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[Footnote 118-1: [From Paston MSS., B.M.] This letter is not addressed, and the MS. is in fact only a corrected draft, of which a fair copy has since been found. The fair copy is not addressed either. The letter was evidently written to John Paston in answer to No. 784. The date is ascertained by the fact that John Berney of Witchingham died in the year 1471.]

[Footnote 119-1: In Fenn's edition this is printed 'swgar, feg, and dats.' The word 'feg' is not in the MS. It seems to be a misreading of 'swg'' (sugar), which the transcriber forgot to cancel.]

[Footnote 120-1: F. adds 'and comfyts,' but the words are not in the MS.]

[Footnote 120-2: F. reads 'the price of a _li._,' but this is not in the MS.]

[Footnote 120-3: The following sentence is added in the fair copy: 'I warn yw kepe this letter clos and lese yt not; rather brenyt.']



_Termino Sancti Michaelis Anno xj^o E. iiij^ti pro Ricardo Calle deff'

versus Willelmum Huggan q. in placito trans'._

[Sidenote: 1471 / NOV.]

In primis, for a copy of the bill, iiij_d._

Item, for makyng of the awnswer to Mr. Pygot, Mr. Fayrefax, and to Mr. Hosy, x_s._

Item, wyne and perys at tavern ij. tymes, xiiij_d._

Item, for a copy of record in the Kynges Bench, iij_s._ iiij_d._

Item, for pledyng of the record in the Kynges Bench a yenst Wyll.

Huggan, x_s._

Item, gyven to Hosey, the xxvij. day of the same moneth, for to enparle[120-5] to the bill, iij_s._ iiij_d._

Item, the xxx. day of October, for the copy of the tytelyng of Huggans plee, iiij_d._

Item, for wyne at [the] Cardenall Hatte[120-6] the same day, vj_d._

Item, the iiij. day of November, gyven to Mr. Fayrfax and Mr. Hosey for puttyng yn of the replicacyon, vj_s._ viij_d._

Item, the x. day of November, gyven to Mr. Fayrfax, Mr. Pygotte, and Mr. Hosey, for the seyng of the paper, and comenyng of the issewe a yenst Wyll. Huggan, x_s._

Item, for the wyne at the Cardenall Hatte, [121-1]viij_d._

Item, for the entre of the aunswere a yenst Huggan by Ric. Calle, payd to Sandys, v_s._

Item, to Nedersole for makyng of the paper, ij_s._ vj_d._

Item, for the copy of the same, ij_s._ vj_d._

Summa totalis, lvj_s._ iiij_d._

[Footnote 120-4: [From Paston MSS., B.M.]]

[Footnote 120-5: To _imparl_, a technical expression, meaning to obtain time to plead.]

[Footnote 120-6: A tavern in Southwark. The name is still preserved in Cardinal Hat Alley.]

[Footnote 121-1: _N.B._--Under viij_d._ is written '46_s._ 4_d._'

in a different hand.]

[[... for makyng of the paper, ij_s._ vj_d._ _text has s, for s._]]



_Tho my rytgh wurshepfull brother John Paston, in hast._

[Sidenote: 1471 / NOV. 18]

Rygh wurshipful brother, I recumawnd me to zow, prayeng zow hartely that ze wyl remembyr soche maters as I wryth to zow. I send zow now be the brynggar her of mony, wycche mony I pray zow that [ye[121-3]] be stowe yt as I wryth to zow. I wend a don yt my sylf but consyderyng costis and other dyvers thyngis I may not bryng yt abowthe. Wher for I pray zow hartely to take the labour up on zow, and I trust to deservyt. I pray zow be stow thys mony thus: to Christofyr Hanyngton v_s._: to the prynspall of Stapylin[121-4] v_s._ in parte of payment. Also I pray zow to bye me iij. zerddis of porpyl schamlet, price the zerd iiij_s._, a bonet of depe murry, pryce ij_s._ iiij_d._, an hose clothe of zelow carsey of an ellyn, I trow yt wyl cost ij_s._; a gyrdyl of plunkket ryban, price vj_d._; iiij. lacis of sylke ij. of one color and ij. of ane other, price viij_d._; iij. doseyn poynttis wythe red and zelow, price vj_d._; iij. peyer of pateyns. I pray zow late Wylliam Mylsant purvey for them. I was wonte to pay but ij_d._ ob. for a payer, but I pray zow late them not be lefte behyng thow I pay mor; they must be lowe pateyns; late them be long inow and brode up on the hele. Among all other I pray zow recumawnd me to Mastres Elyzabet Hygons. I may sey poverte partes feleschepe. Yf that I had ben so well purveyde as I wend I trowst to have ben with zow her thys; also I pray zow recumawnd me to my brother Sir John. I fer lasse he wyl take a dysplesur with me that I send hym no mony. I pray zow excuse me as ze can. I trust to send hym sum a bowth Candylmesse. I had a promyse of Masteres Elyzabeth of a typet of welvet; but and I myth have a hatlase I woold thynk me well.

