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James and Robert Radclef mean to take away my goods, and I shall be taken if I be at Norwich at next shire. Pray let my master know.

I suppose it was by their commandment that my two neat were taken on Saturday last at Lyng, 'for one that is under bailly of Richmond took hem.' John Everyton will tell you more. The receipts of the manor of Sparham with costs are 10, 3_s._ 11_d._ If any man of yours come to Norwich please send me your advice.

(Signed) 'T. GNAT.'

[Footnote 225.4: [From Paston MSS., B.M.]]




John a Berney of Wychyngham wishes to disinherit him of his liberty of faldage in Colyette. Desires the help of one of Paston's men. As for my Lady of Oxford, 'I have get you a trusty man against Tuesday or Wednesday next.'

[There is no distinct evidence of the date of this letter, except that it is probably not later than 1466, when John Paston died, though it may have been addressed to his younger son John. Compare Nos. 232, 233, and 234, in vol. ii.]

[Footnote 226.1: [From Paston MSS., B.M.]]

[Footnote 226.2: This designation is added on the address, but is struck out.]



_Expences paid by Gloys at Norwich the day the Cors was ther and befor._

[Sidenote: 1466]

Fyrste. The iiii. orders of fryers, viii_l._ Item, almesse, ii_s._ vii_d._ Item, to xxiii. susters of Normandys,[226.4] with the gardian eche of them, iiii_d._, and the gardian, viii_d._--viii_s._ Item, in offering on Pentecost Tuesday[226.5] for my master, i_d._; for the herse, xl_s._ For xxiiii. yerdes of brod wythtys for gowns, xxvii_s._ viii_d._; for dyeng of the same, iiii_s._ For settyng on the tents, vi_d._ For xxii. yerdes and iii. quarters of brod wythts, xxxiiii_s._ iii_d._ For grownedyng, iii_s._ iiii_d._ For dyeng, iiii_s._ To xxxviii.

prests at the dyryge at Norwyche, when the cors lay ther, xii_s._ viii_d._ To xxxix. schyldern with surplyces within the schurche and without, iii_s._ iiii_d._ To xxvi. clerks with iiii. kepers of the torches, eche of them ii_d._, iii_s._ iiii_d._ To the clerks of St.

Peters and St. Stevens for the ryngers ageyn the cors, ii_s._ To the iiii. orders of fryers that rede ageyn the cors----. To the Prioress of Carow, vi_s._ viii_d._ To a maide that came with her, xx_d._ To the ancors [_anchoress ?_] xl_d._ In almesse, xv_s._ To a woman that came from London with the cors to Norwyche, vi_s._ viii[_d_].

_Payments be Gloys and Calle at Bromholme._

Fyrste. To the Prior, be my masters bequest, xl_s._ To ix. monks, eche of them vi_s._ viii_d._, iii_l._ To an other monke, who was of the same place, xx_d._ For brinnyng of the Abbes with the torches, xx_d._ To the Priors boteler for bred, ii_s._ x_d._ For wasshyng of napry, xii_d._ To the boteler for hys reward, xx_d._ To the baker for cccx. eggs, xix_d._ To hym for hys reward, iii_s._ iiii_d._ To xxviii. bedds with ---- of clothys, and wasshyng of the same, v_s._ To ii. men that fyllyd the grave, viii_d._ To brueng of v. kome malte, xx_d._ For ix. pownd candyl, xi_d._ To the clerks of Bromholm, viii_d._ For viii. peces of peuter lost of the Priors, xx_d._ Geven among the men of the bakhouse, xx_d._ To the parisshe schyrche of Bromholm, x_s._ To xii. schyrchys, l_s._ viii_d._ To the prest that cam with the cors from London, iii_s._ iiii_d._ To servytors that awaytyd upon hym by the komawndment of W. Paston, xxi_d._ To Playters for hys offering, iiii_d._ To the vyker of Upton, ii_s._ To the sexton of Bromholm for xxii. crossys geven to Marget and Modeley, _per_ John Paston, iiii_s._ vi_d._ To xiiii.

rynggars, vii_s._ To xxiiii. servertors, eche of them iiii_d._, viii_s._ To lxx. servertors, eche of them iii_d._, xvii_s._ vi_d._ Paid to Dawbeny for servertors, vii_s._ For fyshh the day after the enterment, vi_s._ x_d._ For vi. barells bere, xii_s._ For a roundlet of red wine of xv. gallonys, &c., xii_s._ xi_d._ To a hors hyer for iii. days for Sir James, xii_d._ For a quarter malte, v_s._ For iiii. bushels wete, xxxii_d._ For a quarter of otys, ii_s._ viii_d._ For x. kombe malte brueng, xl_d._ For the boord of Rychard Hermer, wrythe, iii. days, and for hys hyer the sayde tyme, xiii_d._ _ob._ For William Yonge, barbor, v. days mete and drynke, and hys hyer the sayde tyme, xvi_d._ For vi.

