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2215 no one wanted this stone

“you can’t force people.” mo nan chong said.

“darling, forget it.” chu liuyue tugged at her and said, ” they look so easy to deal with. let’s just forget about it and not argue with them. ” i don’t think there’ll be a good result if we continue to argue.”

chu liuyue pursed her lips and looked at mo nan chong.

she said that on purpose.

she knew that mo nan chong would not leave just like that.

“if you don’t have the ability, why are you still arguing with me? if you have the ability, open the stone and win it back yourself!” the old man sneered, ” if you don’t have the ability, then just leave. ” don’t interfere with our business, can’t you see that many people are watching the show?”

“win it back?” mo nanchong raised his eyebrows. ” you said it! ”

“do you have money? my stones aren’t cheap, and i’ve found glass type king’s green before.” the old man laughed. ” if you want to open it, you have to have money first. if you don’t have money, how are you going to open it? ” you still want to take revenge for your friend? do you have the ability to do so?”

the old man’s face was full of mockery.

mo nanchong glanced at chu liuyue. ” how much money do you have left? not a single cent? ”

“there’s nothing else,” chu liuyue put on an aggrieved expression. ” i don’t have a single cent left. they … they schemed against me. ” darling, forget it. we don’t have any money. it’s all my fault. i’ve spent all the money, so everyone has no money.”

“you guys should know quite a lot of people, right?” mo nanchong looked at the robbers beside him. ” go and lend me some money. i don’t need much. i just need to buy a stone. ” i’ll return it to them immediately.”

seeing how confident mo nan chong was, the robber went to borrow money without hesitation.

chu liuyue’s face flashed with pride.

she knew that mo nan had fallen for her trick.

it would be great if mo nan chong borrowed money for fun. the people these robbers knew were definitely not ordinary people. if they could not return the money they borrowed, they would be dead.

the fourth uncle also smiled and nodded. ” you’re quite bold, little girl. but i’d like to give you a piece of advice. although the stones here are good, you can’t do it if you don’t have good taste. you can’t possibly open all of them.”

“there’s no guarantee that you’ll make money by playing this game!”

“young lady, you’re still too inexperienced!”

“if you’re angry with us, you’ll suffer a loss!”

mo nanchong glanced at fourth uncle around him. ” we don’t know if he’ll be at a disadvantage. ” i’m just afraid that you won’t admit it when the time comes. boss, if i cut out good jade, will you admit it?”

“i’m open to business. if i didn’t pay up, would my shop have been able to stay open until today? if you’re afraid, you can ask the audience behind me. they’re all my old customers. ask them if i’d go back on my word.”

fourth uncle pointed at the door. ” you, on the other hand, i’m afraid you won’t admit it. ”

“don’t worry, that’s not possible.”

the robbers quickly borrowed the money. they were worried that master pet would not have enough money, so they borrowed more.

when mo nan chong received the money, fourth uncle covered his face and laughed. ” you can’t buy any good stones with this amount of money. you can only choose from this area. ” let me remind you, the stones here aren’t as good as the ones inside, so it’s hard to say if you’ll be able to open them. it might be to make you lose money. you can go there if you want money, but you don’t have enough, so this is all you have.”

“grandpa chong, forget it. let’s go. it won’t be good if we lose money again.” chu liuyue tried to persuade him.

“since you’re here, you’ve already sent the money, right? if we don’t earn a little, it’ll be hard to end this.” mo nan chong smiled.

“the little girl is very arrogant!” fourth uncle laughed and waved his hand. ” take a look around. there’s a price for everything. you can open whatever you choose. it’s free of charge. ”

mo nan chong nodded. ” sure. ” everyone here can be my witness. i hope this boss won’t regret his decision after i’ve made my choice.”

“we’ll be your witnesses!”

” interesting. this little girl looks very confident. do you really understand? ”

” it’s hard to say. he’s too young. i guess he’s just arrogant. ”

“i feel that she really knows everything. otherwise, she wouldn’t be so arrogant.”

[ i don’t know if master pet understands or not. i only know that master rong and master pet are the kind of existences who are rumored to be extremely lucky! ]

[ that’s why i think i can still make money this time! ]

[ i think i know about this. ]

[ anyway, luck is also a part of one’s strength. it doesn’t matter whether i know it or not. it’s not that important. ]

[ it’s so exciting! i want to see how the stones picked by grandpa pet are! ]

[ that’s right. i hope grandpa pet won’t get any high-quality items? ]

[ it’s not impossible. i have both luck and strength. maybe i’ll get a top-grade item. this shop owner is too arrogant. ]

mo nan chong had already started to pick the stones.

the rest of the people were also looking at her. they were all inexplicably nervous and a little flustered at the same time.

she didn’t know if grandpa chong knew how to pick, and she didn’t know if he would be able to pick well.

“what do you think, master chong? which one do you think is the best?” qi heshan asked.

” why don’t i take a look? i’ve done some research on these, although not very detailed. ” he asked willingly.

” yes, yes, yes. it’s too difficult for us to leave it to the professionals. ”

qin shou looked at mo nan chong.

” no need, i’ll take a look. if you guys see anything good, you can call me. ”

mo nan chong looked around and shook his head. ” not here. there aren’t any good rocks.”

“you do have good taste, but do you have money?” fourth uncle asked with a smile.

“i don’t have money, but it’s definitely more than enough to buy a stone.

master pet had already chosen a stone, so she pointed at it and said, ” i saved it! ”

“are you sure? this might not be worth much, you only have that much money on you, it’ll be gone once you use it up.” fourth uncle looked at the stone and found it a little funny. this stone had been left here for a long time. the other stones had come and gone, and there were many fewer of them. however, no one had taken a fancy to this stone, and no one wanted it.

this little girl’s eyes were really different. she chose a stone that no one had wanted.

“to tell you the truth, this stone has been here for a long time and no one has touched it. everyone thinks that nothing can be opened from it.”

fourth uncle said.

mo nanchong looked up with his clear eyes. ” i think it’s not bad. ”

” really? do you think that everyone else’s eyes are bad and only yours are good? ” fourth uncle laughed. ” if you keep on suggesting, then there’s nothing we can do. ”

“this is it, just open it.”

grandpa chong said coldly.

“OK?let’s see.” fourth uncle didn’t mind and asked someone to call the master who opened the stone over.

the people around them shook their heads, feeling that mo nanchong was too reckless.

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