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Chapter 130: My Jiao Jiao (Part 1)

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After the tribute banquet, the Ding capital was as lively as usual. In order to welcome the noble people of Great Liang and Qin country, the streets were much more bustling than before. No matter when it was, Ming Qi’s Imperial family wanted to have an prosperous appearance in front of other countries.

In Shen residence, the servants in Qiu Shui Yuan started to discuss about a new topic.

“What kind of background does that Young Lady who just came to the residence have that make Third Furen treat her in such a hospitable manner?”

“The newly brought over tea leaves were all boiled for that Young Lady first. Could she be an honoured person of the residence?”

The woman with a green unlined upper garment said in a low voice, “Heard that this Young Lady’s father is specially close with Old General and at that time blocked a blow for Old General and almost lost his life.”

A young maid quickly covered her mouth and said in surprised, “No wonder. Having Old General’s gratitude meant having the Shen family’s gratitude. No wonder she is honoured as a valued guest.”

“Heard that she came over to seek shelter, probably something happened at home. Looking at Third Furen’s attitude, one have to take good care of this Young Lady.”

“What take good care? Currently in the residence, one own people are living by pulling on lapels that exposes the elbows and now a freeloader come. Sooner or later one would be sent away.”

Once those words were said, a blanket of silence landed. The current Shen residence look alright on the surface but the people inside were all well aware. Ever since Shen Xin’s branch was separated, money was very much lacking that even the monthly salary was reduced by a lot. As a result, even if a honoured guest as great as Heavens came to be a freeloader, the servants would not be happy too.

“Do not understand why Third Furen treat this Young Lady so generously this time and us so harshly on normal days.” Someone said in wonder.

In Qiu Shui Yuan, Chen Rou Qiu was sitting in the room at the moment and pushed the teacup to the female sitting in front with a smile, “The newly received tea, Cui Er Jian. Young Lady Zai Qing, do try.”

The female sitting across her was wearing a jade green single plated embroidered long robe. The embroidery on the robes were not very good and this kind of clothing was very simple and the colour was a nit-pick to wear as when one did not wear well, one would look like a country pumpkin. But when the female in front wore it, its seemed to be very appropriate, giving out a pleasing feeling.

This female was about twenty plus and her clothes and hair accessories were all very simple. She had a gentle, graceful and tender appearance and most importantly there was a thick scholarly air around her. From one glance, one could tell she was a young lady that was raised in a literary family and looked very well educated.

Chen Rou Qiu had always disdain military personnel habits and it was the same with people. This female in front had a sympathetic feeling thus she was polite.

When this female saw Chen Rou Qiu’s enthusiasm, she did not delay and pick up the teacup to take a sip before smiling gently, “The tea is light yet fragrant, the leaves scatter yet the smell is concentrate. Furen has outstanding talent in brewing tea.”

“Young Lady Zai Qing also has knowledge of tea.” Chen Rou Qiu’s smile became deeper, “Knowledge of tea is the best. However nowadays there are very little young ladies like you who have knowledge of tea.”

“When the two breeze raises, one desire to go to the abode of immortals.” The female smiled, “Furen said correctly, knowledge of tea is the best. But Furen need not make fun of me as I am currently twenty-six so how can one be considered as a young lady?”

“Twenty-six?” Chen Rou Qiu exclaimed, “Looking at Young Lady Zai Qing’s appearance, one only guess just above ten. But it is also good. Even though one have ten plus years of appearance, one has an bearing of a twenty plus year old. It is indeed rare to have such calm and broad levelness.

The green clad female in front was the person who came over yesterday to ‘seek gratuitous financial help’ was called Chang Zai Qing. Her father, Chang Hu was previously Old General Shen’s subordinate and had block a knife for Old General Shen in the battlefield and thus harm the foundation of his body and was unable to go up in the battlefield again. Chang Hu’s entire family relied on Chang Hu for support so Old General Shen felt conscience-stricken and privately took out his money to aid. At that time Chang Zai Qing was young but Shen Xin was at the age where he could get married so Old General Shen even joked that he wanted Chang Zai Qing to be his daughter-in-law. It was just that Old General Shen passed on before he could see Shen Xin got married. Because no one knew that Old General Shen was secretly providing aid to Chang Hu’s family, there was no longer any contact between the Chang and Shen family after that.

No one had ever thought that the Chang family would come at this time.

A look of grief appeared at the bottom of Chang Zai Qing’s eyes, “One’s heart really felt sorry for the sudden intrusion and bringing such trouble to the Shen family.” She looked at Chen Rou Qiu, “Zai Qing knows that the request is abrupt and if Furen feels inconvenient then Zai Qing will leave now and not give the Shen family any trouble.” Despite saying that, in a swift moment when one eyes was looking down, she could not help but bit her lips.

Chen Rou Qiu pull her hand over cordially, “What is Young Lady Zai Qing saying, since your father saved my Father-in-law, your Cang family is our Shen family’s benefactor. Furthermore, at the beginning the friendship between the Old General and Cang family are like brother so we are all one family. Since we are all one family, we cannot watch with folded arms as you have difficulties.” She patted Cang Zai Qing’s hands, “Young Lady Zai Qing just care about living in our Shen residence. Tomorrow I will bring to see Old TaiTai but Old TaiTai health is not good recently and thus temperament is not so good. One fear that you will need to excuse a little.”

Cang Zai Qing quickly said she didn't dare continuously. Her attitude was natural and polite and was not at all shy but not all familiar which made one have good feelings. Even Chen Rou Qiu, such a careful and vigilant person also treated Cang Zai Qing with all smiles.

