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Anno Domini millesimo quadringentesimo quinquagesimo nono, mensis Novembris, videlicet, die Sabbati proximo post Festum Omnium Sanctorum, Johannes Fastolff, miles, de comitatu Northfolch, Norwicen Dioc', in manerio suo de Castre, dictae Diocesis, quoad bona sua immobilia suam ultimam declaravit voluntatem prout sequitur:

John Fastolff, Knyght, the secunde and the thirde day of the moneth of Novembre, the yere of the reigne of King Henry the Sexte after the Conquest, xxxviij. yers, being of longe tyme, as he said, in purpos and wille to founde and stablissh withynne the gret mansion at Castre, by hym late edified, a college of vij. religious men, monkes or seculer prestes, and vij. pore folke, to pray for his soule and the soulys of his wife, his fader and modir, and other that he was beholde to, imperpetuite. And forasmuch as he had, as he rehercid, a very truste and love to his cosyn, John Paston, and desired the performyng of the purpoos and wille forsad to be accomplisshed, and that the said Sir John shulde not be mevid ne sterid in his owne persone for the said accomplisshing of the said purpoos and wille, ne with noon other wordly maters, but at his oune request and plesire, wolde, graunted, and ordeyned that the said John Paston shalle, withynne resonable tyme aftir the dissese of the said Sir John, doo founde and stablisshe in the said mansion a college of vij. monkes or prestes and vij. pore folke, for to pray for the soulys above said imperpetuite; so that one of the said monkes or prestes be maister, and have x_li._ yerely, and ich othir monke or preste x. marc yerely, and ich of the pore folke xl_s._ yerely; and that the said John Paston shalle make sure to the said collegions a sufficient roume and a competent and an esy duelling place in the said mansion, the said collegions nor her successours bering no charge of reparacion therof. For which, and for othir charges and labours that the said John Paston hath doon and take uppon hym, to the eas and profite of the said John Fastolf, and for othir consideracions by hym rehercid, the said Sir John Fastolff wolde, graunted, and ordeyned that the said John Paston shalle have alle the maners, landes, and tenementes in North[folk], Southfolk, and Norwich, in which the said John Paston or any other are or were enfeffed or have title to the use of the said Sir John Fastolf; and at [_that_] alle the feffees infeffed in the said maners, londes, and tenementes shalle make and deliver astate of the said maners, landes, and tenementes to such persones, at such tymes, and in such forme as the said John Paston, his heirs, and his assignes shalle requere thaym or any of thayme. And that the said John Paston shall pay to othir of the said Sir Johns executours iiij^ml. [4000] marc of laufulle money of England in the forme that folweth, that is to say: Where the said Sir John hadde apointed and assigned that his executours shalle, the first yere aftir his disses, dispoos for his soule and performyng his wille a m^l. marks or a m^{l}_li._ [1000] of money, and yerely aftir, viij^c. [800] marc, tille the goodes be disposed, the said John Paston shalle pay iche othir yere the said summe of viij^c. marc till the summe of iiij^m. [4000] be paid; so that the said mevabill goodes shall the lenger endure to be disposed, by th'avise of his executours, for the said soulys: And also the said Sir John said, forasmuch as it was the very wille and entent of the said Sir John that the said John Paston shulde be thus be avauntaged and in no wise hurte of his propir goodes, therfore the said Sir John wolde graunted that if the said John Paston, aftir the dissese of the said Sir John, by occasion and unlaufulle trouble in this reame, or by mayntenaunce or myght of Lordes, or for defaute of justice, or by unresonable exaccions axid of hym for the licence of the said fundacion, withoute coveyne or fraude of hym selve, be lettid or taried of the making or stablesshing of the making of the said fundacion, that thanne he fynde or doo finde yerely aftir the first yere of thus dissese of the said Sir John, vij.

