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In primis, a sallt with j. cover, xx. unces di. & di. quart.

j. stumpe of a salte, ij. unces & di.

j. flat salt with a squyrell, j. unce iij. quarters.

iiij. Parys cuppis with a cover, with a rose in the botom, weyeng lvj. unces j. quarter.

ij. holowe disshes, xxix. unces iij. quarter di.

j. chafre of silver, ix. unces j. quarter.

xij. sylver spones, wereof my lady hath one.

j. lytil spone of Rippyngales, j. quarter & di. quarter, j. d. ob. q^a. di.

j. lityll spone for egges, j. quarter & di. quarter ob.

j. prikettes nuper Howis, ix. unces ij. d. weight.

j. preket nuper Howis, viij. unces iij. quarters & di.

j. long sokett.

j. nother long soket.

vj. soketes, with branches to remeve.

iij. wherwilles to the same.

j. playne pees for potage, per estimacionem, xj. unces j. quarter.

j. playn pees nuper Frere Water, iiij. unces j. quarter.

j. nother playn peece nuper Frere Walter, iiij. unces di. quarter.

j. chaleis, xv. unces & di. quarter.

ij. cruettes, vij. unces iij. quarters.

a paxbred,[36-2]

iij. unces di. quarter j. d.

j. holowe barbore bason, bought of Colet.

j. standing pece couvered, bought of Elingham, xv. unces & j. quarter.

iij. gilt spones.

j. spone for grene gynger, gilt, j. unce j. quarter j. q^a. & di.

j. gilte cup covered, wel shapen with trayle, with j. knop with a kroune enamelid, xxiij. unces & di. & di. quarter.

j. nothir cupp standing covered, gilt, bell shapen with trailles, with a playn knopp not enamelid, xxiij. unces & j. quarter.

j. maser Sipton.

ij. masers.

iij. gilt spones.

j. gynger spone.

j. bag whiteleder, wherin is all this stuff folowyng this lyne:-- iij. girdels Staunton.

j. girdel upholdester.

Fawcon Skern coppe.

Hans Eborlyn girdel.

Purs gold with Jane Aske harnes.

ij. lynen bagges lityll with broke silver and j. old harneis gilt.

Furst, a standing cuppe with a cover therto plommed, weyeng xxiiij. unces di.

Item, a standing coppe curid gilt, weyeng xxxvj. unces.

Item, a nother standing cupp cuerid gilt, weying xv. unces iij. q^a. & di.

Item, a goblette of silver and gilt covered xiiij. unces j. quarter & di.

Item, a nother goblett gilt, weyeng xij. unc' & j. d. weight.

Item, a nothir goblet gilt, weyeng vij. unc'.

Item, a standing white pees with a cover withoute a knoppe, weyeng xxij. unces.

Item, a salt with a pale covered, xiiij. unc' j. quarter.

Item, a rounde salt covered, xix. unc' j. quarter di.

Item, a rounde salt uncovered, viij. unces.

Item, a basonne of xxxv. unc' j. quarter.

Item, an ewer to the same of xv. unc' & di. quarter.

Item, an ewer, xiiij. unc' di. quarter.

Item, vj. silver sponys with square sharp knoppes of v. unces iij. quarter j. d. wight.

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