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Chapter 825: do you want to hear the sound of money?

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“little baby, we’re all reasonable people. don’t kill people for no reason.” leng rongrong carried little nan zhi to her side.

the little guy swung his legs and nodded. ” i don’t kill anyone, but i’ll make those who bully mommy suffer a fate worse than death. ”

“death is too simple. we have to make sure that they can’t turn the tables while they’re alive.” leng rongrong laughed mischievously. ” let’s see what the godgrandfathers do. ”

on the computer screen, jiang fu and his friends were shown.

the three of them went straight to the xuanyuan family and entered the old xuanyuan residence.

the three godfather’s entered by kicking the door open. jiang fu kicked the door that storm had kicked open before.

uncle wang was shocked because he was standing at the door and the door almost crushed him.

it was tang ziyi who noticed uncle wang. he moved over in a flash and pulled uncle wang to the side.

“where’s the old witch?” tang ziyi looked at uncle wang and asked.

“old what?” uncle wang looked at tang ziyi in shock.

“that old witch from the xuanyuan family.” tang ziyi glanced at uncle wang. ” you’re the old thing who brought our rongrong back? you don’t seem to be anything either? f * ck, i suddenly regret pulling you along.”

after he finished speaking, tang ziyi flicked his hand.

uncle wang was pushed out directly. there happened to be a small fish pond at the side with a few koi fish. uncle wang fell into the koi pond directly.

“wayaya, i didn’t do it on purpose!” tang ziyi moved to the side and glanced at uncle wang. ” old man, are you alright? ”

uncle wang’s head popped out in a sorry state.

then, tang ziyi pulled him back, but tang ziyi let go again, allowing uncle wang to fall down again.

uncle wang was speechless.

“you’re not a thing.”

tang ziyi turned around and walked away.

jiang fu and chen lan didn’t look at uncle wang. uncle wang wasn’t their enemy, but he wasn’t a good person either.

she had been working for old lady xuanyuan for a long time, and had done a lot of immoral things.

old lady xuanyuan was pacing back and forth in the room anxiously. she was so angry that she was breaking things.

she smashed vases, cups, and many other worthless things.

the old hag was greedy for money, so she was not willing to smash the expensive things. she only smashed the cheapest ones.

when jiang fu and the other two came in, old lady xuanyuan was stunned. she looked at them with wide eyes.

“who are you?” old lady xuanyuan didn’t make any sound. she just opened her mouth to form a shape.

“does little rongrong know?” jiang fu introduced himself. ” she’s my daughter. ”

“she’s also my daughter.” chen lan glanced at old lady xuanyuan.

“of course, she’s also my precious daughter.” tang ziyi raised his eyebrows. he took a few steps forward and sized up old lady xuanyuan. ” you’re the old witch who bullied our precious daughter? ”

old lady xuanyuan’s eyes widened as she looked at the three men.

the three men all had a domineering aura. she looked at them for a long time, her face full of disbelief.

the three of them were obviously not ordinary people. were they the fathers of leng rongrong, that little b * stard?

how was that possible?

her father, the bastard xuanyuan nantian, had been driven out by her. he had disappeared without a trace all these years. he should have died outside a long time ago.

how could leng rongrong have so many fathers?

that little b * stard was indeed not clean. what father? he must have had a dirty relationship with her.

old lady xuanyuan’s eyes were full of disdain. she looked at the three of them warily.

recently, the bodyguards of the xuanyuan family had all run away, and they hadn’t recruited any new bodyguards yet, so she didn’t have anyone by her side.

of course, old lady xuanyuan was still very unyielding. even so, she didn’t seem to panic.

she even held her phone, looking as if she was going to call the police.

this was the capital. she was not worried that there was no law here.

no matter what these people wanted to do to her, they would die the most miserable death.

he didn’t believe that they could still be above the law. it was impossible. even the xuanyuan family didn’t dare to do it, so what right did people like them have?

old lady xuanyuan opened her mouth and said something silently.

“what did she just say?” tang ziyi frowned and asked, ” it doesn’t seem like anything good. ”

jiang fu’s face was gloomy. he didn’t say anything. he couldn’t even say it out loud.

“what is she talking about?” tang ziyi frowned. ” it doesn’t sound like anything good! ”

chen lan’s face darkened. ” the exact words i said were ‘how does leng rongrong, this little b * stard, taste? did you guys enjoy f * cking her?’ ”

“f * ck, f * ck, is this old witch’s brain that dirty?” tang ziyi flew into a rage. ” she’s a hundred-year-old witch. don’t tell me she’s thinking about being f * cked all day long? do you want me to find you an old beggar to f * ck you?”

tang ziyi was full of vulgarities. when it came to scolding people, he could compete with the old lady.

therefore, the old lady was so angry that smoke was coming out of her head. she was about to explode. although she wanted to scold back, she couldn’t make a sound even when she opened her mouth.

thus, old mrs. han could only listen to tang ziyi bombarding her like a machine gun.

however, when she opened her mouth, the sound of her lips cracking did not have any deterrent force, because it was silent.

tang ziyi’s mouth was a little dry after scolding jiang fu. he sat down and said, ” i’m going to take a rest. jiang fu, you first. ”

old lady xuanyuan was taken aback, and her expression changed.

what do you mean by ‘you go first’?

jiang fu glanced at old lady xuanyuan, then turned around and began to pick out the more valuable items.

after a short while, jiang fu took out all the valuable antiques the old lady had and placed them in front of old lady xuanyuan.

old lady xuanyuan tried her best to stop jiang fu, but she couldn’t. all of a sudden, she saw all her valuable things being taken out.

she widened her eyes and looked at jiang fu in confusion.

what was he doing?

“do you want to hear the sound of money?” jiang fu looked at old lady xuanyuan with a serious expression.

old lady xuanyuan was speechless.

“do you want to experience being penniless?” chen lan suddenly took out a notebook and placed it on the table.

old lady xuanyuan looked at chen lan, her heart beating wildly.


what was he doing?

on the other side, tang ziyi was picking his teeth with a toothpick. he said with interest, ” you guys go ahead. i’ll come back when you’re done. i don’t know much, but fighting and gambling are my forte. but i can’t hit on an old woman, so i thought of a good idea!”

jiang fu started to introduce old lady xuanyuan’s antiques one by one in front of her and their value. ” if i’m not wrong, this pair of jade artifacts is worth at least 30 million, right? why don’t you listen to the sound of thirty million?”

the jade ware was smashed to the ground and broke into pieces.

old lady xuanyuan’s wrinkled face was trembling violently.

money, her money!

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