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Chapter 133: Chang Zai Qing (Part 1)

Ever since Shen Xin and family returned to the capital and bought a new house, this was the first time someone visited. Luo Xue Yan sat in the hall and was talking to a young female.

When Shen Miao arrived, Luo Xue Yan was drinking tea with that female. One did not know what was said, but Luo Xue Yan seemed to be very happy. It seemed that both of them were having a pleasant time together and none noticed when Shen Miao came in.

It was Luo Tan who was sitting at the side, picking snacks to eat who warmly greeted Shen Miao when she saw her, “Biao Youngest Sister, this is the newly baked snacks. Milk is added to it, do you want to try?”

Shen Miao smiled and shook her head before walking over to Luo Xue Yan’s side. Her gaze landed on the young female as she asked, “Mother, this is?”

That young female quickly stood up. She was wearing a bean green robes and there was not much jewellery from head to toe, only a wooden hairpin that was loosely fasten in her hair and a silver bracelet on her wrist. This could be considered a somewhat shabby dressing, but this female had a faint scholarly air even though her appearance could be considered delicate beauty, there was a type of elegance that made one not underestimate, and it was pleasing to the eyes.

“This is the daughter of the benefactor of your ZhuFu (aka Grandfather), by the name of Chang Zai Qing. Jiao Jiao most likely have not seen before.” Luo Xue Yan smiled, “Younger Sister Qing, this is our residence Young Lady, Jiao Jiao.”

Shen Miao smiled gently and greeted her, “Qing Yi (aka Auntie Qing).”

Luo Xue Yan pulled Chang Zai Qing to sit down again, and let Shen Miao sit below her before speaking with a smile, “What Qing Yi, Younger Sister Qing looks so young and by calling one Qing Yi, it would be calling one too old. If Younger Sister Qing did not speak of one’s age, I would only think that one is only older than Jiao Jiao by a little. Even if one were to go out like this, no one would find it inappropriate if Jiao Jiao call you Older Sister.”

“Furen must not make fun of me.” Chang Zai Qing said with a smile.

Luo Tan smiled and looked at Shen Miao, “Biao Youngest Sister, Qing Qi has come to the Ding capital, and in the future might often come to the residence as a guest. Heard that she is one who love chess and books, I do not understand those but in the future you will have a playmate.”

Shen Miao smiled. Luo Tan was always one who was frank and perhaps the Luo family's people were all this sincere, like Luo Xue Yan and Luo Tan, who treat others with enthusiasm. When Shen Miao looked up to face Chang Zai Qing, although this was the case, it was not an easy thing to please Luo Xue Yan. Especially because the Luo family were military commanders, and those in military would not see eye to eye with scholarly ones. Luo Xue Yan and Luo Tan were more forthright and would be impatient with those who indulge in fancy words. But in less than half a day of effort, Luo Xue Yan and Chang Zai Qing called one another sisters, and looked like she actually liked Chang Zai Qing. Shen Miao’s gaze was somewhat cold.

Seeing Shen Miao not speaking, Luo Xue Yan pulled Shen Miao’s hands and said, “Why is Jiao Jiao’s hands this cold? Lately it is cold outside, one must not catch a cold.”

Jing Zhe and Gu Yu who were at the back uncomfortably bowed their head. Shen Miao returned to the residence and changed her clothes and upon finished the ginger soup, she heard that there was a guest and came over in a hurry, without resting well. Luo Xue Yan was not aware that Shen Miao had an accident over at Princess Ming An’s today, thus the both of them were somewhat guilty about it.

“In the recent days we had just enter into winter, so naturally it is cold. There is a type of medical sachet in my hometown that consist of herbs that would expel the cold, and during the night when one is resting, one can hang it at the head of the bed, one would feel warm on the second day. If Fifth Young Lady does not despise, I will make a few and send them over.” Chang Zai Qing smiled as she spoke.

