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Everyone was dumbfounded.

What did they just see?

There was hair growing from his shiny bald head. Those were newly grown hair.

Everyone was stunned. It was not scientific at all.

"How could it be?" The doctor was stunned. Then, he rushed out to get the other doctors to come over. It was a miracle.

There was a broad smile across Yang Yuan's face. "Brother, you're really going to recover this time."

The reporters went wild. They felt that it was a supernatural occurrence.

The patient had lost all his hair after chemotherapy to treat leukemia. However, what was going on now? His head suddenly had hair growing out of it. If nobody saw it with their own eyes, nobody would have believed it.

Then, a group of doctors came in.

Within the group of doctors, there was an elderly doctor wearing a white robe. They were all stunned. When they saw Yang Huan, they immediately went to him and did some checks on him. After their checks, they looked even more stunned.

"How could this be?"

They researched leukemia for their own life and they were the experts of the hospital. They knew that leukemia was not a simple illness to treat. It needed to be treated gradually and an instant recovery was impossible.

They knew Yang Huan as he was one of the critical patients.

He achieved decent results after undergoing his first chemotherapy treatment.

However, when they saw Yang Huan's current expressions, they started to doubt themselves. Was he even a leukemia patient?

"Quick, conduct a thorough check," the elderly doctor said.

Soon, there were doctors drawing blood for lab tests to be conducted.

After their primary examination, they realized that Yang Huan didn't have any symptoms of leukemia anymore.

"Little boy, how are you feeling now?" Professor Mao asked.

"Grandpa, I feel good," Yang Huan replied.

Professor Mao continued, "Does your head still hurt?"

"No. After eating what my brother gave me, I don't feel any pain anymore."

He continued asking more questions to verify his condition. After all, he was the expert. After asking a series of questions, Professor Mao was stunned. He was about 80% sure that this boy's condition had been cured.

Yang Bin anxiously asked, "Doctor, how is my son?"

He was really worried that something would happen to his child.

Professor Mao replied, "It's difficult to say. According to our checks so far, I am about 80% sure that he is not suffering from leukemia anymore. His body is gradually recovering. However, I have to wait until all the results are released before making a conclusion. What just happened?"

When Professor Mao asked that question, everyone turned to Yang Yuan.

Yang Yuan didn't know what was happening. He just knew that the most important thing was the fact that his brother was healthy again.

"Little boy, what did you give your brother to eat?" A doctor asked.

Yang Yuan replied, "It's something that can help him recover."

The reporters were stunned. They felt that something incredible just happened.

It was bound to be a breaking news.

A pill was all it took to cure leukemia. It was unbelievable.

The doctor continued asking, "Where did it come from?"

Yang Yuan shook his head, "I can't say. I promised the uncle to keep it a secret if my brother recovers."

He was a kid after all and some information was unknowingly revealed.

He said that he got it from an uncle.

However, the information was insufficient. The doctors really wanted to know what was going on. How was the medicinal pill concocted? Everything was unknown.

"Be good, tell me. Where is the uncle that gave this to you?" The doctor asked.

Yang Yuan replied, "He left. I don't know where he went."

The doctor asked, "How did you know him?"

Yang Yuan shook his head and remained silent.

The doctor asked gently, "Would you tell me, please? I won't ask for the specific details. I just want to know how you met him." Then, he turned to look at Yang Bin, hoping that he could convince his son to say something.

Yang Bin nodded. "Son, tell the doctor how you met him."

Yang Yuan looked at them and said, "I met him last night. He spent a night at my house and I took $300 from him. The next day, the uncle asked me where my parents were. I told him that they brought my brother to the hospital. Then, he asked me what happened to my brother. I just said leuk...but he managed to guess it. When he left, he gave me a pill and said that it would help my brother recover…"

After he said that, everyone was stunned.

They didn't expect such a person to exist in this world.

A medicinal pill was all it took to cure leukemia. That was terrifying.

Professor Mao was so agitated that he couldn't say anything after hearing what Yang Yuan said. Then, he grabbed onto him, "Tell me, what is his name?"

Yang Yuan shook his head, "I can't tell you that."

"Be good, tell me, please?" Professor Mao tried to convince him.

"I can't tell you. I promised him. Regardless of what happens, I can't tell you." Yang Yuan was a man of his words. He didn't want to break his promise.

Then, Professor Mao became really anxious. What could he do to make him speak?

Yang Bin was really grateful for the doctors. He didn't want the doctors to be in a tough spot. "Son, tell them which uncle gave it to you."

"Dad, I really can't say. When he gave it to me, he told me to keep it a secret. I really can't tell anyone. I don't want to be a liar," Yang Yuan said.

Then, the lab results were out.

The researchers rushed over in disbelief. "The results are out. The subject is healthy and has no leukemia."

When the results were revealed, everyone was dumbfounded.

What did they just witness?

The leukemia patient just instantly recovered. It was unbelievable.

They felt that the uncle that this boy was talking about must be an extraordinary man.

How could such a complicated disease be cured with a medicinal pill? It was impossible.

However, they really wanted to know who it was.

Meanwhile, Lin Fan was already climbing the mountain.

He shook his head upon seeing the steps he had to climb. He wondered who was the one who started building temples on mountains. Climbing it was really tiring.

However, there were quite a lot of people heading towards the temple.

It looked like they were all looking for the 'Silent Priest'.

Upon chatting with the passers-by, he found out that the 'Silent Priest' was an incredible man.

Lin Fan was really looking forward to meeting the 'Silent Priest' and seeing how he actually looked like.

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