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28 Oct.

A general pardon proposed, 784.

Inventory of Sir J. Paston's deeds, 785.

5 Nov.

Death of J. Berney of Witchingham, 787.

29 Nov.

Margaret Paston is annoyed at Sir John's extravagance, 791.

Valuation of Sporle Wood, 793, 819.


8 Jan.

Sir John Paston receives his pardon, 795.

Queen Margaret is removed to Wallingford, 795.

23 Jan.

John Paston urges his brother to obtain probate of his father's will, 796.

John Paston interrupts a court which Gurney attempts to hold at Saxthorpe, 796.

5 Feb.

The one widow comes up to London to sue the appeal, 797.

17 Feb.

Sir John Paston and Anne Haulte, 798.

_The King intercedes with Clarence for Gloucester_, 798.

Purchasers offer for Sporle Wood, 798.

30 April.

The Earl of Northumberland gone home into the North, 800.

Sickness prevalent, 800.

_Archbishop Nevill committed to the Tower, and then sent to sea_, 800.

_The Countess of Oxford still in St. Martin's_, 800.

_A daughter born to the Queen at Windsor_, 800.

14 May.

Arrangement with Gurney about Saxthorpe, 801.

25 May.

Sir John Paston's lands will not pay his debts under present management--his mother will disinherit him if he sell any land, 802.

5 June.

Margaret Paston likely to be troubled about Sir J. Fastolf's goods, 803, 805.

Henry Heydon has bought Saxthorpe and Titchwell, 803, 804.

Sir T. Lynde's goods, 804, 805.

The Earl of Arran in London, 804, 805.

8 July.

Altercations with Sir James Gloys, 805, 810.

20 Sept.

Sir John Paston proposed for the borough of Maldon, 808, 809.

21 Sept.

Conferences with the Duchess of Norfolk about Caister, 809.

29 Sept.

John Paston desires a goshawk, 810, 812, 817.

4 Nov.

Sir J. Paston jests with the Duchess of Norfolk on her condition, 812.

Rivers coming home from Brittany, 812.

The Duchess of Norfolk wishes to have Margaret Paston with her at her confinement, 878. [This letter has been accidently misplaced in the year 1475.]

8 Nov.

Approaching confinement of the Duchess, 813.

John Paston going to Framlingham, 813-5, 817.

19 Nov.

Dr. Alen's wife, 814, 816.

22 Nov.

John Paston going to Calais, 815.

24 Nov.

John Paston delivers a ring to a lady for his brother, 817.

27 Nov.

Sale of Sporle Wood, 829.

Nov. or Dec.

Margaret Paston desires a license to have the sacrament in her chapel, 821.

Sir John Paston should come home to be at the christening of the Duchess of Norfolk's child, 821.

7 Dec.

Agreement of Bishop Waynflete and William Worcester, 822.

18 Dec.

Bishop Waynflete intercedes with the Duchess of Norfolk about Caister, 823.

Christening of the Duke of Norfolk's child, 823.

John Paston is 'not the man he was,' 823.

John Paston's petition to the Duke, 824.

[[4 Nov.

This letter has been accidently misplaced _spelling unchanged_]]


18 Jan.

Margaret Paston wishes her son Walter not to be too hasty in taking orders, 825.

Illness of John Berney of Reedham, 825.

3 Feb.

Sir J. Paston writes from Calais of a visit he had paid to the Duke of Burgundy's court at Ghent, 826.

8 Mar.

J. Paston urges his mother to borrow 100 for Sir John, 828, 831, 842.

8 Mar.

'Frenchmen whirling on the coasts,' 828, 829.

26 Mar.

John Blennerhasset chosen collector in Norfolk, 829, 830.

'Rather the Devil, we say, than more taxes,' 829.

2 April.

_The Queen and Prince coming out of Wales to Leicester_, 830.

_Murder of the Count of Armagnac_, 830.

_Lewis XI. on the Somme_, 830.

12 April.

_The King to be after Easter at Leicester_, 831.

John Paston's tomb, 831, 843.

Sir John Paston and Anne Haulte, 831.

Sir John Paston's instructions touching Sporle, 831, 842.

16 April.

Truce between Burgundy, France, and England, 832.

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