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[Sidenote: 1459 / NOV. 3]

In the name and the wurship of the holy, blyssydfull Trynite [in the year] of our Lord Jesu Crist, M^{l}CCCCLIX., and in the xxxviij. yeer of [our souerayn Kyng] of Englonde and of Fraunce, Herry the Sexte, the iij. day of the moneth [of] Novembre,[147.3] I, John Fastolf of Castre, be Gret Jernemuth, of the counte of [Norfolk], Knyght, beynge in good remembraunce, albeit I am sykly and thorwh age infeb[led], bryngyng to mende and often revolvynge in my soule how this world is tra ... and how, amongs all e[r]thely thynges that is present or for to come, there is noe thynge in this onstable world so serteyn to creature of man kende as is departynge out of this world be dethe, the soule from the wrechyd body; and noo thynge erthely so onserteyn as the oure and tyme of deth--Therefore I, willynge and desyringe that of suche goodes of substaunce worldly, mevabill and onmevable, that God of hise bounteuous grace hathe sent me in my lif to dispose and ocupye, that they be disposed as it may be thowght best for the helthe of my soule and to the plessaunce of God, and also for the relyf, soccour, and helpe of the soulez that I am most oblygid and bounde to purveye and doo ... for, as the soule of John Fastolf, my fadyr, Dame Mary, doutyr of Nicholas ... . . my modir, and the soule of Dame Milcent, my wiff, the dautyr of [Sir Robert] Tibtot, knyght, and for the soulez of othyr of myn ...

... . kynsefolke and speciall frendes here undir wretyn,--I ordeyn and ... . . this my last will in fourme and maner folwyng:--

[_First Draft._]

*[_Fyrst_, I will and ordeyne that, if it plese oure sovereynge lord Kynge Herry the Sexte, or hese heyre Kynges, for the longe contynwyd servise be me in the daye of strengthe and helthe of my body, to hym and to the noble Kynge Herry the Forthe and Herry the Fifte, hise progenitoris, and to hise noble uncles John Duke of Bedford, Thomas Duke of Clarence, whill they were in the werrys of oure seyd sovereyng Lord and hise noble progenitorys forseid, in Fraunce and Normandy as in cuntreez and othyr placis, consederynge my many gret labourys, peynis, and perilis in the seyd servise of oure sovereyn Lord and hise noble progenitoris forseyd, and hise pleyntyuous grace withoutyn ony other ... . . of myn executores namyd in my testament, or ellys for a resonable sume of [money] whiche oure seyd sovereyn Lord owith me, or in othir wise, or be ony othyr meane, so as myn executores therein shall accorde with oure seyd sovereyn Lord and hise counsell, or with hise heire Kynges and here councell, to lycence and graunte to them that be feffyd to myn use in my Lordshepis manerez, londes, tenementes, rentes, servisez, with here appurtenaunces, or to here assigneez aftyr the effecte and forme of the lawe, by the avyse of myn executores, to ordeyne, founde, and stablishe, withinne the gret mancion or dwelynge place late be me newe edified and motid in the town of Castre, be Gret Jernemuth, in the counte of Norffolk, whiche mancion or dwellyng place I was born in, a collage of a prioury of vj. religeous personis, monks of the ordir of Seynt Benett, and to inmorteise and graunte to the seyd priour and vj. religeous personis, or to here successorys, the forseyd mancion or dwellynge place, with all the appurtenauncez and othir suffecient and cleer lyflode of the forseyd lordshepis, maneres, londes, and tenementes, rentes, and servisez, with here appurtenauncez, for the sustentacion of the seyd priour and vj. religeous personys and here successorys, and for here othyr chargys and reparacionis, and for vij.