prestes to pray for the said soulys in the said mansion, if he can purvey so many, or els for as many prestes as faile, yeve yerely aftir the said first yere, by th'avise of his executours, to bedred men and othir nedy true pepille, as much money in almose for the said sowlys as the salary or findyng of the prestes so faillyng is worthe or amounteth to, unto the tyme he may laufully and peasably founde the said college and doo his true devir for the said fundacion in the meane tyme. And the said Sir John Fastolf wolde, graunted, and desired faithfully alle the residewe of his executours and feffees to shewe the said John Paston favore in the said paymentes and daies, and help hym for the Kinges interesse and the eschetours, and furthir hym in that they may in alle othir thinges as they wolde doo to hym selve, and not vex ne inquiete hym for the said fundacion in the meane tyme. Ande where the said Sir John Fastolf made his wille and testament the xiiij. day of June in somer last passed, he wolde, graunted, and ordeyned that this his wille touching thes premissez, as welle as the said wille made the said xiiij.

day, except and voided out of his said wille, made the said xiiij. day, alle that concerneth or perteyneth to the fundacion of a college, priory, or chauntery, or of any religious persones, and all that concerneth the sale or disposing of the said maners, landes, and tenementes, wherof this is the very declaracion of his full wille, stand and be joyntly his very enteir and last wille, and annexed and proved togedir. Also the said Sir John Fastolf, Knyght, the Tuysday next before the fest of Alle Saintes, and in the moneth of Septembre the said yere, and the iij. day of Novembre, and diverse other tymes, at Castre aforesaid, wolde, ordeynyd, and declared his wille touching the making of the said college, as welle as the graunte of the said maners, landes, and tenementes in Norffolk, Suffolk, and Norwich, in fourme, manere, and substance aforeseid. Also the said Sir John wolde and ordeyned that if the said John Paston, by force or myght of any othir desiring to have the said mansion, were letted to founde the seid college in the said mansion, that thanne the said John Paston shulde doo poule down the said mansion and every stone and stikke therof, and do founde iij. of the said vij. prestes or monkes at Saincte Benettes, and one at Yermuth, one at Attilbrugh, and one at Sainte Oloves Church in Southwerke. Also the said Sir John Fastolf, the iij. and iiij. daies of the moneth of Novembir abovesaid, desired his said wille or writyng, touching the fundacion of the said college and the graunte of the said maners, landes, and tenementes to the said John Paston, to be redde unto the said Sir John; and that same wille redde and declared unto hym articulerly, the said Sir John Fastolffe wolde, ordeyned, and graunted that the said John Paston shulde be discharged of the payment of the said iiij^ml. markes, and noght pay therof in case he did execute the remenaunte of the said wille.

Also the said Sir John Fastolf, Knyght, aboute the tyme of hervest the yere of the reigne of King Henry the Sexte, xxxv^th yere at Castre faste by Mikel Yermuth, in the shire of Norffolk, in presence of divers persones that tyme called to by the said Sir John, did make astate and feffement and liverey of the seasin of the maner of Castre aforesaid, and othir maners, landes, and tenementes in Norffolk, to John Paston, Squier, and othir; and at that lyverey of season therof delivered, as welle by the handes of the said Sir John as by other, the said Sir John Fastolfe by his owne mouth declared his wille and entente of that feffement and liverey of season made to the use of the said Sir John asfor during his live onely, and aftir his decese, to the use of the said John Paston and his heirs. And also the said Sir John said and declared that the said John Paston was the best frende and helper and supporter to the said Sir John, and that was his wille that the said John Paston shulde have and enherite the same maners, landes, and tenementes and othir aftir his decese, and there to duelle and abide and kepe householde; and desired Daun William Bokenham, Priour of Yermouth, and Raufe Lampet, Squier, Bailly of Yermuth, that tyme present, to recorde the same. Also the said Sir John Fastolf, the vj. day of July next aftir the tyme of the sealing of his wille made the xiiij. day of June, the xxxv. of King Henry the Sexte, and aftir in the presence of Daun William Bokenham, that tyme Prioure of Yermouth, and other, wolde, ordeyned, and declared by wille that the said John Paston shulde have alle thynges as the said Sir John had graunted and declared to the said prioure and othir at the tyme of the said [asta]te and feffement made to the [said] John Paston, the said xxxv. yere of King Henry the vj^th, the said John seyng [_saying_] that he was of the same wille and purpoos as he was and declared at the tyme [of the] said astate takyng. Also the said Sir John wolde that John Paston and Thomas Howes, and noon othir of his executours, shulde selle alle maners, landes, and tenementes in whiche any persones were enfeffed to the use of the said Sir John, excepte the said maners, landes, and tenementes in Norffolk, Suffolk, and Norwich; and the same John Paston and Thomas Howes shalle take and receyve the profites, ysshueys, and emolumentes commyng of the said maners, landes, and tenementes, excepte before except, tille they may resonably be solde; and that the said John Paston and Thomas, the money comyng of the same sale, as welle of the said proufites, ysshuys, and emolumentes, shulde dispoos in dedys of almose for the soule of the said Sir John and the soulys aforesaid, and in executyng of his wille and testament: And also the said Sir John wolde that alle the feffees enfeffed in the said maners, landes, and tenementes assigned to be sold, whanne thay be required by the said John Paston and Thomas Howes, shall make astate to persone or persons as the said John Paston and Thomas shalle selle to, the said maners, landes, and tenementes, or any parte therof, and that noon othir feffe [_feoffee_] nor the executours of the said Sir John shall make any feffement, relece, ne quitance of any londes befor assigned to be solde that wer at any tyme longing to the said Sir John, withoute the assente of the said John Paston and Thomas Howes. Datum anno Domini, mense, die et loco supradictis.

