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Chapter 113

A couple of fiery red candles carved with dragons and phoenix was burning inside the room . They were burning for quite some time and no one came to cut the candlewick so the flame was dancing, making the shadow in the room looking dizzy .

Lv Li lowered her eyes and sat at the edge of the bed . Her face was calm, showing no emotion at all .

Once there was someone scornfully said that all her calculation was for finding someone beyond her reach to provide her with a wealthy and decent life and she never knew what it meant by having someone sharing her heart and growing old together .

Lv Li remembered it clearly . She was fourteen that year . She was a blooming girl and wished for someone to love .

The crown prince, Zhao wang, Chu wang and other young princes all arrived at the garden of the Zhang Family, and the Miss also invited some daughters from wealthy and influential families and arranged a chrysanthemums feast in the pavilion behind Ningbi Tower . And she served the feast with several other maids .

She poured the tea for Chu wang and he smiled at her, which left her in a daze . She lost her head for moment and the pot of tea spilled on his silk robe . She was so shy and embarrassed that she was not as witty as her usual self and the only thing she did was to wipe the tea stain with her handkerchief… just when she was panicking, Jiang shi snorted beside them .

It was a sound coming out of her nostrils, and the scorn and sarcasm were obvious .

She was already embarrassed and the sound struck her brain, which made the blood surge in her whole body .

The Miss was a bit angry as well and she scolded, “You are so silly . Now take His Highness to change his clothes!”

Chu wang smiled, as if he didn’t care at all . He only gently waved his hands and said, “It doesn’t matter . ”

She tried hard to hold back her tears and quietly left the scene, finding herself a secret place to shed some tears . But it was so coincident that she overheard those words Jiang shi told to another one .

Since then, she told herself that she would never be a concubine to anyone and she would never give someone like Jiang shi a chance to look down upon her .

Who would know that after all that happened, she still had to be a concubine, and to Zhao wang, whom even Jiang shi disdained?

Just when she was thinking, footsteps sounded outside the door, and then the door was pushed open by someone from the outside .

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Lv Li let go of all her thinking and put up an accurate smile . She raised her eyes and looked .

Zhao wang was dressed in casual clothes, and he stood at the door to watch her for quite some while . Then he slowly walked in, and randomly sat next to her .

But Lv Li was startled and she immediately jumped up . Her hands clenching the corner of her dress . She lowered her head and asked shyly and timidly, “Your Highness, are you going to sleep now?”

Zhao wang sat there steadily and he only asked, “Do you want to sleep?”

Lv Li was struck dumb and her face was immediately reddened . After a long while, she asked in a low voice, “Do we sleep for real or we just pretend to sleep?”

He thought for a while and answered, “For real . ”

Lv Li hesitated, and she sat on the other end of the bed, her face flushing . And she continued clenching the corner of her clothes shyly .

Zhao wang cast her a glance and asked again, “Shall we get undressed or not?”

Lv Li’s face was so red that it seemed that blood would be dripping down . She hesitated and refused to talk .

Zhao wang had no other way but add, “Get undressed for real . ”

Lv Li swiftly peeped at him, and said in a voice as low as mosquitos buzzing, “You… first…”

Zhao wang, “…”

Zhao wang couldn’t help but marvel that he was still not as competent as this little girl . He stared at the bed frame for a long while, speechless . And in the end, he let out a sigh, turned around to look at her, and said, “Lv Li, let’s drop the act . ”

Lv Li widened her eyes and put up a confused look, staring at him straightly .

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Zhao wang stood up and poured himself a cup of tea . He cast her a glance and asked coolly, “I only need an honest answer from you . Are you planning to have a life with me or are you planning something else?”

Lv Li looked at Zhao wang in a trance for a while, then she slowly dropped her eyes, and she said, as if talking to herself, “No matter what I’m planning, isn’t that all for having a life?”

Zhao wang quietly looked at her, and said nothing .

Lv Li kept her head low and said nothing .

Zhao wang watched beads of tears streaming down like pearls, and landing on the back of her delicate hands that were placed on her knees, making a splash . His heart was softened, and he told himself in his mind that no matter how this girl was calculating, she was a poor one . Somehow, he lost the motivation to test her . He took a long sigh and said gently, “Forget about it . Get some sleep now . A lot of people are watching us inside and outside the mansion . I’ll rest in your place tonight . If you are afraid of me, you can carry the quilt to sleep in the bed in the outer room . ”

Lv Li was struck dumb for a moment and she immediately stood up to serve Zhao wang to sleep .