“Younger Sister Qing can even do such things.” Luo Xue Yan smiled, “One always heard that the Liu province's females are dexterous, but I have never seen it before. Now seeing Younger Sister Qing, one come to know about it. Unlike the young ladies in our residence.” She glanced at Luo Tan and Shen Miao and pretended to sigh helplessly, “Do not even mention medical sachet, they do not even know how to embroider handkerchiefs.”

Shen Miao had never liked to do needlework as she find that it was a waste of time, and not to even mention about Luo Tan, she obviously have the temper of a male. Luo Tan’s mouth twitched, “Youngest Gu, do not mention about me or Biao Youngest Sister, are not you the same?”

Luo Xue Yan was at a loss for words and stared pointedly at Luo Tan.

“Qing Qi is Liu province’s people?” Shen Miao tilted her head to look at her and asked with a gentle smile, “Liu province is not near the Ding capital, so for what matter did one come to the Ding capital?”

Chang Zai Qing immediately showed some awkward expression on her face, and Luo Xue Yan quickly changed the subject, “Nothing is the matter, just came to the Ding capital to play for a few days.”

Shen Miao smiled, “Then where is Qing Yi residing at?”

Chang Zai Qing smile, “Now residing at the Shen residence.”

Shen Miao lightly spoke, “Oh, so one is residing at Zhu Mu’s place.” She said, “Since Qing Yi’s father is Zhu Fu’s benefactor, one think that Zhu Mu will take good care of Qing Yi. This is reassuring.”

Although Luo Xue Yan felt that with Old Shen Furen’s temperament, she would not be very considerate to Chang Zai Qing, once Shen Miao said those words, it calmed down Luo Xue Yan’s heart a lot. She said, “This is so.”

Chang Zai Qing’s smile slightly stiffened. But one heard Shen Miao speaking again, “As Qing Yi is from the Liu province, I heard that it is fun to play in there, and it is a pity that one had not gone there before. However when one was in Guang Wen Tang, there were classmates whose hometown was also in the Liu province, not sure if you also know them.”

“The Chang family is a small family.” Chang Zai Qing lowered her head and said, “One fear that Fifth Young lady’s classmates would not know of the Chang family.”

“No matter how small the Chang family is, with Qi Yi kind of exceptional person, one would not be obscure and unknown.” Shen Miao smiled meaningfully, “However, with Qing Yi coming over to the Ding capital, why did Qing Yi’s husband not follow along?”

Chang Zai Qing’s expression became even more awkward and Luo Xue Yan laughed, “Jiao Jiao, you better not say nonsense. Younger Sister Qing is still a boudoir maiden.”

Shen Miao was surprised for a moment and looked at Chang Zai Qing asking, “Not sure what age Qing Yi is at this year?”

To ask a boudoir maiden of her age, even if Chang Zai Qing’s age is not young, it was indeed somewhat absurd. Even Luo Tan, one who had a thick brain, also stopped eating the cakes and looked at Shen Miao strangely. Shen Miao was one that knew the rules on normal days and her etiquette was the most appropriate, so why would she say such rude words today?

However Chang Zai Qing spoke calmly, without a trace of awkwardness, “This year one is twenty six.”

Shen Miao widened her eyes at the right time and seemingly due to covering it up, she quickly laughed, “If Qing Yi did not speak of it, I thought that one is only above ten. Really make one envious.” Even though she say it like this, her eyes that were sizing Chang Zai Qing up were somewhat meaningful, making one feel that there was no malice but also did not make one happy.

Chang Zai Qing gently smiled and did not speak while Luo Xue Yan laughed, “Younger Sister Qing is so good, so one does not fear that one cannot find a good husband. I do not know of the males in the Liu province, but there are several of outstanding men in the Ding capital. If Younger Sister Qing stay here longer, one might meet a sincere person.”