pownd candyl, vii_d._ _ob._ To xii. pore men beryng torches from London to Norfolk be vi. day, i_s._, takyng eche of them on the day iiii_d._, and for iii. dayes in goyng homerward, takynge every day vi_d._ Geven to Martyn Savage and Denschers awaytyng upon my master at London be vii.

dayes before that he was caryed, ii_s._ x_d._ For bred bowthe, xxiiii_s._ For vii. barels bere, xvii_s._ vi_d._ For a barel of the grettest assyse, iii_s._ iiii_d._ For iiii. barells of alee, xiii_s._ iiii_d._ For bred and alee for xii. men that bare torches, xiii_d._ _ob._ To a dole at Bromholm, v_l._ xiii_s._ iiii_d._ To William Colens, one of the botelers at Bromholm, xii_d._ To Wate Webster, another boteler, xii_d._ To Greg. Worsteler, one of the porters at Bromholm, iiii_d._ The parson at Mauteby,[228.1] and Sir Thomas Lynes, to the prestes at the deryge at Bromholm, xliii_s._ In almesse, xlvii_s._ vi_d._; more, xx_s._ To the glaser for takyn owte of ii. panys of the wyndows of the schyrche for to late owte the reke of the torches at the deryge, and sowderyng new of the same, xx_d._ [This part of the roll, according to Blomefield, or his continuator, seemed to be written by Gloys, above mentioned, in an indifferent hand. The remainder is in a very neat and curious old hand, which was supposed to be that of Margaret Paston.]

_Vittelles bought by Richard Charles._

_First._ For xxvii. gees, xvii_s._ For xxvii. frankyd gees, vi_s._ viii_d._ lxx. caponnes, xvii_s._ vii_d._ For xxix.[228.2] xvii.

chekons, xvi_s._ vi_d._ For x. chekons, x_d._ For xli. pygges, xiii_s._ x_d._ For xlix. calvys, iiii_l._ xiii_s._ iiii_d._ For xxxiiii. lambys, xxvii_s._ ii_d._ For xxii. shep, xxxvii_s._ v_d._ x. nete, iiii_l._ xvi_s._ i_d._ For ii. napronnes to Richard Lynstede, x_d._ For claretts and fawcetts, vi_d._ MCCC. eggs, vi_s._ vi_d._ For xx. galons milk, xx_d._ For viii. galons creme, ii_s._ viii_d._ For iiii. pints of butter, iiii_d._ For i. quarter and ii. bushels of whete mele, vii_s._ x_d._ To the parson of Crostweyt for i. quarter of whete, vi_s._ For xiiii. galons of ale, ii_s._ To a labourer for iii. days, xii_d._ To xxiiii. galons of ale, iiii_s._ For xiii. salt fysshe, iiii_s._ iiii_d._ For the purveying of bred, ale, and fysshe, iii_s._ iiii_d._ To William Reynolds for lodgyng of Master Prowet, the Prior of the White Freres, the parson of Mautby, Sir Thomas Lynds, and other, by ii. nyghtis, vi_d._ For bred, ale, and possets to the same persons, vi_d._ To Herman, fleying bests by iii. days, ii_s._, and to John Foke, by iii. days, xx_d._ For purveying of all the velys, lambes, x. beefins, certain piggs and polaly [_poultry_], xl_d._


Memorandum. The Prior toke to bord diverse persons laboryng abought the enterment, begynnyng the Thursday in Pentecost weke, the vi. yere of Kyng Edward the iiiith.

On Thursday I[229.1] find 3 persons who had xii_d._ for their board and hire; on Friday 5 who had xv_d._; on Saturday 8 who had xxiii_d._ On Monday all were employed; and on the day after I find 4 to be allowed for their board iiii_d._ _ob._, and for their hires v_d._,--ix_d._ _ob._ Delivered by the Prior to Richard Charles:--Fyrst, v. quarters of otes, xiii_s._ iiii_d._; v. swyne, xii_s._ vi_d._; ii. bushel of mestlyn, xv_d._; v. pownd of candell, v_d._; xx. quarters of malte, xiii_s._ iiii_d._, and with gryndyng and brewyng, xviii_s._ For a cartfull of hey, iii_s._ iiii_d._ For ii. swyne, v_s._ For ii. bushel otes, viii_d._ For a quarter of herryng, vi_d._ For half a quarter makerell, vii_d._ _ob._ To the parson of St. Peters for his fee of the wax abought the coors, beside ii. candels of i. _lb._ and i. hert candel of a pound, xx_d._ At my masters xxx. day for offeryng, i_d._ Geven to churches and in almes by Gresham, toward Bromholm, v. _marks_. To the clerk of St.

