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And as to money, I delyvered unto the Under-tresorier[198.5] a lettre from Maister Filongley, and I fonde hym right wele disposid to doo that may please yow in all our materes; and take noo money of hym as yette, for we have noo nede to spend ony sumes as yette, ner with Gods grace shall not have. I come to this town of Coventre suche day sevenyght as the parlement byganne; and as for suche things as I coude herken aftyr, I sende to William Worcetre a grete bille of tidings to shewe yow and all.

Yesterday in the mornyng come inne th'erle of Pembroke[198.6] with a good felechip; and the Duchesse of York[198.7] come yestereven late, as the bringer here of shall more pleinly declare yow, to whom ye like to gif credence. The Bushop of Excester[198.8] and the Lord Grey Ruthyn[198.9] have declarid them ful worshipfuly to the Kings grete plesir. Playter and I writen you a lettre by Norffolk, yoman for the Kyngs mouth.



_The following list of those of the Duke of York's party who were attainted by Parliament was found by Fenn pinned to the above letter:_--

The Duc of York.

Therle of Marche.

Therle of Rutland.

Therle of Warrwyk.

Therle of Salusbury.

The Lord Powys.

The Lord Clynton.

The Countesse of Sarr.

Sir Thomas Nevyle.

Sir John Nevyle.

Sir Thomas Haryngton.

Sir Thomas o Parre.

Sir John Conyers.

Sir John Wenlok.

Sir William Oldhall.

Edward Bourghcier, sq.

A brother of his.

Thomas Vaughan.

Thomas Colte.

Thomas Clay.

John Denham.

Thomas Moryng.

John Oter.

Maistr Ric Fisher.

Hastyngs and other that as yet we can not know the names, &c.

As for the Lord Powys, he come inne, and hadde grace as for his lyf, but as for hise gods the forfeture passid.

[Footnote 197.6: [From Fenn, i. 178.] This letter was written at Coventry during the Parliament which sat there in 1459, when the Duke of York and his adherents were attainted.]

[Footnote 197.7: William Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester.]

[Footnote 197.8: James, Earl of Wiltshire, was made Treasurer of England on the 30th October 1458.--_Patent Roll_, 37 Hen. VI., p. 1, m. 21.]

[Footnote 197.9: _See_ vol. ii. p. 167, Note 3.]

[Footnote 198.1: Against the Duke of York and his adherents.]

[Footnote 198.2: Lawrence Booth.]

[Footnote 198.3: Sir John Fortescue.]

[Footnote 198.4: St. Nicholas' Day is the 6th December.]

[Footnote 198.5: 'Undertresouer' in Fenn must, I think, be a misprint.]

[Footnote 198.6: Jasper Tudor. --_See_ vol. ii. p. 298, Note 1.]

[Footnote 198.7: Cecily, daughter of Ralph Nevill, Earl of Westmoreland.]

[Footnote 198.8: George Nevill, son of Richard, Earl of Salisbury, brother of Richard, Earl of Warwick. He was afterwards Archbishop of York.]

[Footnote 198.9: Edmund, Lord Grey of Ruthin, afterwards created Earl of Kent.]



[Sidenote: 1459 / NOV. or DEC.]

Mekely besechith Phelip Wentworth, Knyght, that where the warde and mariage of Thomas, sone and heire of John Fastolf, late of Cowhaugh in the [county] of Suffolk, squyer, and of the lond of the same John, belonged to the Kyng of rigth, and among other by reason of the nonnage of the sayd heir, the maner of Bradwell in the said counte was sesed in to his handes by vertu of an enquest take a fore his Eschetour of the seid counte. The whiche offices[199.2] John Fastolf, Knyght, and other tented to traverse, and by that meane had the sayd maner to ferme, accordyng to the statute in that case made, and it was founden and jugement yoven for the Kyng in the said traverse by the labour of the said Phelipp, which, the xviij. day of Novembre, the yer of the regne of the Kyng the xxvj.,[200.1] bougth of Marmaduke Lampney, than Tresorer of Englond, the said ward and mariage for an C. marc, as it appereth in the Kynges receyte, be syde all other costes and charges that the said Phelipp hath don uppon the same, as weel in fyndyng of the Kyngges title of the said ward, as in the meyntenauns of all other sewtes dependyng uppon the same, to the costes of the said Sir Phelypp more than D. marc.