Chang Zai Qing quickly waved her hands and told Luo Xue Yan not to make fun of her. After speaking for a while more, seeing that the skies had gradually gotten darker, Shen Xin, Shen Qiu and Luo Ling should be returning from the Ministry, Chang Zai Qin got up to say goodbye. Luo Xue Yan urged to stay, “Master, Qiu-er and Ling-er will be returning soon, why not have a meal before leaving. If Master were to see you, he would definitely be very happy.”

“No need.” Chang Zai Qing smiled slightly, “It would not be easy to walk back when the skies are dark. Furen good intentions, Zai Qing appreciates. In the future, one will come and visit again. As for today, let it be, since it is somewhat late already.”

Luo Xue Yan took a look outside and indeed night was approaching, so she took her hand, “In that case then I will not keep you, so as to avoid you slipping due to the dark skies. It is just that one felt the familiarity upon first sight and was exceptionally happy. In the future you must come again. It is very interesting to talk to you, and one had not meet with such people for a long time.”

Chang Zai Qing smiled, “One dare not decline Furen’s affections, and follow through as the sincerest form of respect.”

Luo Xue Yan instructed people to prepare a horse carriage for Chang Zai Qing while Shen Miao and Luo Tan followed behind. Luo Tan sighed, “Even though this Qing Qi is from a small family out of the Liu province, her etiquette is more through than those in the Palace. With a warm and kind personality, one did not think that she would not be married at such an age. Do not know who would have the fortune to marry her in the future.

Shen Miao did not say anything while she watched Chang Zai Qing’s figure. When Luo Tan saw it, she suddenly whispered into Shen Miao’s ears, “Biao Youngest Sister, is it that you do not like this Qing Yi?”

Shen Miao was unexpectedly surprised as she did not expect that Luo Tan, with such a thick brain, could see her preferences, so she raised her eyebrows, “She has no ill feelings with me, why would I not like her?”

“Ai. Others are unable to see but I can see it clearly.” Luo Tan proudly said, “You are one who treat everyone well on the surface but it is all very faintly. But today you asked Qing Yi so many things, and moreover there were some rude aspects on it. You are not one who will make this kind of mistake so it is obvious that it is done deliberately. And the way you look at her was strange, it was not like how you look at others.”

Shen Miao laughed in spite of herself, “You really think too much.”

“I did not have any illusions. You are clearly like this.” Luo Tan added, “However, even though this Qing Yi is good and once she came she could make Youngest Gu so happy, and also even if seem so sincere and bright, one always feel something is wrong.”

“What is wrong?” Shen Miao asked.

“Think about it, that Qing Yi’s father is the Old General Shen’s subordinate and benefactor, so he must be a valiant commander. With a father a lion, a daughter would not be a dog. Even you, who always look gentle, has bones the same as GuFu, very valiant and did not fear the TuJue at all. But this Qing Yi has too mild of a temper. Although she is also candid and not bashful, why is there no scent of a military family?”

Shen Miao sneered. No scent of a military air? Wrong. Chang Zai Qing was the young lady who most resembled one from a military lineage. Her study on military strategy and tactics were at the point of perfection, and she could quietly advance gradually and entrench herself at every step. One could not see the vicious tendencies of Chang Zai Qing, because her acting abilities were highly perfected.

Shen Miao looked at Luo Tan and did not correct Luo Tan’s view of ‘valiant’ on her and just said, “Who said that military families need to be valiant. This Qing Yi grew up in the Liu province and maybe Chang Furen comes from a scholarly family, and Qing Yi followed her mother’s temperament.”

Luo Tan’s lips twitched, “Perhaps so. In fact I quite like her. But if you do not like her, then I will also not like her. I am with you.”

Shen Miao said, “Then many thanks to you.”

“But why do you not like her?” Luo Tan asked curiously, “Jealous that she know more than you?”

Shen Miao glanced at Chang Zai Qing who was being helped up the horse carriage by Luo Xue Yan, and a trace of cold intentions flashed in her eyes, “Where would there be such things? I cannot wait to be happy to meet such clever people like this.”

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