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Disturbances in Norfolk, 132, 133.

Thomas Denyes and the Earl of Oxford, 123, 124, 132.

J. Paston's dispute with Lord Molynes, 131, 135, 136, 139, 145.


_The Duke of York comes over from Ireland, and causes a change of administration_, 142, 143.

Molynes and his men indicted of felony, 147.


Election of two knights of the shire for Norfolk, 148, 149.


_Meeting of Parliament--Oldhall chosen Speaker_, 151.

Tuddenham and Heydon unpopular in Norfolk, 154, 170.


_Oyer and terminer_ in Suffolk, at Beccles, 160, 161.

_Oyer and terminer_ going into Norfolk, 162.



An _oyer and terminer_ for Kent, 169.

_Oyer and terminer_ to be held at Norwich at Easter, 174, 175.

John Paston re-enters Gresham, 178.

25 Feb.

Bettes arrested at a court held by Gonnor at Routon, 178.

1 Mar.

Heydon's horse brought through Aylesham into Norwich, 179, 180.

1 Mar.

Tuddenham and Heydon expected to regain their ascendency, 184.

Petition to Parliament against Sir Thomas Tuddenham, 185.


Tuddenham and Heydon to be indicted at Norwich, 186.


Lord Molynes and his men indicted at Walsingham, 189, 190; acquitted by favour of the King, 189, 193.

1 July.

Death of Sir Harry Inglos, 201.


_Surrender of Bayonne:--entire loss of Gascony and Guienne by the English._ Dec.

Daniel hoping to re-enter Brayston, 206: which he did soon after, 119.


7 April.

Good Friday. _A general pardon granted by the King._ April.

The Duke of Norfolk coming to Norfolk to redress disorders, 210, 211, 212.

The King also coming into Norfolk, 210, 211.

Outrages of Charles Nowell and others, 212, 213, 215, 217, 241.

Roger Church, being taken prisoner by his own consent, accuses many gentlemen of sedition, 214, 216, 217, 218, 219, 241.

_An army sent under Shrewsbury to recover Guienne._ 18 Dec.

The Duke of York pawns jewels to Sir J. Fastolf, 184.


Building operations [at Caister?], 224, 225.


Visit of Margaret of Anjou to Norwich, 226.


Deaths of Philip Berney and Sir John Heveningham, 227, 228.


_The Earl of Shrewsbury defeated and slain at Castillon. Final loss of Guienne._ Aug.

_The King falls ill at Clarendon._ Dec.?

_The Duke of Norfolk's petition against Somerset_, 230.



_The King's imbecility_, 235.

_York and other Lords coming up to London_, 235.

12 Jan.

Walter Ingham waylaid and beaten by procurement of Thomas Denyes, 238.

Thomas Denyes and his wife put in prison, 239, 240, 244, 245.

22 Mar.

_Death of Cardinal Kemp_, 239.

3 April.

_The Duke of York made Protector._


Marriage proposed between John Clopton and Elizabeth Paston, 242, 243.


May or June.

_Defeat of the French in an attack on Jersey and Guernsey_, 247.

6 June.

Wardship of Thomas Fastolf of Cowhaw, granted to John Paston and Thomas Howys, 248.

--Paid for by Sir J. Fastolf, 271.

--Disputed by Sir Philip Wentworth, 248, 263, 266, 267, 277, 278, 289, 292, 307.

9 June.

_Edward the King's son created Prince of Wales_, 247.

5 July.

_The Duke of York and other Lords coming up from the North--Lords appointed to keep the sea_, 249.

11 July.

Marriage proposed for Elizabeth Paston by Lord Grey of Hastings, 250, 252.


_The Duke of York is commissioned to convey the Duke of Exeter to the North, and commit him to Pomfret Castle_, 254.


Sir John Fastolf goes to reside at Caister, 254, 260.


Pestilence in London, 260.


Fastolf proposes to sue an attaint, 267, 268.

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