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Jennyes oblygacion.

A box with evydence of Tytlyshall.

A box with the letter of attorney off Fastolffes londes by Sir John Paston.

j. A box de actis inter episcopum Wynt' et J. P. militem. Item endentur'

de argento mutuato termino Trinitatis anno x^{o,} et testamentum W.

Paston, Justic'.

Item, ij. pixides de novis cartis de terris Fastolffes.

Item, a litell box with the obligacion off T. Fastolff and one off James Gresham.

Item, a box with the dede off gyfft off J. P., and the byll assygnyd for the dyamant.

Item, the bagge de placitis in usu.

Item, the bagge with ger taken owt off my caskett.

Item, a bagge with the bondell where on was wreten 'London.'

Item, a bagge with evydence off Est Bekham.

Item, a bondell de actis parlimenti et de excambia in Paston.

Item, a bondell de actis Cantuariensis.

Item, a bondell de fyrma Caster Berdolffis.

The endenture off Snaylwell by Wylleys.

A bondell of Gresham Moleyns.

A bondell off processe off th'eschekyr letter and byllys sirca (_sic_) festum Johannis anno ix^{o.}

Item, th'endenture off W. Jeney. Item, a bondell off letteris and byllis anno x^{o.}

A bondell with inquisicions not returnyd in to the Chanceri.

Copia voluntatis Fastolff ultima et probata.

Enventorium (_sic_) apud Caster per Episcopum Norwic' et dominum de Scales et alia ad rediseisinam (?)

Apunctuamentum Regis et litera amici. Endentura de Fennes per patrem Hugonis Fenne.

The verray endenture off my mariage.

Item, a bondell off letteris from my brother John.

Item, iij. billis, the endenter of W. Jenney for Bacton, a byll of Wylleys and one off J. Owdin (?)

Item, a bondell with the names off them that had stoff from Heylesdon.

Item, a byll off Sweynesthorp. Item, a byll off Brok off Dedham off the purchace theroff, a quitance pro Scaccario.

A bonde towchyng the probatt off Fastolffes will, with mi olde testament.

A copie off a generalle releffe de terris Fastolffes.

[Footnote 116-1: [From Paston MSS., B.M.] The following inventory is in the handwriting of Sir John Paston. The date at which it was drawn up must, from internal evidence, be later than the tenth year of Edward IV.; so perhaps it may be a list of the contents of the coffer mentioned by John Paston in Letter 784.]

[[Item, th'endenture ...

Apunctuamentum Regis ...

Item, a byll ...

_each section printed as shown, with two items in a paragraph_]]




[Sidenote: 1471(?) / NOV. 4]

Has received Wheteley's letter, but though he has spoken to Sir John's tenants at Paston, Bakton, etc., has obtained no money to send him. They are better pleased to pay Sir John than Master 'Will. P.,' so they be saved harmless. Has put them in good comfort, and Sir John must take care that they be not sued this term. The fishing was never worse. No herring to be got under 13_s._ 4_d._ a barrel, and 8_s._ 4_d._ a cade.

The swans were sent the week after your departure. John Osborn and Munde are merry. None dead at Caster and Mawteby since Michaelmas, but much mortality still at Fylby, Ormysby, and Scrowby.

Mawteby, 4 Nov.

[This letter most probably belongs to the year 1471, which it will be seen by the letter immediately following was a year of great mortality.]

[Footnote 117-1: [From Paston MSS., B.M.]]



