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Item, a lyneng to a gown, xx_d._

Item, an hodde, xl_d._

John Bube (?), ane hatt, pris x_d._

Item, a bowe, pris vj_d._

Item, a peyr of bottes, xvj_d._

Item, a purs with iiij_d._

Item, a cappe, iiij_d._

Herry Gunnold, tablys and stolys, pris v_s._

[Footnote 175-1: [From Add. Charter 17,255, B.M.] This inventory might perhaps have been inserted in the year 1474, after the death of James Gloys, with whose name it begins. (_See_ No. 857.) The year in which it was drawn up is, however, by no means certain, as the articles seem to have belonged to many different owners; and it may be conveniently referred to here at the end of our collection.]

[Footnote 175-2: A mattress.]

[Footnote 175-3: A bed canopy.]

[Footnote 175-4: Sophistry, _i.e._ dialectics.]

[Footnote 177-1: Parti-coloured.]

[Footnote 177-2: Ivory.]

[Footnote 178-1: Struck through with the pen.]

[Footnote 180-1: Grey woollen cloth.]

[Footnote 180-2: So in MS.]

[[Item, a swerd, pris Item, a poyre of jett, pris _text has "pris," for both_

Item, a pelow bere, / vj_a._ _italic "d" misprinted as "a"_]]



_Towardis my Lord of Oxford._

In primis at Brentwode for horsmete, ij_d._


Item for our dyner there, iiij_d. ob._

Item for horsmete there, ij_d._


Item for horsmete there, j_d._

Item for drynke there, _ob._


Item for oure soper there, iiij_d._

Item for horsmete there, iiij_d._

Item for wayshyng of my shert and botes, i_d. ob._


Item for horsmete there, j_d._


Item for horsmete there, j_d._

Item for brede and drynke there, j_d._


Item for horsmete there, ij_d. ob._

Item for Williamis dyner there, ij_d._


Item for horsmete there, ix_d._

Item for the sadelere, iij_d._

Item payd to the smyth, vij_d._

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