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The Night of the Thunderstorm

“It was decided since the beginning?”

The woman said.
In the rain where anybody would freeze, the woman did not even quiver. The sleet wet her hair and followed down her cheek. Damp with the droplets, her lips changed color to bluish purple. However, the woman did not try to move away from that place. With a look that allowed no escape, she simply stared straight at the man.

“That’s right, it was something decided from the beginning.”

The man affirmed the woman’s words. It was impossible to guess the man’s innermost thoughts from his pupils which were as tranquil as the winter lake. In the first place, this man’s true feelings were always hidden somewhere far away. For example, within his false smile.
And the woman knew that.


That’s why she countered like this. 

“Why were you so kind if it was already decided since the beginning?”

The man laughed. Scorn, was the first human-like emotion that the man exposed here.

“I don’t remember even a single time when I showed affection to you.”
“It’s not a lie.”

The woman repeated that it was a lie. Her lips, which had stiffened from the cold, stopped only after trembling slightly and were unable to produce a sound.

You were kind, weren’t you?

The woman thought. The man was kind. That kindness was by no means something that showed on the surface, but he was kind nevertheless.
She knew that.
Even though she knew.
The man’s hands stretched towards the woman’s neck, his fingers digging into her soft flesh. Cold droplets slid down the man’s cheek.
In the distance, light fell and the thunder roared.

I know jack shit about cosmetics but the moment somebody said that the tags included “R15, depictions of cruelty, serious, trickery” I knew I had to check it out and possible gave one small push to the WN.

P.S. Don’t forget to tell me about mistranslations, typos and wrong/awkward grammar

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