Cang Zai Qing family stayed in Liu province. Most likely there were trouble encountered then one would suddenly come over to Shen residence. Cang Hu had passed away a few years before and there was only Cang Zai Qing and her mother in the Cang family. Cang Furen was often bedridden due to illness and some period back she passed on, after Cang Furen burial, there were official’s sons who wanted to bring Cang Zai Qing back to be a concubine and Cang Zai Qing had no way out just as she hang herself with a white silk, her nanny saved her. Her nanny told Cang Zai Qing that perhaps Cang Hu’s old acquaintance, Old General Shen, could save her.

When Cang Zai Qing was young she had seen Old General Shen before and vaguely remember him as a generous and forthright military person and as one was unable to think about any other way out, shen then took a carriage over to Ding capital. Upon reaching Zhen residence, she saw Chen Rou Qiu and after Chen Rou Qiu heard the entire story, she was settled down by Chen Rou Qiu.

Chen Rou Qiu looked at Cang Zai Qing in smiles, “Young Lady Zai Qing live in Liu province, such a water town. Ding capital is not like Liu province so one do not know if the meals are of any taste. Is one comfortable staying in the Western courtyard?”

“Furen is too modest.” Cang Zai Qing smiled and answered, “Furen’s care is very thoughtful. Staying in the Western courtyard is also very considerate. But,” She was somewhat puzzled, “Is the Western courtyard, such a big courtyard, all the while empty?” After saying that, she felt that she was too abrupt and smiled, “One asked too discourteously, may Furen not blame.”

“I take you as our own people, what is it about blaming and not blaming.” Chen Rou Qiu smiled, “To tell you the truth, you know that our residence actually have three household. You should have heard about the Formidable Great General. That is our Shen family’s First household and due to some misunderstanding two years ago, the First household moved out. Master and I wanted to explain but Eldest Brother and Eldest Sao went to Xiao Chun City and only return a while ago. Even we have the heart to explain, it is regrettable that the misunderstanding is too deep.” As Chen Rou Qiu spoke, a helpless look appeared on the surface and she spoke was shaking her head, “Really don't know what to do at all.”

Cang Zai Qing was surprised for a moment, “According to Furen’s words, that Western courtyard…”

“That Western courtyard was originally the place where Eldest Brother’s family stayed at.

Cang Zai Qing was suddenly enlighten and saw that Chen Rou Qiu was somewhat sad and quickly consoled, “Furen need not be overly concern, in this world blood is thicker than water. Even if it is a misunderstanding, it will be undone, moreover one is a family. After a period of time, even if Furen don't say it, one thinks that Great General Shen would not be troubled with these matters.”

Chen Rou Qiu smiled, “I know all these logic but hearing Young Lady Zai Qing saying it, one’s heart is much more relieved.” She looked at Cang Zai Qing, “It would be great if everyone in the Shen residence is as permeable as you. You are so knowledgeable, if one is free in the future, please teach Yue-er. This child is always at the palm of our hands and one fear that she is spoilt. It is good to be taught by someone as smart as yourself.”

“Furen words are too heavy.” Cang Zai Qing said with a smile, “Yue-er is well educated and exceptionally intelligent. I have never seen such a brightly intelligent young lady in Liu province before. One thinking that she is one of the best in Ding capital. A female should be just like this, well-learned and versatile, it would give out a different vigor.”

To compliment that flawlessly, it fitted snugly into Chen Rou Qiu’s heart. The discussion carried on and quickly it was almost noon before Cang Zai Qing returned.

After Cang Zai Qing left, Shi Qing wipe the table and carefully asked, “Is Furen indeed going to keep that Young Lady Zai Qing?” She hesitated before reminding, “Now that the residence expenses has grown bigger, one fear that Old TaiTai will be upset upon hearing it.”

Old Shen Furen gotten more stingy and if she really knew that Cang Zai Qing came the Shen residence and the Shen residence has to spend money to raise an idler, naturally she would not be satisfied. So Chen Rou Qiu told Cang Zai Qing that Old Shen Furen’s temperament was not good recently and hope that she tolerate it.

“What does that short-sighted old woman know?” Chen Rou Qiu scorned, “Unable to accomplish anything but liable to spoil everything. How could one see matters in the future?”

“Could it be that Furen find that there is some purpose for this Young lady Zai Jing?” Hua Yi’s brain starting moving as she understood her Furen’s mind-set. If it was two years ago, Chen Rou Qiu was willing to put up kind and charitable fairy image to gain a good reputation but now without any money and was unable care of oneself, it would be strange to provide relief to others.

“Just from the speech and manner one is very intricate and do not seemed to resemble the short-sightedness of ordinary female. Appearance is not bad and gentle looking and the rare thing was that her temperament was gentle. For this kind of intelligence, even if place in the residence, she would have a good role. It would be fine if one did not have the ambition but once there is an ambition, not surpassing five years, this female would definitely get whatever she want.” Chen Rou Qiu smiled. Since birth, she was surrounding by schemes of females and Chen Rou Qiu’s mother very powerful and Chen Rou Qiu saw a shadow of her mother on Cang Zai Qing. Even though Cang Zai Qing was still young, one fear that her future achievements would be even more outstanding.

“But what can such a power person do?” Hua Yi was puzzled, “Could it be that Furen want to create a chance for Young Lady Zai Qing to fly into the sky and climb up the branches before returning to payback Furen?”

When Chen Rou Qiu heard it she laughed, “Such an intelligent person with an active mind, with a docile appearance but in fact heart filled with arrogance. How would such a person willingly bend down after reaching high branches? Don't expect to have any payback as she would turn her nose up.”

“Than Furen…”

“Such an outstanding person, I cannot bear to give others.” Chen Rou Qiu looked outside, “Don't let one’s fertile water flow into others’ field. Best steel is used to make the knife’s edge. But even I feel that I am unable to beat such powerful female, one wonder if that person can hold up for how many rounds.”

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