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The stars in the sky were like the ocean.

Long Fei was swept up by the Heavenly Beast's tail and thrown into the sky of stars.

The Zhenshoulong sword followed him, but when Long Fei's body entered the stars, he was unable to enter, as he was blocked by a layer of strong power.

It was like two different worlds!

The Zhenshoulong sword did its best, but it was still useless!

Since he could not stay by Long Fei's side, the Zhenshoulong sword suddenly turned around and flew in front of the Heavenly Beast.


old Chief was startled, "My god, the sword can actually talk."

The Heavenly Beast roared, "Wuu …"

His gaze looked towards Long Fei who was within the stars.

His eyes carried respect and gratitude as he looked at Long Fei with shimmering eyes.

If the Zhenshoulong sword could feel even the tiniest bit of killing intent from the Heavenly Beast, he would use all his might to kill it, but he did not.


Long Fei's body quietly floated above the sea of stars. He did not receive any attack, nor did he disappear, and only quietly laid there without moving.

At this moment.

The Spring of Life was incomparably anxious and powerful energy continuously flowed into Long Fei's body, but Long Fei's body did not receive not a single bit of it.

His body seemed to be in a state of isolation.

All external forces were resisted.

The Spring of Life panicked and said, "What do we do? What should he do? Master's body is completely still now, even my power can't enter, what do we do now? "

"Roar …"

The ancient devil tree screamed, "Brother Quan, what's the situation? Could they still harm their master? Even you can't save him? "

The Azure Dragon Ancestor frowned and said, "The power behind that sword attack was too tyrannical. If he were to touch it, he would probably shatter into pieces."

"It's all my fault!"

"I shouldn't have called him into the Secret World!"

The Azure Dragon Sacred Ancestor didn't have any other choice. Seeing Long Fei's situation, he felt very guilty in his heart.

Right now, all of the Long Fei's muscles and veins were broken, all the bones in his body were broken. It could be said that his body had already collapsed, and could not withstand any outside force at all.

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Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

In the other Space Ring, the enormous stone coffin began to lightly tremble, and a series of rumbling roars came out from within, as if it was angry.

The Azure Dragon Ancestor's forehead tightened, "I'm sorry, it was my fault."

The Azure Dragon Ancestor seemed to understand what the sound coming from the coffin meant.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

There were two more booms from the coffin.

The Azure Dragon Saint Ancestor's body suddenly began to tremble. He twisted his body, and his entire body kneeled on the ground!

The Azure Dragon Sacred Ancient knelt down!

If Long Fei saw this, he would definitely be shocked.

What kind of haughty and proud existence was a dragon?

You want him to kneel?

Unless it was someone he respected the most, or someone he was extremely afraid of, it was clear that it was the latter. The Azure Dragon Sacred Ancestor's voice slightly trembled.

He was afraid.

The person in the sarcophagus was especially terrifying.

He was incomparably afraid!

Because of this, he was so frightened by the two voices within the coffin that he knelt on the ground.


The inside of the coffin rumbled, and it was as if the Azure Dragon Ancestor received an amnesty. His entire body was covered with green sweat as he madly surged down.


The huge sarcophagus rumbled once more.

At the same time, another boom echoed out from within the coffin.

From within the Dragon-Shaped Mark, a black and white voice rang out, and said indifferently: "Don't worry, he should be in a small-scale starfield microcosm right now."

"His body is destroyed, but... From the looks of it, this Star Beast seems to be saving him and helping him rebuild his body! "

The entire audience went silent.

The black and white runes underneath the dragon-shaped rune were silent for a long time. Moreover, the power that came from his tone and the way he spoke was extremely familiar to them.

Especially the ancient devil tree. Even though it was only a small bud right now, it suddenly trembled at this moment. "Master?"

"Little Mu, I'm no longer your master. I'm just a strand of power from my previous life. Your new master is Long Fei."

"I failed."

The ancient devil tree was extremely excited, to the point where she could not even speak. "Master, you, I … …"

Black and White said faintly, "The past is all in the past now. I'm also serving this guy now. I hope that he can succeed, maybe …"

"Only he can succeed."

Along the way, the things that Long Fei faced, the way he conducted himself, were all very different from his.

For example, regarding the matter with saving the Heavenly Beast, if he knew that he was not Zhou Yuan's match, he would definitely not take action.

But Long Fei had made his move.

And he was going to fight with his life.

In this sort of situation, he was very likely to die.

Black and White wanted to stop him, but he knew that Long Fei was not him.

He might fail because of his persuasion.

Thus …

For a long time, he kept silent, and kept quiet.

Right now, Long Fei's entire body was severely injured and his flesh body was destroyed, but he did not die, and it was also because he saved the Heavenly Beast that the Heavenly Beast brought him to this mysterious star region.

This star field is even more powerful than the ancient world.

This was something he had never experienced before.

It was also something that he could not hope to accomplish.

This was perhaps the difference between him and Long Fei!

Perhaps it was because he had once failed.

The sarcophagus quieted down.

The Azure Dragon Sacred Ancient's entire body relaxed.

The Spring of Life and the ancient devil tree also relaxed.

They were quietly waiting.

Looking at Long Fei's body that was quietly floating in the air, he secretly thought in his heart, "Brat, I failed. I hope that you can succeed, because this is your only chance."

"If you fail as well, then …"

Black and White did not continue. They did not have the courage to continue!

Because the price for failure was too big!

"Ooooo …" "Awooooooo …" "Awoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo …"


The Heavenly Beast let out a sound, and the gold bell above his head rang out softly, as if it was trying to summon something.


One hit!




Three times...

The bell kept ringing until it rang 99 times.

It was also at this time.

The dazzling lights that were like diamonds that were being emitted from the sea of stars converged bit by bit, and like a fluorescent light, entered Long Fei's body little by little.

With every bit of starlight that entered Long Fei's body, there would be a little less starlight in the sea of stars. With every bit of starlight that entered Long Fei's body, there would be a little less starlight in the sea of stars.

This scene …. It was like a miracle had happened.

An indescribable shock.

The Zhenshoulong sword was dumbfounded.

old Chief was also dumbstruck. Even the Azure Dragon Sacred Ancient and Black White were the same, staring with wide eyes and gaping mouths!

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