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Symond Houston, a payre of bottes, a payre of sporis, iiij_s._

Purrey, a blw gown, viij_s._

Item, a bridull and a feterloke, xvj_d._

Item, a payr of hossen, a payr of schon, ij_s._ vij_d._

Item, a pare of furred glovys.

Frere John Alderiche, ij. quaris of prayeris. Item, a powtenere with a payre of bedys of jette. Item, a scapelerey with an hodde, vj_s._ viij_d._

John Keduray, a payre of lynclothys, j. gown of blw, vj_s._ viij_d._

Item, a payre of hossen, xx_d._

Item, a payre of schone, vij_d._

Item, a payre of glovys and a hatt, xij_d._

Simond Sadiller, a payre of sporis, xij_d._

Item, a knyff hernyshid with sylver, xij_d._

Robert Fen, a gown, vj_s._

Item, a cappe, iiij_d._

Item, a peyre of hossen, xvj_d._

Item, a chart (?), pris xvj_d._

Richard Charlys, a peyr of hossen, xvj_d._

Item, a dager, xvj_d._

Item, a gyrdyll, ij_d._

Item, a cappe of rosset, iiij_d._

Jhon Faster, a horne, viij_d._

John Judde, a chert, pris xvj_d._

Item, a peyr of bedys of jett, viij_d._

William Bemond, a custell, pris xvj_d._

Item, a perre of bottes, pris ij_s._

Item, a peyre of glovys of otter.

Water Wynter, a shert, xij_d._

A dager, xij_d._

A purs with x_d._

Sander Koke, a mourey gown, vj_s._

Item, a cotte of moster develers,[180-1]


Item, a blanket, iij_s._

Item, a peyre of shettes, iiij_s._

Item, iij. peyr of shoys, xx_d._

Item, a peyr of sokkes, ij_d._

Item, a hatt, xij_d._

Item, a peyr of patanys, a cappe of violet, } Item, iij. gyrdyll, and a cerchey [_kerchief_], } xij_d._

Item, ij. of[180-2] of hossen, pris iij_s._

Snallewell, a schet, pris xx_d._

Item, ij. shurtes, a peyr ofe lynclothis, xx_d._

Item, ij. dowbelettes, pris xl_d._

Item, iij. gyrdyll, ij. cappes, xv_d._

Item, ij. peyr of hossen, xl_d._

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