Peters of Hungate[230.1] his felaship for ryngyng when the coors was in the church, xii_d._ To Dawbeney for bests and other stuffe for the enterment, xx_l._ To him in gold for to chaunge into small mony for the dole, xl_l._ To W. Pecok, in iii. bags to bere to Bromholm, in copper, the 20th day, xxvi. _marks_. To Medeley for his reward, iiii. _marks_, and the same to Maryot. To Maryot for costs he bare by the way to Bromholm, iii_l._ xii_d._ More to Medeley for mony paid by him, xli_s._ x_d._ To the keper of the inne where myne husband dyed, for his reward, xx_s._ To Paston chirch, x_s._ To Bakton chirch, vi_s._ viii_d._ To Gresham the London carrier, in full payment for the Chaundeler of London, v_l._ xix_s._ iiii_d._ More in almes mony, vi_s._ viii_d._ More for wyne and bere, vii. _marks_. To the parson of St. Peters, vi_s._ viii_d._ For wyne for the seingers when the coors was at Norwich, xx_s._ To Skolehouse in part of his bille for torches and wax made at Bromholm, for to brenne upon the grave, iiii. _marks_. For x. yerds of narow blak for the viker of Dallynge and Robert Gallawey, and for iii. yerds and quarter of brod cloth for Illee, xx_s._ x_d._ To Freton chirch, vi_s._ viii_d._ For a cope called a frogge of worsted for the Prior of Bromholm, xxvi_s._ viii_d._ For bred at the enterment, ix_s._ In almes, viii_s._ iiii_d._ In wyne and spices, l_s._ To Dom. John Loveday for cloth for a ridyng cope for himself, xiiii_s._ ii_d._ To the makyng of Redham Stepill, viii_s._ iiii_d._ To John Orford, wax chandeler, for xii. torches and one candell of i. _lb._, lv_s._ ii_d._ _ob._ To John Dewe for grey lynen cloth and sylk frenge for the hers, vi_l._ xvi_s._ ii_d._ Given to the Austeners at the chapter at the ... ... of Yarmouth, lxxv_s._ To Daubeney for to kepe the yere day at Bromholm the first yere after his dethe, viii_l._ ii_s._ iiii_d._ Given at Castor to xxv. howsholders, every houshold iii_d._ the said tyme, vi_s._ iii_d._ To viii. pore men the said tyme, xviii_d._ To the master of the College the said tyme, vi_s._ viii_d._ To Master Clement Felmyngham the said tyme, vi_s._ viii_d._ To viii. prests at Castor the said tyme, ii_s._ viii_d._ To childern in surplices and other pore folk at the said tyme, xiii_d._ To the parson of Hungate, vi_s._ viii_d._ To the said parson for a certeyn[231.1] unto Mighelmesse next after the said yere day, viii_s._ viii_d._ To Skolous, wax chandeler, for makyng of the hers at Bromholm, xxii_l._ ix_s._ viii_d._ To Philip Curson, draper, for cloths, ix_l._ iii_s._ _ob._ To Aubrey, draper, xxxiiii_s._ For a quarter of makerell, xii_d._ To the Prior of Bromholm for malte spent at the enterment, xl_s._ For light kept on the grave, x_s._ Geven at Cristemasse next after the said yereday, to eche of the iiii. orders of friers, x_s._,--xl_s._ To the vyker of Dallyng for bryngyng home of a pardon from Rome, to pray for alle our frends sowles, viii_s._ iiii_d._ For a black gowne to the said viker, viii_s._

[Footnote 226.3: [From Blomefield's _Norfolk_, vi. 483. Folio edition, iii. 692.] The original of this document was probably among the Paston MSS. when Blomefield composed his _History of Norfolk_, but where it is at present cannot be ascertained. It is cited by Blomefield, or perhaps by his continuator, Mr. Parkin, as 'a very long but narrow roll,' then in his possession. The text, however, does not seem to be printed entire, as the Editor only professes to give 'several particulars therein.']

[Footnote 226.4: At Norwich.]

[Footnote 226.5: 27th May 1466.]

[Footnote 228.1: Robert Coteler, who was presented to the living by John Paston in 1465, on the resignation of Thomas Howys.]