Zhao wang was born a prince and he grew up with people serving him so he was already used to it and he didn’t feel uncomfortable at all . With Lv Li serving him, he lay down as usual . Just when he was about to close her eyes to sleep, he found that Lv Li silently lay down on the bed as well .

That was when Zhao wang started to feel that things had gotten a bit strange . He opened his eyes and leaned over to check on Lv Li . She had taken off the hairpins on her head, covered herself tightly in the quilt and clinging to the bedside, and lay on bed with her back against him .

With another look, he found that the body under the quilt was trembling . She looked so pathetic .

He held himself up and said to her back, “Ah…”

It was such a powerful word that she immediately bounced from the bed, and asked him nervously, “Your Highness, what do you want me to do?”

Zhao wang was startled by her . He opened his mouth and after a long while he was finally able to say, “You can sleep in the outer room . It was late in the night now . It’s just you and me sleeping here . That’s inappropriate . ”

Lv Li blushed at hearing this . She lowered her head and thought about it . Then she said, “Your Highness, then I’ll be on the night watch for you . ”

Zhao wang immediately waved his hands, “Don’t, please don’t . ”

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Lv Li finally carry her quilt to the outer room .

Zhao wang took a deep breath and spread his limps on the bed, falling into sleep comfortably .

On the bed in the outer room, however, Lv Li still couldn’t sleep, but she didn’t dare to roll over so she only lay there stiffly, her past flashing in her mind .

She left home so young that she didn’t remember a lot of things . She even started to forget about her parents . The only thing she remembered was that she had a lot of sisters . One day, an old lady came to her home and have a thorough look at her and her sisters, and then took her away from home .

After that, she came to be a little maid in the grand garden of the Zhang Family . Later, for reasons she didn’t remember, the gentleman had an eye on her .

She was not called Lv Li then .

It was so long ago but she still remembered it so clearly . The gentleman casually asked her a few questions and then smiled and asked the old Mister Zhang beside him, “Mr . Zhang, what do you think about me letting this girl serve Pengpeng? Pengpeng was so reckless, so she needs someone with delicate mind to protect her . ”

Mister Zhang stood there reverently, nodding in agreement .

The gentleman raised his eyes and looked at the woman not far away, who was in silence . He asked her casually, “A’Mai, what do you think?”

The woman named A’Mai didn’t answer but walked to her, crouching down to look at her at eye level . She gently asked, “Are you willing to serve your young miss?”

This woman named A’Mai was not like the madams she saw in the garden of the Zhang Family . She was beautiful, tall, her back straight, and she was wearing normal cotton clothes . No fragrance of makeup could be detected on her . Though her face didn’t look young, no one could shift his eyes away from her .

She was so concentrated on looking at her that she forgot to reply .

The woman tenderly smiled and asked her again .

She came back to herself with a start and facing the bright and gentle eyes of the woman, she promised to be loyal . She said a lot of things but the woman only reached out her hand to pat on her head, and said gently, “Little girl, remember, the most precious thing in the world is human heart, and it can only be traded, not bought . ”

She didn’t know whether she truly understood it but she nodded .

The woman smiled again and asked, “Maybe you’ll encounter extreme difficulty in the future, will you be afraid?”

She shook her head and replied sternly, “I won’t . I’m not afraid of anything, not even death!”

After hearing it, the woman seemed to be surprised . After a long while, she sighed and said in a low voice, “Actually, death isn’t something dreadful . Sometimes, you need extreme courage to live . ”

She was completely confused at this and didn’t even dare to nod .

Just when she was thinking, the sun gradually rose outside the window .

Lv Li took a deep breath and sat up on the bed . She turned around to have a look inside . Zhao wang was still breathing steadily on the bed and he was deeply asleep .

Lv Li was suddenly enlightened . Since Her Majesty had saved her life from His Majesty, she couldn’t let Her Majesty down . She would live, no matter how hard the future would be .

Living would make her a lot more useful than a dead corpse!

Even that bitch Jiang shi could fool Zhao wang around, so why couldn’t she?

Lv Li clenched her fists hard when she thought about this .

At the same moment, Zhao wang, who was lying on the bed, opened his eyes . Hearing the sound of people getting dressed in the outer room, the corners of his mouth lifted up . She was just a little girl and she was trapped in his mansion . No matter who she worked for, as long as he kept some distance from her and hid away from her, what could she do?

Having thought this, Zhao wang lazily stretched .

The sun had risen up and it was another day!

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