pore men in the seyd collage in perpetuite, be the avise and discrecion of myn executores forseid, to be foundyd and susteynid; and that thanne the forseyd feffees or her assignees if they ... . grauntes of othyr havyng entresse in this be halve requisit lawefully shul make, founde, and stablishe, or doo be made, founde, and stablishid in the seyd collage, with the seyd priour and vj. religeous men, ever to endure, for to prey for my soule and for the soulez of my fadir and my modir, and of all my kynsefolk and good doeres, and for the soulez of the blissyd memorye Kynges forseyd, Herry the Forthe and Herry the Fifte, and the seyd noble Dukys, and for the good astat and prosperite of oure sovereyn Lord durynge hese lyf tyme, and aftyr for hese soule, and for all Cristeyn soules, therefor to synge and sey dayli devyne servise and preyeris in perpetuite; and to be of the orderis, proffession, obedyence, and governaunce of the ordyr of Seynt Benettes, and of the same ordyr and profession as been the monkes of Seynt Benettes in Holme, in the counte of Norffolk, and shalbe stablyshid be the good avyse of myn executorys: And thoo feffeez forseyd, or here assygnez, inmorteyse and graunte, or do been inmorteised and grauntid, feffe sufficiently swyrly and lawfully to the seyd pryour and religeous, [and to their]

successores, the forseyd mancion and dwellynge place, with the appurte[nances], ... . sufficient, swyr, and cleer lyflode of the for seyd lordshepis maneres ... . rentes, servisez, with here appurtenancez in Castre forseyd, and in all othir placis ... . . lithe next the seyd mancion or dwellynge place, for the sustenaunce [of the]

seyd priour and vj. religeous men and here successoris, here servauntis, and the [seyd] vij. pore men: And for the chargys and reparacionis forseyd, to the yeerly valew of thre hundryd markes starlyng over all chargys; to have and to holde to the forseyd religeous men and to here successoris for ever; providid alwey that the seyd priour and religeous men and here successoris be bounden and compellabill suffeciently in lawe be the discrecion of my seyd executoris, to susteyne the forseyd vij. pore men contynwally, suffeciently, and convenyently in all thyngis withinne the seyd collage for ever, and for to preye for the soulys afore seyd.]*

[_Second Draft._]

_Firste_, Forasmyche as for the welfare of my soule and of the soules forseyd, and for ese, support, and helpe of the pore inhabitantes in the cuntre of Flegge, and for to avoyde that noo lord nor gret astat shuld inhabit in tyme comyng withinne the gret mancion be me late edified and motid in Castre forseid, I have of long tyme been in purpose to stablishe and founde a collage withinne the seyd gret mancion, and soo to purveye that suche as I lovyd and thought behoffefull for the seyd cuntre, and that noon othyr, shulde inhabite in the seyd mancion with the collagyens of the seyd collage: Therfor, and for the senguler love and trust that I have to my seyd cosyn John Paston, [abov]e all othyr, beyng in veray beleve that he will execute my will here in, I will and ordeyne, as he and I have covinauntyd and been accordyd that he shall, with inne resonable tyme aftyr my deseas, founde or do founde ... .

and indewe withinne the seid mancion a collage of vij. religeous monkys or pristes, to preye for the soules above seyd in perpetuite, of whiche one to be cheif governour of hem, and he to have x_li._, and iche othyr prist or monk [of the said co]llage x. marks yeerly for here sustenaunce and fynding, clerly paid in mony, and that the seyd collagyens shull be soo indewyd that be syde here seyd pencions for here propir levynge to be grauntyd hem, they ... . . inmorteysid to hem to fynde vij. pore folke yeerly in perpetuite in the seyd mancion of Castre to preye for the soulis above seyd in perpetuite. Of whiche pore folk iche of hem to have xl_s._ a yeer or th ... . ere levynge, fynding, and sustentacion; and that the seyd John Paston shall ordeyne and make swyr to the seyd collagyens, and to the seyd pore folke a suffecient summe, and a competent and an esy dwellynge place ... . . seid collagyens nor here successorys beryng no reparacion there of, for whiche and for othyr consyderacionis above seyd, I will, graunte, and ordeyne that the seyd John Paston shall have in fee symple, to hy[m and his heirs] all the manerez, londes, and tenementes in Norffolk, Suffolk, and Norwiche in whiche the seyd John Paston or ony othyr to myn use are or were feffyd in or have title to, and that all feffeez feffyd in the seyd manerez, londes, and ... er astat of the seyd manerez, londes, and tenementes to suche personys, and at suche tymes and in suche fourme as the seyd Paston, hise heyris or his assigneez, shall requyre hem, or ony of hem.