[Footnote 228.2: A short blank occurs in Blomefield after 'xxix.'

and before 'xvii.']

[Footnote 229.1: Blomefield or his continuator here speaks in his own person.]

[Footnote 230.1: A church in Norwich, rebuilt by John Paston in 1460, the advowson having been acquired by him and Margaret, his wife, in 1458. The date of the rebuilding is engraved in stone on a buttress by the north door.]

[Footnote 231.1: Masses called 'certeynes' are referred to in No.

53 (vol. ii. p. 64).]

[[To Master Clement Felmyngham _text has "Mastkr": corrected from Blomefield_]]



[Sidenote: 1466]

Declaracio bonorum mobilium Johannis Fastolf militis ad manus Johannis Paston armigeri deveniencium et possidencium tam ex liberacione Thomae Howys, Rectoris de Pulham, unius executoris dicti militis, quam ex Rapto aliorum hominum serviencium et tenencium suorum. Ac valorem in possessione dominiorum maneriorum terrarum et tenementorum suorum in eorum prima perquisicione per dictum militem solutorum et per heredem dicti Paston clameatorum pro nichilo solvendo, cum custubus edifficacionis eorundem. Et pro quibus omnibus supra specificatis executores dicti militis petiunt de heredibus et executoribus dicti Johannis Paston, solucionem restitucionem ac satisfacionem de dampnis occasione hujusmodi retencionis.

_In primis._

Die octava mensis Novembris anno xxxviij. Regni Regis Henrici Sexti, videlicet tercio die post obitum Johannis Fastolf militis, Thomas Howys clericus, co-executor dicti Johannis Fastolf, deliberavit Johanni Paston armigero de bonis dicti Johannis Fastolf existentibus ad tunc sub salva custodia in abbathia Sancti Benedicti de Hulmo de parte majoris summe in auro, videlicet in nobilibus antiquis boni et justi ponderis ij^ml.

cccc. nobilia, precii nobile viij_s._ iiij_d._, faciunt m^{l}_li._, et alia vice in moneta argenti xxiiij_li._ xvij_s._ ij_d._; unde summa

m^{l.}xxiiij_li._ xvij_s._ ij_d._

Item, idem Thomas liberavit Johanni Paston dicto mense Novembris apud Norwicum, de vasis argenti diversarum specierum ad tunc habitarum extra thesauraium dicti militis manerij de Castre, iiij^ml. xxiij. unciarum ponderis Troie, precium uncie ij_s._ x_d._, faciunt v^{c.}lxix_li._ xviij_s._ vj_d._ Et eidem Johanni apud Norwicum alia vice, de vasis argenti, ponderis lvij. unciarum, precium uncie ut supra, vij_li._ iiij_s._ x_d._ Et eidem Johanni alia vice apud dictum Castre liberantur de vasis argenti Cxij. unciarum precium ut supra xv_li._ xvij_s._ iiij_d._; unde summa v^{c.}iiij^{xx.}viij_li._ viij_d._

Item, idem Thomas liberavit eidem Johanni Paston apud Norwicum dicto mense Novembris, in cyphis et vasis auri triati et finati, iij^{xx.}xv.

unciarum ponderis Troie, precium uncie xl_s._ Cl_li._

Item, idem Thomas liberavit dicto Johanni ad faciendum certum prestitum comiti de Salysberye de bonis dicti Johannis Fastolf, unde idem Johannes Paston habet sufficientem securitatem et obligacionem Episcopi Norwicensis xxxiij_li._ vj_s._ viij_d._ Et consimili modo liberavit dicto Johanni ad faciendum certum prestitum domino de Fitzwater, unde idem Johannes habet sufficientes securitates, xxxiij_li._ vj_s._ viij_d._ lxvj_li._ xiij_s._ iiij_d._

Item, dictus Johannes Paston cepit de bonis dicti militis existentibus sub custodia Willelmi Worcetyr, contra agreamentum suum, et tradita per ipsum ad salvo custodiendum Thome Plummer de London scryvaner et Johanni Gressham de eadem capper, videlicet in vasis argenti diversarum specierum m^{l.}viij^{c.}iiij^{xx.}x. unciarum, precium uncie ut supra, CClxviij_li._ v_s._ Et consimiliter cepit cyphum coopertum de puro auro ponderis Troie xxiij. unc', j. quart. di., precium uncie xl_s._, xlvj_li._ xv_s._ Et similiter cepit unam cathenam auri puri, ponderis Troie xxiij. unc' et dimidii, precium unc' ut supra xlvij_li._

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