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「There's one thing , that I'd like to hear」


I am, while keeping in mind to keep making an innocent and childish expression, looking right into Bozrsan's blue eyes.



「Is Bozrsan, so far, did you not even once do any meritorious deed?」

「... .... ha?」


Towards the very rude provocation-like question of mine, Bozrsan squinted his eyes in unpleasantness, and lowered his voice.


In the conference room, the atmosphere filled with stabbing tension



「What are you saying, brat」

「Ah, I'm sorry.

it's just like, the thing you've heard」

「Where should I hear to know that it heard like that ! !」


Uwaah, he's really easy to snap na~.

It helped me that he's easy to manipulate.


I scratched my face like I am troubled, and intentionally said 「U~n」 while nodding



「I , the "Night raid robber's group" or so called, defeated them. 」

「Then what about that! Just because something like that, don't become too cocky ! ! 」

「That's right, it was "just something like that" !」


As I answered with a happy expression. Enraged, Bozrsan made a wondering expression and became silent.


I slipped into that gap when he becomes speechless, and continued my word.



「I am ,something like  "Night raid robber's group" . I know nothing about them.

furthermore, They're very weak.

Something like them, I believe everyone in this place, can easily defeat it」


As I keep watch over the people present , I kept on behaving like a child by make exaggerated gesture, I speak like someone who was making a speech.


The chivalry order higher ups with many man , and the magician division which consists of many female too, everyone stared in amazement


Since even his highness said "that night beast robber's group" , I don't know whether everyone in this place can defeat them, but right now those kind of possibility is not important at all.



「Bozrsan too, everyone too, must already made a lot of great deeds up until this time.

With those people, you said that I who never did any great deeds to have the same ability as them. Who would've thought like that over there? The thing that Bozrsan is afraid of, is surely nonexistent.

In this imperial country, those kind fool, I think that there's no one like that」


It's a play on word.


While I speak fluently by myself, well if there's anybody, who would speak tedious things neatly like this will only make me laugh.


Since the point of question has completely turned around after all.

Supposedly if there's a baby that seated on an important seat in the military it will only become a national issue or some international-like glib talk, but it became a talk between the differences in an individual achievement.


Perhaps if it's a third person who calmly heard this conversation, they will have a question because of the obviously weird topic development.



But is it because Bozrsan has already lost his cool and didn't reach this conclusion. He swallowed my sophistry whole, and he became completely silent.


And thus since the topic became about the higher ups personal war record, for him it was a bad development right.


If he took it poorly at this place, I will be able to manipulate the impression that there's really problems with the authority of the upper echelons of the army.

If I jump in without any chance of success, it's too risky.


So to speak, perhaps it was something like a mental hostage.



Before he snaps out from this situation, let's strike at it once more.


If I am able to preemption for the second time, impression wise I am roughly gaining victory.



「Furthermore, it isn't related with one's age.

The one that is important is, what one has already done.

Isn't that right, Bozrsan?」

「...... Ah?」

「Our position isn't decided by one's age.

Something like age, it have nothing to do with it.

Isn't that right?」


As I carefully make an expression so that I don't make the expression of sarcasm , only when I look at Bozrsan for a moment my expression warped to the provocative expression.


Bozrsan who looked at that. Easily, his face become wrapped in anger.


...... He's really easy to provoke.



「Brat only needs to obey the one with higher position 」

「Of course ! The person with high position ... Right ? Not about the age」

「A brat that doesn't know anything, only needs to follow what the adult says you know ! !」


So this is what has become huh.

When I emphasis that the difference in age doesn't matter, Bozrsan didn't even say his denial.


The reason is easy to understand. The hierarchical relationship inside the magician group, is only between the leader and the member, it's just like that that's why.


Though perhaps there are more complicated hierarchy, at least he who's a youngster, his status must be not that high.