[Footnote 160.2: [From Add. MS. 22,927, B.M.]]

[[the said John Paston shulde be thus be avauntaged _text unchanged: superfluous "be" or error for "shulde he"?_]]



Anno Domini [millesimo][163.2] quadringentesimo quinquagesimo nono, mensis Novembris, videlicet, die Sabbati proximo post Festum Omnium Sanctorum, Johannes Fastolffe, miles, de com' Norfolk, Norvicen' dioc', in manerio suo de Castre, dict' dioc', suum condidit testamentum, et ipsius ultimam declaravit voluntatem, prout sequitur:--In primis, commendavit et commisit animam suam Deo Omnipotenti, Creatori suo, ac gloriosae Virgini Mariae, matri Domini nostri Jesu Christi, et omnibus Sanctis. Item, legavit corpus suum, postquam ab hac luce migraverit, sepeliendum in ecclesia conventuali monasterii Sancti Benedicti in Hulmo, Norvicen' dioc', sub arcu novae capellae per ipsum ibidem de novo constructae, ex parte australi chori sive cancelli, sub tumba marmorea, juxta corpus Milicenciae olim consortis suae ibidem sepultae; ac voluit quod abbas et conventus monasterii praedicti, antequam corpus suum ibidem sepeliretur, securitatem facerent quod dabunt et concedent Johanni Paston et aliis per ipsum nominandis, licentiam dandi et concedendi septem monachis vel presbyteris et eorum successoribus in quodam collegio apud Castre praedict' per praedictum Johannem Paston stabiliendo et dotando, terras et tenementa quae idem Johannes Paston et alii feoffati per ipsum Johannem Fastolf seu suos feoffatos de dictis abbate et conventu tenent, vel tantum inde quantum idem Johannes dictis monachis vel presbyteris dare voluerit. Item legavit, ordinavit, et praecepit omnia debita sua fideliter persolvi et quaecumque per ipsum forisfacta de quibus constare poterit, emendari, restitui,[164.1] et satisfieri cum effectu. Item legavit ad reparationem et sustentationem portus villae Magnae Jernemuth', ac ad renovationem et sustentationem murorum dictae villae pro bono commodo reipublicae, salva tuitione villae praedictae et patriae adjacentis, centum marcas sterlingorum, sub conditione quod burgenses seu gubernatores dictae villae sine mora seu dilatione perficiant[164.2] reparationem portus et murorum praedictorum quamdiu dicta summa a se extendet, ut gentes ibidem commorantes habeant animam suam in suis orationibus specialiter recommendatam. Item, cuilibet ecclesiae parochiali singularum villarum in quibus habuit, aut aliquis ad suum usum habet, domum seu manerium, terras, et tenementa pro speciali recommendatione animae suae, unum vestimentum de serico panno pro missis ibidem celebrandis, et quod fiat in eodem scutum armorum suorum brodinatum secundum discretionem executorum suorum et indigentiam dictarum ecclesiarum. Item, legavit et ordinavit servientibus[164.3]

