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j. ewer, Sturmer, xiiij. unces di. di. quarter j. d. ob. q^a.

j. ewer, Rous, xviij. unces.

j. pott, Hous, lvij. unces.

j. pott, P.

xxviij. unces iij. quarter di. ij.

j. pott, S... . lett, xv. unces.

j. pott, Rous, xxxv. unces.

j. pott, Spark, xxvij. unces j. quarter.

j. flagon, xxxix. unces.

j. layer, ix. unces a quarter & di.

j. layer, ix. unces j. quarter & ij. di.

vj. Parys cuppis with a cover, Skerne, lxx. unces iij. quarters di.

j. grete boll pees, with a cover, Noris, xl. unces j. quarter.

xxiij. disshis of sylver, Skerne, xvij^{xx.}vj. unces di.

iiij. chargeours, v^{xx.}x. unces.

xxvij. dishes, xx^{xx.}xj. unces di. & di. quarter.

xxiij. sawcers, vj^{xx.}xv. unces.

[39-1]xij. flatt cuppis of silver, P. and Staunton, v^{xx.}v. unces iij. quarters.

[39-1]iiij. coveres to the same, P. and Staunton, xl. unces.

j. chargeour priour (?) water, xlvj. unces j. quarter di.

[Footnote 36-1: [From Paston MSS., B.M.] This inventory was certainly drawn up after the death of Agnes Paston, but how many years later it is impossible to say.]

[Footnote 36-2: A silver plate with a figure of the Crucifixion upon it given to be kissed at Mass.]

[Footnote 39-1: These two entries are bracketed together in the MS., and 'Shend bi Ley' (?) written in the margin.]

[[with a rose in the botom, weyeng _text has "weyeng,"_

j. prikettes nuper Howis, / ix. unces ij. d. weight.

_text has "weight,"_

j. standing pece couvered, bought of Elingham, _text has "Elingham."_

j. cover to the same, weyeng, _text has "weyeng,"_

j. paxe parcell gilte, Staunton, _period after "j." missing_

j. candilstykke ... and j. preket, P.

_text has "P,"_]]




[Sidenote: After 1479]

Encloses the will of his father, 'such as my brother hath'; who says he had it out of the register. My business is no further advanced since I left you, except that my brother has got a pardon of the alienation made by the Bishop of Winchester. Can get no estate in it except according to his father's will, viz. to himself and his heirs-male. My brother's will is that I should have Runham, which is 8 a year at least, in recompense of the 10 marks out of Sporle, if he would release all his right in that manor. There is nothing touching you in my brother's[40-1] will, for I read it over and will write it also; 'so that I woll have the same for my copy that he wrote with his own hand.'

Recommend me heartily to my sister your wife.

London, 22 Feb.

[The writer of this was William, the son of the eldest John Paston, not that uncle William with whom the two younger John Pastons had so many disputes. I see nothing to fix the date beyond the fact that the letter was written after Sir John Paston's death.]

[Footnote 39-2: [From Paston MSS., B.M.]]

[Footnote 40-1: Sir John Paston, who died in 1479.]



_To John Kynge, Fermour of my Maner of Hartwelbury, in Kelsall, besides Royston, be this delyverd._

[Sidenote: 1480 / FEB. 24]

John Kyng, I grete yow hartely well; and I understond as well by my frende, Syr William Storar, as by Ric. Browne, that as well my kynnesman Syr John Paston that dede is, as my kynnesman John Paston that now leveth, have ben with yow, and yovyn yow many grete thretis, for that ye acordyng to the trowth, tolde unto them that ye ocupyed my maner of Harwelbury be my leese, and be my ryght. And further more I understond, notwithstondyng the seyde grete thretis, that ye, lyke a full trewe, harty frende, have delyd and fastely abedyn in my tytill, and wolde not retorne to none of them. Wherfor I hartely thank yow; and furthar more to corage yow in yowr fast dealyng, I schew onto yow that I have ryght bothe in law and in concience, wherby I promyse yow on my feythe to defende yow and save yow harmeles for the occupacion of the londe, or any thynge that ye schall doo in my titill a gaynst hym, and it schulde cost me as moche as the maner is worth, and also another tyme to doo as moche for yow, and it ly in my powre, yf ye have ony mater to doo ther as I may doo for yow.

And, also, I here say, by my seid frende, Syr William Storar, and by Ric. Brown, that ye ar of suche substaunce, and of suche trust, and suche favor in the contre ther, that it lithe in yowr powre to do a goode turne for yowr frende.

Wretyn at London, the xxiiij^ti day of Februari.


[Footnote 40-2: [From Paston MSS., B.M.] It is scarcely necessary to point out that this letter was probably written within a year after Sir John Paston's death.]

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