[Sidenote: 1471 / NOV. 5]

I grete you wele, and send you Goddes blyssyng and myn, letyng you wete that myn Cosyn Clere hathe sent to me for the C. marc that I borwed of her for your brother. It fortuned so that a frend of her of late hath loste better than CCC. marc, and he sent to her for money, and she had non that she myght comyn by, and ther for she sent to me for the seyd C.

marc; and I know not how to do therfor, for by my trowth I have it not, nor I can not make shyft therfor, and I shuld go to preson; therfor comune with your brother her of, and send me word how that he wull make shyft ther for in hast. I must elles nedes sell all my woods, and that shall dysse avayll him better than a CC. marc, and I dey; and if I shuld selle them now, ther wull noman gewe so myche for them be ner an C. marc as they be worth, be cause ther be so many wood sales in Norfolke at thys tyme. Therfor lete hym make purvyaunce therfor in hast, as he wull have my good wyll, and wull that I save hym the seyd woods to the better a wayll, and send me word here of in hast if ye wull my welfare, for I shall never be in quiete tille I k[n]owe an ende in thys, for she hath therfor an obligacion of an C_li._ And it is not kepte cloos, ther be many persones now k[n]owyn it, which me semyth a greet rebuke to me that I departyd so largely with yowr brother that I reservyd not to pay that I was endaungered for hym, and so have dyverse seyd to me which of late have k[n]owyn it; and whan I remembre it, it is to myn hart a very spere, consideryng that he never gave comforte therein, ner of all the money that hath be reseyvyd wull never make shyft therfor. And he had yet be for thys tyme have sent me l. marc thereof, yet I wuld have thought that he had had summe consideracion of myn daungers that I have put me in for hym. Remembre hym how that I have excusyd hym of xx_li._ that the Prior of Bromholm had, which shuld elles have be in that daunger that it shuld have be to us a grete rebwke, with hought that he myght a ben holpyn wyth shuch money as he shuld have had of your fadyrs bequest; and I payd to the shereffe for hym also money. All thes shuld have holpe me wele therto, be syde other thynges that I have bor thys yeres that I speke not of; there fore lete hym helpe me now, or elles it shall dysawayll hym better than the trebyll the money, wheder that I leve or dey, with ought he hath better consideracion to the daungers that I stond in. Also I wulde ye shuld meve hym to take John Pampyng to hym, or elles to gete hym a servyce in the Chauncery, or in sume other place where as he myth be preferryd, for it ys pety that he lesyth hys tyme so her, and it is non a wayll to non of ws, and for diverse othyr thyngs whesch ye shall knowe her after, I wolde that I war hens in haste, for all maner of happys, constrw ye, &c. I can yw thanke for ywyr lettyr that ye sente me, and that ye have inquiryd of shwch thynges as ye thynk that shwld plese me. I send yow the boxe and the dedes that ye sente to me for, but as for the key of the cofyr in the wtter chambyr I can not fynd yt; yf the boxe had be ther in, ye cwdnat not have hadd yth but yf [_unless_] I had broke wp the cofyr; ther for remembre yw wer ye have do the key; I kep styll the key that ye sente me tyll that ye cwm home.

As for the tydynges here, ywr cosyn Barney of Wychshynggham ys passyd to Gode, hwm Gode asoyle. Veylys wife, and Lodonys wife, and Pycard the bacar of Twmlond, ben gone also; all thys hwlsold and thys parych ys as ye leftyd, blyssyd be Gode; we lewyn in fer, but we wut not qweder to fle, for to be better than we ben here. I send yw demi a riale for to by wyth swger[119-1] and dates for me. I pray yw do as wel as ye can, and sende it me as hastely as ye may, and sende me word qwat price a _li._ of peppyr, clowys, masis, gingyr, and sinamun, almannys, ryse, ganyngal, safrwn, reysonys of Corons, grenys,[120-1] of ych of these sende me the pryce of ych of these,[120-2] and yf that it be bettir shepe at London than it is here, I shal sende yw mony to bye wyth soch stwfe as I wull have. Remember that I spake to yw to spek to ywyr brother for the seyd C. marc wan ye departed hens. I trow ye had forgettyt, that ye sent me non answer ther of in ony wys. Lete me have an answer ther of in hast, and sende me woord how ywyr brother and ye spede in ywyr maters; and Goddes blissyng and myn mut ye have both, and send yw good sped in all ywyr maters.

Wretyn in hast on Sent Levnards Eve.[120-3]

By ywyr Moder.

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