And the seyd John Paston ... . . seyd collage shal bere and paye to my behoff, towardes the paymentys of my dettes and othir thynges, be my present will assygnid to be do, m^{l}m^{l}m^{l}m^{l.} [4000] mark, in suche fourme and at suche tyme as in this my present will ... ... .

here aftir folwyng:--

[_First Draft._]

*[Item, I will and graunte that if outhyr the forseyd licence and graunte of oure seyd sovereyn Lord, or of hise heyre Kynges, or the licence or graunt of ony othyr ... . entresse in this behalve be not lawefully, swyrly, and suffeciently ... ... . that thanne my seid executorys shall geve or do be gove to ... ... of the monastery of Seynt Benettes of Holme for seyd, lyflode or mony competent ... . .

seyd abot and covent or here successorys, and my seyd executores shal accorde there in be here wise discrecionis, for the indewement and sustentacion of vj. monkes in the seyd monastery and vij. pore men in the same monastery, to prey for the soulys forseyd in perpetuite, to be foundyd, susteynid, and kept, providid that the vj. monkes forseyd be aumentyd abovyn the noumbre of monkes of here ferst fundacion, and over the noumbre that they now use to kepe in the seyd monastery, and that lawefull and agreable swyrte perpetualy be made be the avyse of myn seyd executores, aswell for the augmentacion, susteyning, and kepynge of the seyd vj. monkys, as for the convenyent and suffecient sustentacion, fyndyng, and kepyng of the seyd vij. pore men in perpetuite, to preye as is afore seyd.

*[It]em, I will and ordeyne that all and singuler lordshepis, maneres, londes, and tenementes, [ren]tes, and servisez, with here appurtenauncez, in whiche ony persone or personys are feffid in or have astat and possession to myn use, in whiche sum ever counteez or townez the said lordshepis, maneres, londes, and tenementes, rentes, and servisez bein withinne the ream of Englond; and that all the forseyd and senguler lordshepys, manerez, tenementes, rentes, and servisez, with here appurtenaunce, in whiche ony person or personys been intitlyd to myn use be the lawe, shull be sold be my seyd executoris, except manerez, londes, and tenementes, rentes, and servisez, with here appurtenauncez, as shall be morteysyd to the seyd collage, if the fundacion thereof take effecte: And that the mony of the sale or salys comynge be disposed be my seyd executores in executyng of thys my last wyll and testament, and in othyr dedes of almesse as my seyd executores be here discrecion shal seme best to plese God for the helthe of my soule and for the soulys forseyd: And that happe the fundacion of the seyd collage to take to noon effecte, nor the seyd collage foundyd, that thanne the lordshepis, londes, and tenementes, rentes, and servise, with here appurtenancez, whiche shul bee assygnid to the seyd morteysyng, also shull be sold [be my]n executores, and the mony thereof comyng to be disposed be [myn] executores in executyng and parformynge of my will and testament, and in othyr dedes of mercy, pite, and almesse as shal seme best to my seyd executores for the soulez afore seyd and the soulys undyr wretyn.]*

[_Second Draft._]

