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'Dame Agnes Paston, widow, late the wife of Sir John Paston, Knight, deceased,' makes her will 31 May, A.D. 1510, 2 Hen. VIII. To be buried, if she die in London, in the church of the Black Friars, by her husband John Harvy; or, if she die in Kent, in the parish church in Sondryche.

Goods in three chests to be divided among her three sons, George, Thomas, and Edward. Bequeaths to her son George Hervy a pair of large sheets of her own spinning, and all her bedding at Sondryche to her son Thomas Isley. Other bequests to John Palmer of Otteford, to the parson of Brasted, to her daughter Isabel Isley, her cousin Alys Petham, to Margaret Palmer, to Mrs. Bygote 'with my Lady Marqueys.'[209-2] To her son-in-law William Hatteclyff a basin and ewer, parcel gilt, for 20 marks, if he will give so much for it; otherwise it is to go to her sons George Harvy and Edw. Isley. To her son George a silver salt with a cover, at Leuesham. To her chaplain Sir Robert 'the complete bedde within my little draught chambre att Sonderiche,' and 10 marks a year for 5 years, to pray for her soul and the souls of John Hervy, Sir John Paston, and John Isley, her husbands. To her son Thomas Isley's children, and her own and her daughter Isabel Hatteclyff's children, 5 marks each. To her son George Hervy, 'a standing cupp with a kever, silver and gilt with sekylles,' and a gold cross. To her daughter Isley a ring with a rebewe. To her son Thomas Isley her gelding. Other bequests to her cousins Margaret Palmer and Thos. Waserer's wife; also to young Potter, the man of law, to Agnes Waserer, and to Eliz. mother to Thomas Waserer's wife, to Joan Julles, William Tidman, to her servant Kyllingworth, to Vincent her housekeeper, to Sir Robert, parish priest of Sonderyche, to Sir William of Nokold. Mr. Robert Scalys parson of Braysted to be overseer of her will; her sons George Harvy and Thos.

Isley to be her executors.

Proved at Lambeth, 19 June 1510.

[Footnote 209-1: [Register Benet, 29.]]

[Footnote 209-2: Cecily, widow of Thomas, first Marquis of Dorset.]


[This Table is intended partly to serve the purpose of a Table of Contents to the more important Letters, partly to enable the reader to see at a glance the bearing of particular transactions on the general history of the times. The Nos. quoted are those of the Letters.]

[Transcriber's Note: In the printed book, some items on this list were run-in, with two entries in a single paragraph. These have been silently regularized.]



_Accession of Henry V._


_Henry V.'s first campaign in France--Battle of Agincourt._


_Henry V.'s second campaign in France_, 1.


13 Jan.

_Capture of Rouen_, 1.


24 Mar.

Marriage Settlement of William Paston, 4.

21 May.

_Treaty of Troyes._


31 Aug.

_Henry V. dies at Vincennes._



1 Sept.

_Accession._ The King only nine months old.


Outrages committed by Walter Aslak in Norfolk, 6.


_Disputes between Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, and Beaufort, Bishop of Winchester._


Disputes between William Paston and John Wortes, 10, 11, 12.


_Beaufort made a Cardinal._


_Siege of Orleans--Raised by Joan of Arc._


6 Nov.

_Coronation of Henry VI. at Westminster._ 7 Dec.

William Paston made a brother of the Monastery of Bury, 19.


30 May.

_Joan of Arc burned at Rouen._ 17 Dec.

_Coronation of Henry VI. at Paris._


29 Nov.

_Demands of the Earl of Warwick touching the charge of the King's education_, 24.


William Dalling's petition against William Paston, 25.

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