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[Footnote 234.4: Elizabeth, wife of Robert Poynings. --_See_ No.

406, p. 217.]




[Sidenote: 1460(?) / OCT. 17]

Has delivered the horse-litter to Robert Lynne according to his message.

Cannot get a farmer for Mauteby. Sends John Deye. He will not pass one combe barley for an acre. He has fourteen acres 'reasonably well dight to sow on wheat.' None will take the close at Mauteby at the price agreed upon with Calle by Lynne and Robert Butler.

Caister, St. Luke's Eve.

_P.S. on the back, unimportant._

[From what is said in Margaret Paston's letter of the 20th October following about the lands at Maultby being unlet, this may perhaps have been written in the same year three days earlier.]

[Footnote 235.1: [From Paston MSS., B.M.]]



_To my rygth worchipfull and my good maister, John Paston, Esquyer, in hast._

[Sidenote: 1460 / [OCT.]]

Rygth worchipfull and my most speciall synguler good maister, I recomend me to you, besechyng your maistership not to be dysplesed with my long taryans, and also to take it to no gref thou it were long or I wrot to you; for in good feyth I wend my self with in sevenygth after Seynt Feythesmesse[235.3] to have ben at London, and for asmoche as Suthwell[235.4] desyred me to tarye for evydens gevyng, &c. I promysed hym so to do and tarye tyll the Munday after Seynt Feythesmesse, or tyll the Tewysday sevenyth after at the ferthest, and at tho dayes I hard no word fro hym. And so uppon the Thursday after had I word that the under-eschetour schuld sytte at Ocle[236.1] the Tewysday after Seynt Luce;[236.2] and so I tarye as yette, and trust verely to be with you the Saterday at the ferthest after Seynt Luce. Item, Sir, if my Maister of the Rolles[236.3] be not come, I trust to God to com tydely i now, as for the traversys; and if ye besi you to the innyng ther of or I com, Richard Ley schall delyver hem you, if ye send to hym for it; for I left hem with hym to gete hem in if he mygth, and promysed hym a reward for his labour. Item, my maistres[236.4] and all folkes be heyll and mery, blyssed be Jesu, ho have you in his blyssed governans and proteccion.

By your,


[Footnote 235.2: [From Paston MSS., B.M.] The writer of this excuses his delay in coming to London, as he had been asked to stay and give evidence before the under-escheator, who was to sit at Acle on Tuesday after St. Luke's Day. This refers to the inquisition on the lands of Sir John Fastolf, which was taken at Acle on that day in 1460.]

[Footnote 235.3: St. Faith's Day is on the 6th of October.]

[Footnote 235.4: Richard Southwell, Escheator of Norfolk.]

[Footnote 236.1: Acle in Norfolk.]

[Footnote 236.2: St. Luke's Day is the 18th October. The Tuesday after it was the 21st in 1460.]

[Footnote 236.3: Thomas de Kirkeby.]

[Footnote 236.4: Margaret Paston.]



_To my maister, John Paston, Esquyer._

[Sidenote: 1460 / [OCT. 21]]

A[fter] my most speciall recomendacion, like your maisterchip wete that the office[236.6] is taken at Ocle in lyke forme as Suthwell[236.7] can schew you, for Fraunceys Costard hath sent it hym, and the jentylmen that passed uppon the office wold fynd nor medyll nouther with the tenurs nor ho is next here [_heir_]. Wherfor if ye wol have other wyse found, Fraunceys Costard hath under take it, but it schal not be by suche men of worchip [as] is yn this. Item, the under-chryf was at Ocle, and ded and sayd to the jentylmen al that ever he cowde to the lette of the matter. And as for Suffolk, I understand they have no warant, so I tarye as yet what cas that ever falle. And if ye wold that I tarye not, that it lyke you by the brynger her of to send me hasty wurd.

I send you the names of the jure here in.



_On a separate paper formerly enclosed in the preceding is the following List:_--

_Jurati pro Domino Rege._[237.1]

Willelmus Rokewood, armiger, jur'.

Johannes Berney, armiger, jur'.

Radulphus Lampytte, armiger, jur'.

Johannes Byllyngford, armiger, jur'.

[Jacobus Arblaster, armiger, jur'.][237.2]

Willelmus Deymayne, armiger, jur'.

Willelmus Dawbeney, armiger, jur'.

Willelmus Julles, jur'.

Christofre Norwiche, jur'.

Thomas Holler, jur'.

Johannes Berkyng, jur'.

Robert Bryghtlede, jur'.

Robertus Spany, jur'.

Johannes Bernard, jur'.

Rogerus Iryng, jur'.

Robertus Townesende.

Johannes Grygges de Ranworth, jur'.

Robertus Regestre, jur'.

Johannes Maunvyle, jur'.

Willelmus Rysyng.

Johannes Doke.

Robertus Jekkes, jur'.

Johannes Why[te].

Henr[icus] ... ratte.

Car[ol]us Barker.

Johannes Cappe.

Thomas Paternoster.

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