I pray zow sey thus myche on zour owyn hed, and yf ze can not sped of the hatlase I pray zow bye me one of xij_d._ or xvj_d._ Also Sir I send Parkar hys mony be the brynggar har of and I have desyered hym to lend me a gown of puke, and I have send hym a typet of welvet to boredyr yt [round [122-1]] a bowthe; and I pray zow be at schesyng there of; and yf that he wyl not be cryst calkestowe over hys hed that is schoryle in Englysche, yt is a terme newe browthe up with my marschandis of Norwych.

Sir John Pampyng recummawnd hym to zow and pray zow that ze wyl remembyr hys harnes, and yf that ze can get the mony he pray zow to delyver Parkar x_s._ that he howyth hym. Also, sir, my modyr gretis zow wel and send zow Goddis blyssyng and heres, and prays zow that ze wyl bye her a runlet of Malmesey owthe of the galey; and yf ze have no mony sche byd that ze schuld borow of my brother Sir John, or of sum other frend of zowers, and send [he]r[122-1] woord as hastily as ze have it, and sche schale send zow mony; and yf that ze send it home sche byd that yt schuld be woond in a canivasse for brochyng of the caryars, for sche sethe that sche hath knowyn men served soo befor. Also I pray zow, if ze speke with Master Roger, tell hym that yf he cum in to thys cuntre thys crystemas, he schal have hys x_s._, and yf that he cum not I schal send yt hym be xij. day [_Twelfth Day_] at the fardest. I pray zow, hartely remembyr my gere, and that ze wyl desyere Wylliam Mylsant on my be halve to purvey for the caryage in as hasty wyse as yt can. Also I pray zow that the welvet that levyt of my typet may be send hom a geyn, for I woold strype a dobelet ther with. As for Masteres Blakenye, I trowe sche in zour quarters. I woold I had the same entyrpryce up on hyr that John Bramppton of Atylborowe had up on master Byrston. Alle the Coorte recommawndes hem tow zow. I pray zow, and ze can get me any profytable servyce, a saye. My brother Sir John was meved of my hawnt Ponyngges to have ben with here. I woold have rytgh an hesy servyse tyl I were owthe of detis. God have zow in Hys kepyng. Wretyn at Norwyche, the Monday nex be fore Sen Edmond the Kyng.


On the back of the letter are the following memoranda:--

In primis, to the pryncypall of Stapyll In v_s._

Item, for iiij. lasys viij_d._

Item, for iij. doseyn poyntes vj_d._

Item, for a plonket ryban vj_d._

[Footnote 121-2: [Add. MS. 34,889, f. 130, and Add. MS. 27,445, f.

52.] The MS. of this letter is in two fragments, from which it is now printed entire. The year in which it was written is shown by Margaret Paston's letter to the writer's brother John Paston, on the 29th November 1471 (No. 791), in which she apologises for not sending him money for a runlet of wine she had desired him to purchase for her, on account of the number of thieves stirring. It will be seen that she made the request by means of her son Edmund in this letter.]

[Footnote 121-3: Omitted in MS.]

[Footnote 121-4: Staple Inn.]

[Footnote 122-1: Mutilated.]

[[to boredyr yt [round [122-1]]

_unclear punctuation or flyspeck between editorial "round" and footnote marker_]]

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