And the said John Fastolf, Knyght, was adjuged in the Kynges eschequer to pay an C.ix_li._ xiij_s._ viij_d._ _ob._ for the issuez and profites which he had take of the londes of the same warde. And where the Kyngges lettres patentes be entred in the remembrauns on the Tresorer parte in the said eschequyer in this fourme:

Rex omnibus ad quos, &c., salutem. Sciatis quod per manucaptionem Thomae West de London armigeri, et Willelmi Barker de Norwico gentilman, commisimus Johanni Paston armigero et Thomae Howes clerico custodiam omnium terrarum et tenementorum cum pertinentiis quae fuerunt Johannis Fastolf de Cowhaugh in com Suffolk armigeri die quo obiit et quae per mortem ejusdem Johannis Fastolf ac ratione minoris aetatis Thomae, filii et haeredis dicti Johannis Fastolf, ad manus nostras devenerunt et in manibus nostris ad huc existunt; habendam a tempore mortis praefati Johannis Fastolf usque ad plenam aetatem dicti haeredis, una cum maritagio ejusdem haeredis, absque disparagatione; et si de haerede illo humanitus contingat antequam ad plenam aetatem suam pervenerit, haerede illo infra aetatem existente non maritato, tunc dicti Johannes Paston et Thomas Howes habeant custodiam et maritagium hujusmodi haeredis, simul cum custodia omnium terrarum et tenementorum praedictorum; et sic de haerede in haeredem quousque aliquis haeres haeredum praedictorum ad plenam aetatem suam pervenerit: Reddendo nobis prout concordari poterit cum Thesaurario nostro Angliae citra festum Paschae proximo futuro, ac sustentando domos clausuras et aedificia, necnon supportando alia onera dictis terris et tenementis cum pertinentiis spectantia sive aliquo modo incumbentia quam diu custodiam habuerint supradictam, ac inveniendo dicto haeredi compententem sustentationem suam: Eo quod expressa mentio de vero valore annuo praemissorum in praesentibus minime facta existit, aut aliquo statuto, actu sive ordinacione in contrarium edito sive proviso non obstante. Proviso semper quod si aliquis alius plus dare voluerit de incremento per annum pro custodia et maritagio praedictis, quod tunc praedicti Johannes Paston et Thomas Howys tantum pro eisdem solvere teneantur si custodiam et maritagium habere voluerint supradictam. In cujus &c. Teste Rege apud Westmonasterium vj^to die Junij anno H. vj^ti xxxij^{do}.

And after that an accorde is entred in the sayd Eschequer in thys forme:--_In Hillarii record', anno xxxvj^to Regis H. vj^ti ex parte Remembr' Thesaurarii:_

Et modo, xx. die Februarii hoc termino, praedicti Johannes Paston et Thomas Howys venerunt hic in propriis personis suis et optulerunt se ad concordandum cum Thesaurario Angliae pro custodia omnium terrarum et tenementorum, una cum maritagio ejusdem haeredis. Et super hoc concordatum est inter Johannem Comitem Wigorniae, Thesaurario Angliae et praefatos Johannem Paston et Thomam Howys quod ipsi solvent domino Regi pro custodia omnium terrarum et tenementorum praedictorum, videlicet a tempore mortis praefati Johannis Fastolf usque ad plenam aetatem dicti haeredis ac maritagium ejusdem haeredis, decem marcas tantum; de quibus quidem x. marcis consideratum est per Barones quod praedicti Johannes Paston et Thomas Howys et manucaptores sui praedicti pro custodia et maritagio praedictis erga Regem onerentur praetextu Regis literarum patentium et concordiae predictorum ac aliorum praemissorum.

So by the sayd lettres patentez and the sayd accorde the sayd John Paston and Thomas Howys schuld have the sayd C.ix_li._ xiij_s._ viij_d._ _ob._ and the sayd ward and mariage, the whiche is worthe CC_li._, for the sayd x. marc only. And also, for as moche as the sayd Tresorer recordeth in the Kyngges High Court of Parlement begonne at Westminster the ix. day of Jule the yer of the Kyngges noble regne xxxiij., that he made never no suche accord wyth the sayd John Paston and Thomas Howys of the sayd ward, the whiche mater is of record in the Kyngges chauncerye certefyed by the sayd Erle of Worceter, as weell as by other his lettres to dyvers persones directed, sealed with his signet, wretyn and signet with hys owen hand, as plenerly dooth appere: Where for plese it your gret wysdams, the premisses considered, to pray the Kyng oure soverayn Lord, that, by the advys and assent of his Lordes spirituelx and temperelx, and by you hys comunes in the present parlement assembled, stablysshed and inacted that the sayd entre of accord and jugement theruppon be anulled and of non effect. And the sayd Phelyppe schall pray to God for you, &c.

[Footnote 199.1: [From Paston MSS., B.M.] This petition was presented to the Parliament which sat at Coventry in 1459, and received the Royal assent. It has already been printed in the _Rolls of Parl._, v. 371.]

[Footnote 199.2: An inquisition taken before an escheator, by virtue of his office, was frequently called an office.]

[Footnote 200.1: A.D. 1447.]

[[was adjuged in the Kynges eschequer to pay an C.ix_li._ xiij_s._ viij_d._ _period (full stop) after _li._ invisible_]]




[Sidenote: 1460 / JAN. 6]

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