suis et familiaribus domesticis remunerationem condignam seu competentem de bonis suis mobilibus juxta statum suorum [_sic_] ad summam tres centum marcarum, ita quod quilibet generosus habeat duplicem ad valentiam, et sic descendendo successive juxta statum eorum seu exigentiam meritorum ministrorum suorum ac fidelium laborum, habita tamen consideratione ad certos servientes[164.4] circa personam suam attendentes diebus et noctibus in laboribus, angustiis et vigiliis, tam in sanitate quam in infirmitate, circa praeservationem corporis sui ac sanitatem celerius obtinendum. Item, legavit cuilibet ordini Fratrum religiosorum et domorum Mendicantium, tam in villa Magnae Jernemouth quam in civitate Norwici, pro recommendatione animae suae, summam competentem secundum discretionem executorum suorum limitandum, cum nihil in proprio habeant unde sustentari valeant nisi de caritate et elemosina devotorum Christianorum. Residuum vero omnium bonorum suorum mobilium legata sua excedentium, ac catallorum suorum vivorum et mortuorum, ac debita singula quae sibi debeantur, dedit et legavit executoribus suis infrascriptis juxta modum, formam et potestatem eisdem per eum superius limitatam, specificatam et ascriptam, ut ipsi eisdem modo et forma, per inde omni pondere discretionis et sani consilii, ea distribuant pro salute animae suae inter maxime debiles et pauperes, claudos et caecos, ac alios impotentes in eorum lectis decumbentes, se et suos sustentare commode non valentes; habita consideratione speciali ad pauperes de consanguinitate et affinitate sua intimos et propinquos, et praesertim in locis ubi quondam possessiones, praedia, redditus et sua dominia fuerunt situata, et praesertim in villis et locis ubi habent, seu aliquis ad usum suum habet, dominia, maneria, terras, tenementa, et etiam ad emendationem pauperum ecclesiarum villarum praedictarum, viarum turpium et pontium communium reparationem, et in aliis piis elemosinariis usibus et caritatis operibus, specialiter in comitatibus Norfolk' et Suffolk'; et quod circa funeralia et legata sua ac elemosinas supradictas primo anno post decessum suum mille marcae seu mille librae disponantur, et annuatim postea quingentae librae, triginta tres librae, sex solidi et octo denarii, quousque bona sua mobilia et pecuniae de venditione terrarum ac bonorum suorum vendendorum provenientia modo et forma praedictis plenarie disponantur, sicut coram Deo in die extremo Examinis voluerint respondere; et ad hoc eos exhortabatur in Domino Jesu Christo taliter pro[165.1] ipso singula fideliter peragere vellent cum pro eis in casu consimili faceret juxta conscientiam, rationem, et justitiam. Et praedicti testamenti ac ultimae voluntatis suae suos executores ad exequendum, disponendum et ministrandum modo et forma per eum inferius limitatis et subscriptis, constituit, ordinavit, fecit et elegit Willelmum Wintoniensem episcopum; Johannem, Dominum de Beauchamp; Nicholaum, abbatem de Langle; Johannem Stokes, legum doctorem; Fratrem Johannem Brakley, doctorem theologiae; Willelmum Yelverton, unum justiciariorum Domini Regis; Johannem Paston, armigerum; Henricum Filongley, armigerum; Dominum Thomam Howes, presbyterum; et Willelmum Worcester; quos modum et formam executionis et administrationis bonorum suorum per executores suos fiend' sic limitavit, voluit, disposuit, et modificavit; videlicet, quod praedicti Johannes Paston et Thomas Howes solum et ante alios executores praedictos subeant et habeant administrationem et dispositionem omnium bonorum mobilium, catallorum ac denariorum ex venditione omnium terrarum et tenementorum suorum vendendorum et proficuorum eorundem terrarum et tenementorum