Item, I wyll, ordeyne, and graunte that all othir lorshepis, manerez, londes, and tenementes, rentes, and servisez, with here appurtenaunce, in whiche ony persone or personis been feffid in, or have astat or possession, or be in titlid to myn use be the lawe, except the seyd manerez, londes, and tenementes, rentes, and servisez, with here appurtenauncez, in the shirez of Norffolk, Suffolk, and Norwiche, in the article next presedent specified, shull be sold be the seyd John Paston and Thomas Howys, ij. of myn executoris. And I will, graunte, and ordeyne that the seyd John and Thomas, and noon othir while they leve, shall have the sengler rewle, sale, and disposecion of all my londes forseyd, except before except, and execucion of this my last will and of every article there in; and I will that the seid John and Thomas shall have all the profitez and avaylez and emolwements of the seyd maneris, londes, and tenementes, rentes, and servisez, with all othir comoditeez thereof comyng, til be them they be sold, and the mony of the profites and salis thereof comynge, be them to be disposed for the welfare of my soule and of the soulez forseyd duryng the lyf of the seyd John and Thomas; and in cas this my will be not executyd in theyre [liv]es, that thanne the execucion be thereof doon be othyr myn executores that aftyr hem too shal have the mynistracion of my goodes.

[_First Draft._]

*[Item, I will and ordeyne that my seyd executoris shull take and have all the issews, avaylez, profitez, and emolwementes of all and senguler lordshepys, manerez, londes, tenementes, rentes, and servisez forseyd, with here appurtenaunce, excepte before except, to be geve to the seyd collage, on to tyme they be sold feithefully and trewly be my seyd executores; and on to tyme that they that shull be purchasorys be feithefull and trewe bargeyne thereof made be twene hem and my seid executorys, shull take and have the issewes, profitez, avayles, and emolwementes, withoute fraude or male ingyne. And also I wyll and ordeyne that my forseyd executores shull take and have all the issewys, profitez, avayles, and emolwementes of all and senguler aforn except l ... . . londes, tenementes, rentes, servisez, with here appurtenauncez, on to tyme ... . . and vj. religeous men or here successoris, if the forseyd admynistracion ... ... shull have and take lawefull and feithfull estat beforce of the seyd inmorteys[yng], or ellys that they be feithfully and trewly accordid with my seid executorys for the takyng and havyng of the issewes, profitez, and avayles, and emolwementes withoute fraud or male ingyne. And if the seyd inmorteysyng take noon effecte, I will and ordeyne that my seyd executores shull have and take all and senguler issewys, profitez, avayles, and emolwementes of the forseyd except lordshepys, londes, manerez, and tenementes, rentes, and servicez, with here appurtenaunces, tyl they be feithefully and trewly sold be my seyd executores, unto tyme that they that shalbe purchasorys thereof, be feithefull and trewe bargayne be twene them and my seyd executores thereof made, shull take thoo issewys, profitez, and avaylez, and emolwements thereof, withoute fraude or male ingyne. And I will and ordeyne that my seyd executores shull dispose all and senguler issewys, profitez, avaylez, and emolwementes afornseyd for my soule, and for the soulys aforn rehersyd, as they shall seme beste to the plesure of God.]*

Item, forasmyche as it is seyd that dyverse personis of dyverse desentes pretende ... ... at this day to be next heneritere [_inheritor_] to me aftyr my deseas, where ... ... ... ... knowe that no creature hathe title or right to inheryte ony ... ... ... . . londes and tenementes, rentes, and servisez that ever I hadde, or ony persone or personys ... ... have to myn use; therfor I will and ordeyne that no persone nor personis as hey ... me for no douteful or obskure materes conteynid in this my present will, nor for noon othyr, shall take ony maner of avauntage, benefice, or profit be ony manner meanys or weyes, of ony manerez, lordshepis, londes, tenementes, rentes, servisez, goodes, or catellys that were myn at ony tyme.

Item, I will and ordeyne and graunte that myn executoris [before namyd], or the more part of them[152.1] and noon othir, shall have the decleracion and interpretacion of all and senguler articles, chapetris, clausis, whiche and wordes in this my last will hadde and wretyn, in whiche articlis, chapetris, clausis, and wordes ony doute or doutez, dirknesse or dyversite of undirstondyng shall falle or happe to be founde, and that no persone or personys be reson of suche articlys, chapetris, clausys, or wordes, have or take ony profit or avauntage othyr wise thanne aftyr the maner and fourme of declaracion and interpretacion of my seyd [too namyd][152.2] executors.

