?

"It is tough for you to still remember me." Xie Jing Xing smiled gently. That originally handsome smile now looked exceptionally scary in Xie Chang Wu's eyes. He turned around and wanted to flee. This was the instinct that was brought out from his bones, just like a subconscious reaction of a prey to danger, one's brain would not comprehend if it was possible or not.

His body was held down by others with his mouth stuffed and his entire body unmovable. Princess Ming An also had the same fate as him.

The pleasure boat was floating in the middle of the Wan Li Lake. Deep in the middle of the night at ZiShi (modern timing: 11pm – 1am), there was not a single person on the streets. Even the restaurant that was lit far in the distance was drown in its dance and music, that even the sound here would be like a stone falling into a pond, whom splashes would not be heard as it slowly sink down.

Xie Chang Wu and Princess Ming An were held down by the black clad people, and could only watch as the person in charge walked out of the pleasure boat.

Even on the icy surface, he walked with an overflowing grace, and his voice was as cold as the snow falling onto the Wan Li Lake, chilling one's heart.

"The game has ended."

Shen Miao woke up in the middle of a dream.

One did not know why? But tonight's sleep was rather tedious, thus at this moment one just simply woke up. There was not a trace of movement outside, as if the night was sleeping deeply.

She rubbed her forehead and felt some pain in her mind, but she was unable to sleep no matter what. The brazier in the room was boring hot and she felt stuffiness in her chest. After thinking about it, she took a cloak nearby and casually wore it before opening the window, wanting to get rid of the stuffiness in her heart.

When the windows were opened, the shadow of the the big tree in front was whirling. It was still snowing outside and large pieces of snow were falling down, and some were blown into the room. Shen Miao stretched one of her hand out to watch the snowflake slowly melt in her palm.

One did not know why but there was some sense of loneliness.

In such a night to not be able to sleep and watch the snow alone with a cloak, it was somewhat fake. But her mind could not help but think about some matters in her past lifetime. For instance Wan Yu and Fu Ming, and all the pain from those old wounds that were concealed in her heart started to resurface.

A little flower fluttered down from the skies and fell onto Shen Miao's palm. Shen Miao was startled, and used the lantern that was hanging on the tree to look carefully at it. It was not a snowflake but a crimson Begonia.

How would there be Begonia in this season? This tree did not grow Begonia too?

Shen Miao unconsciously looked up and saw that in the shadows of the tree, there was a person who was lying with his hands behind one's head, like a contented youth. Seeing her looking over, that person lowered his head slightly and looked at Shen Miao from top to bottom. His brows were handsome as he laughed frivolously, "Why are you dazed?"

Shen Miao said, "What are you doing here?"

Without any rhyme or reason, Xie Jing Xing just ran over to other's courtyard and sleep on the tres. This Prince Rui of the Great Liang's habits were really too queer.

"Cannot sleep." That person sighed and suddenly jump off from the tree, and landed in front of Shen Miao before leaning against the window. One was outside the window, the other was inside the window. He placed something on Shen Miao's palm and pouted, "Broke off flowers and came over to give them to you, but one fear that you have fallen asleep, so one waited up in the tree for you to wake."

Shen Miao rolled her eyes at his babbling nonsense, but saw that even though this person was smiling, the expression today was not like the past.

Her heart moved and Shen Miao did not know why she blurted out, "Come in. There are snacks in the room."

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