provenientum, ut ipsi duo soli ea disponant pro salute animae suae, et quod alii executores supradicti abstineant se ab omni administratione dictorum bonorum suorum, nisi pro modo, forma, causa, loco, et tempore quibus per ipsos Johannem Paston et Thomam Howes ad eorem juramenta pro dicta administratione fuerint evocati pariter et rogati; et quod nullus dictorum aliorum executorum suorum sine consensu et voluntate ac advisamento dictorum Johannes Paston et Thomae Howes capiat aliquid seu distribuat de bonis suis mobilibus et catallis praedictis, nec venditionem eorundem neque terrarum nec tenementorum praedictorum faciat, nec aliqua sibi debita recipiat, neque aliquos creditores suos quovis modo acquiet et, neque, praedictis Johanne Paston et Thoma Howes viventibus et administrare bona sua volentibus, aliquis alius executorum praedictorum administrationem bonorum suscipiat suorum, sed quod quantum dicti alii sui executores ad [_sic_] eorem singuli praedict' Johanni Paston et Thomae Howes in quibuscunque egibilibus [_sic_] quae hujusmodi testamentum et ultimam voluntatem concernentibus, favorabiliter assistant et succurrant cum per eosdem fuerint ad hoc requisiti. Voluit tamen quod si alter praedictorum Johannis et Thomae recusaverit onus administrationis bonorum hujusmodi subire, vel ante administrationem functam obierit, quod tunc ille dictorum duorum executorum suorum administrare volens eligat unum de executoribus praedictis sibi associandis quem putaverit in hiis sibi magis idoneum, et ita voluit fieri de omnibus aliis executoribus praescriptis; videlicet, quod uno moriente vel deficiente de duobus, alter loco ipsius ad electionem administrationem incumbent' substituatur et assumatur. Si autem ambo executores praedicti onus recusaverint subire administrationis praedictae, vel ambo executores administrationem incumbentes moriantur antequam substituantur executores alii, voluit quod tunc illi duo executores viventes praedictam administrationem subeant et habeant quos major pars executorum viventium sui testamenti duxerit eligendos, et quod illi duo administrationem subeuntes ad dictos Dominum Episcopum et Dominum de Beauchamp, Nicolaum Abbatem de Langley, Johannem Stokes, Fratrem Johannem Bracley, Willelmum Yelverton, Henricum Filongley, et Willelmum Worcester recursum habeant pro eorum consilio et advisamento obtinendo in causis arduis et materiis requisitis. Supervisores vero dicti testamenti reverendissimum in Christo patrem et dominum, Dominum Thomam Dei gratia Cantuariensem Archiepiscopum, Walterum Episcopum Norwicensem, Magistrum Robertum Popy clericum, et Hugonem Fenn, Domini Regis auditorem, ordinavit et constituit, et voluit quod dicti duo executores onus administrationis subeuntes remunerarentur secundum merita laborum suorum et diligentiam in praemissis expediendis juxta discretionem dicti Domini Episcopi Wintoniensis et Magistri Johannis Stokes, seu majoris partis aliorum executorum viventium. Supervisores vero praedicti et caeteri executores remunerarentur secundum merita laborum suorum per discretionem duorum executorum dictae administrationi incumbentium. Et voluit quod si quis praedictorum per eum superius nominatorum dictos Johannem Paston et Thomam Howes in officio suo hujusmodi seu circa administrationem bonorum ejusdem defuncti quoquomodo impediverit, turbaverit, vexaverit, molestaverit, vel inquietaverit, aut aliquid praedictorum facere praesumpserit vel conatus fuerit, ab administratione bonorum suorum omnino removeatur, et si quid praemissorum ante susceptionem administrationis hujusmodi attemptaverit, ipsum ad administrationem hujusmodi nullatenus admitti voluit et declaravit.