In other word if he declare that there's no hierarchical relationship between us because of our age, substantially it means that  there are no hierarchical relationship between me and Bozrsan


Much less I am blessed with a 『second name』

If I screw up, I also have to consider about the supremacy in the place where I will be placed depending on his majesty intention.


Furthermore I'm still an irregular with unknown abilities

maybe I'll make a huge achievement in the future.


At those time,  if I didn't make the  『Seniority by length of service』 principle arise it's gonna be troublesome.



That's why,  at this obvious sweet trap, he plunged in without giving much of a thought I guess.



「Is the one with the oldest age, always the greater one?」

「That's right. That's why you should just shut up you brat」

「But I am, will be fine even if I wasn't careful with my speech you know?」

「AAh ! ?」


 Toward Bozrsan who was already gotten irritated to the max.  I announce it with a wonderful smile.



「After all just now, even when you got reprimanded by " leader-sama" who is older than Bozrsan with 「Careful with your mouth」, Bozrsan, you  ignored it right? 」


With my question ,once again Bozrsan showed that he became speechless.


Ya~y, I really have a rea~lly bad personality.

but it was relatively fun.


This somewhat feels like the time when I gave a punishment to chief.

Well different from chief, Bozrsan looks like he isn't delighted with this. (1)



As it's settled with my splendid fault finding, the knights and also the magicians too, were weirdly holding their laughter , or weren't able to hold it and spurted out their laughter.


Although Bozrsan who had a red face was glaring at me while grinding his teeth. I make a smile to play dumb which looks like 「Eeh ~ why did you get angry ~?」 got past him.



Although if he bit a bit more 「Then if his majesty majesty also doing the government while being told by the older people right」 etc, I'm gonna strike him with a sophism that's hard to answer.



Again over here tormented him by saying 「Among these people, Bozrsan is the youngest after me right? Each other, let's do our best to submit ourselves to do what the other said and don't disobey them」, as expected if I do that to that extent my impression will become somewhat but, so I'll leave it just like this.



Ah, just as I though let do it once more.



「Everyone, for wasting your precious time, to keep accompanying me with playing house, I am very sorry 」


Saying that, I lowered my head and then , the eldest-ish person who sat in a seat near me was laughing 「Wahahahaha ! !」-like laughter that seems that it could be  be heard until outside of the room.


I was surprised and looked up to him.  While his masculine face changed into a weird expression he turned his face to me.



「Lyahaha, at the time when his majesty told me that he appointed a baby as a magician, I was worried that maybe he's just tired but... I see, I can also agree if this is the person who please his majesty to the extent that his majesty granted a 『Second Name』」


He who said something like that, as looking at my emerald colored eyes, after that he threw his gaze into the magician's leader.


「It seems you got a promising newcomer, it makes me jealous to no end you know.

How about this, won't you lend him to me for a bit?」

「Oh my, the knight's leader dono's hands are able to bear it  I wonder?」

「Wahaha ! Of course !」


Knight's leader ... !

He's the oldest in this place after all, when I feel that perhaps he was seated in a highest position, as expected it was true !

Even so, because he called the knight's leader, I thought that he's a person with a calm atmosphere but,unexpectedly he look's like a stubborn person.


Then knight's leader dono once again returned his gaze into me,


「However you know~, although you severely made the senpai you bump into as a steeping stone for your self-introduction is splendid. As much as possible get along with him okay !」


Uhehehe ~ .

As expected it's exposed huh.

That's of course.


I am smiling to much which like 「how about this thing」, knight's leader dono saying 「Wahahaha ! It's really amusing !」 and laughing very hard.

Although over here is not smiling at all.


Although Bozrsan looked at me with a really great eyes at the fraction reflected on my field of view. I didn't see it.

I really didn't see anything okay.




With this and that, the greeting with the empire's army top brass ended safely without any incident. It was peaceful from the start to the end and thus the curtains close.



(1) (TL ; I don't want to know about this .... I don't want to know about this  ! ! )


TL confession time ; Idk what I'm translating about :9 ~ I'm not really good with political problem , how small it is.

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