Datum anno Domini, mense, die, loco supradictis.

[Footnote 163.1: From a modern copy among the MSS. at Narford, in the possession of Andrew Fountaine, Esq. The original of this document has not been met with, and the copy from which it is printed is unfortunately very corrupt; but no other text is obtainable. The more obvious inaccuracies have been corrected, but some obscurities remain, on which the reader may exercise his own judgment. For a knowledge of this document I am indebted to Mr. Tyssen Amhurst, of Didlington Hall, Brandon, to whom it was lent by the owner.]

[Footnote 163.2: Omitted in MS.]

[Footnote 164.1: restum, MS.]

[Footnote 164.2: proficiant, MS.]

[Footnote 164.3: finentibus, MS.]

[Footnote 164.4: finentes, MS.]

[Footnote 165.1: per, MS.]



[Sidenote: 1459]

Memorandum that here aftir foloweth an inventarye of the gold and silver in coyne and plate, and othir godes and catelles that sumtyme were Sir John Fastolf, Knyght, whiche the said Sir John Fastolf gaf to John Paston, Squier, and Thomas Howys, clerk, of trust and confidence, that the same godes shuld the more saufly be kept to the use of the said Sir John duryng his lif, and aftir his decesse to be disposed in satisfiyng of the duetees and dettes to God and Holy Chirche, and to alle othir, and in fulfillyng and execucion of his legate last wille and testament without eny defraudyng of the said Holy Chirche or of eny creditours or persones.

[Footnote 166.1: [From Add. Charter 17,247, B.M.] The MS. from which this document is printed is a roll which appears to have been at one time in the possession of Blomefield, the historian of Norfolk. At the end is the following note in his handwriting:-- 'March 7, 1743.--A true coppy of this roll given to Sr. Andr. Fountain, Kt., by me, Fra. Blomefield.']

First, in goold and silver, founden in th'abbey of Seynt Benet aftir the decesse of the said Sir John Fastolf, m^{l}m^l iiij^xx xiij_li._ iij_s._ iiij_d._ Item, founden atte Castre, lxj_li._ vj_s._ viij_d._ Item, receyved atte Bentlee by the handes of William Barker in money by hym receyved of John Heryngton, xx_li._ Item, receyved atte London, CCCClxix_li._

Summa M^{l}M^{l}DCxliij_li._ x_s._ in coyne.

First, two peces of golde, weiyng xlviij. unces.

Item, two ewers of golde, weiyng xxvij. unces.

Item, j. flaget of silver, weiyng xxxviij. unces.

Item, ij. prikettys of silver, weiyng xxvij. unces et di.

Summa of golde, lxxv. unces, and of silver, lv. unces.

Item, iij. chargeours of silver, weiyng vij^xx iij. unces.

Item, xij. platers of silver, weiyng ix^xx ix. unces.

Item, xij. disshes of silver, weiyng vij^xx viij. unces.

Item, xij. sausers of silver, weiyng iiij^xx xv. unces.

Summa v^c lxxv. unces.

Item, xij. flat peces bolyond in the bothom, weiyng viij^xx ix.


Item, vj. bolles with oon coverecle [_lid_] of silver, the egges gilt, my maister helmet enameled in the myddes, weiyng viij^xx iiij. unces.

Item, a candilstik, a priket and ij. sokettys of silver, weiyng xvij. unces.

Item, ij. potell pottes of silver wrethyn, the verges gilt with braunches enameled, with j. tree in the lyddys, weiyng vj^xx xij.


Item, ij. galon pottes of silver wrethyn, the verges gilt, enameled in the lyddes with iij. floures, weiyng xj^xx ix. unces.

Item, j. roste iron with vij. staves and j. foldyng stele of silver, weiyng lxxiij. unces.

Item, ij. flagons of silver, with gilt verges, and the cheynes enameled in the myddes, with j. hoke, weiyng ix^xx unces.

Summa, ix^c lxiiij. unces.

Item, a saltsaler like a bastell [_a bastille or small tower_], alle gilt with roses, weiyng lxxvij. unces.

Item, a paire of basyns, alle gylt, with an antelope in the myddes, weiyng xj^xx unces.

Item, ij. ewers, gilt, pounsed with floures and braunches, weiyng xxxix. unces.

Item, j. spice plate, well gilt like a double rose, my maister helmet in the myddes, with rede roses of my maisters armes, weiyng v^xx x. unces.

Item, ij. galon pottes, all gilt, enameled in the crownes with violet floures, weiyng x^xx xiij. unces.

Item, vj. bolles, with oon coveracle gilt, with my maisters helmet enamelled in the myddes, weiyng viij^xx vj. unces.

Item, j. stondyng cuppe, all gilt, with a coveracle, with my maisters helmet enamyled in the myddes, weiyng xlj. unces.

Item, another cuppe of the same facione, all gilt, weiyng xlij.


Item, iiij. cuppes, gilt like founteyns, with j. columbyne floure enameled in the myddes, weiyng iiij^xx xvj. unces.

Summa, DCCCClxv. unces.

Item, j. grete flagon, with stuf theryn, weiyng xvij^xx xj. unces.

Summa, CCClj. unces.

Item, vj. platers, weiyng vij^xx unces.

Item, xiiij. disshes, weiyng ix^xx unces.

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