Item, I will, ordeyne, and comaunde that all my dettes that is owynge [be] me be dewe examynacion be fully payd and contentyd to the creditoris, which can be foundyn dewe that is owynge be me; and also that all wronges, trespacis, offencis, and grevys be me doon or comyttid, if ony bee, that ony maner persone hathe been hyndryd or damagid wrongfully, if ony suche bee that can suffeciently and lawefully be previd and knowe, I wyll fyrst be fore all othyr thinges it be speed that myn executores do make amendes, restitucion, and satisfaction to thoo personys or to here executorys by me damagyd and hyndred as concience and good feithe requyreth.

Item, I will and ordeyne that in every town in which I or ony to myn use have lordshepys, manerez, londes, and tenementes that the pore pepyl of the tenure of the seyd town have ij. yeer to gethyr in reward after theyre afferaunt and quantite of the x. part of oon yeerly valewe and reveneuse of the seyd [lor]dshepis, manerez, londes, tenementes, and rentes, halfe to be departyd to . . [par]ishe cherchis for werkys, ornamentes, and othyr thynges necessarye to the seyd chyrchis, and half to be departyd amonges the seyd pore pepil that be tenauntes[152.3] of the seid lordshepis, maneres, londes, and tenementes soo to be disposed aftyr the discrecion of myn executores [before namyd],[152.4] aftyr my will approvid, and my dettes payd.

Item, I will and ordeyne that the pryour of the prioury of the parishe cherch of Jernemuth for the tyme beynge, and hese covent and hise successorys, observe and kepe yeerly and perpetualy to endure an annversary in the seyd parishe cherche for to preye for the soule of my fadyr, John Fastolf, Squyer, that lythe buryed there in the seyd chyrche, with _placebo_ and _derige_ and messe, be note the vigyl and day of hese obit, with the noumbre of prystes and clerkes accordyng in such a cause; and for to susteyne the kepyng of the seyd annversary, I will that be the avise of myn executorys [before namyd][152.4] that londes or teneme[ntes] ... ... ... . ordeynid to the yeerly valewe of xx_s._, and that to be inmorteis ... ... . . swyr to the seyd prioury or parishe chyrche, oonly to susteyne and bere ... . . and chargys of the perpetuall kepyng and susteyning of the seyd annversary.

Item, I will and ordeyne that if I have ony reliquis of Seyntes, also suche ornamentes for the chirche, that I have left as vestmentes, garlementes of sylke or velwet, of robis, and my gownys, that parcell of hem be yovin to the seyd monastery cherche of Seynt Benettes, where I shal be buryed, to remayne for ornament of the chapell there be me late edified; and also part of hem to be distrubited amonges the parishe chyrchis that be in suche townes that I have ony lordshipis, manerez, londes, tenementes, and rentes, provided that a resonable and a competent part of the seyd reliquis and ornamentes be kept and govyn to the seyd collage to be made at Castre, and this to be doon be the avise of myn executores be fore namyd.[153.1]

Item, I will and ordeyne that suche of my consanguinite and kynred whyche be pore and have but litil substaunce to leve by, that they be relevyd of my goodes ... . . havyng consederation to thoo that be nerrest of my kyn and of ... . . Also of here good disposecion too God ward and to me in here ... . . othir of my kyn, that a consyderacion be hadde and yovyn to the relyf and prefer[ment] of my cosyn Robert Fitzraf, for hese good, trewe and long servise to me doon and contynwyd, and alsoo be reson of my consanguynite and kynred.

Item, I will and ordeyne that if ony persone make ony compleynt to myn executores that I have purchasyd ony taylid londes be this my will ordeynid to be sold,[153.2] and that thoo personys that so compleyne doo suffeciently and evydently prove and shewe withoutyn ony collucion, fraude, or male ingyne suche londes taylid; thanne I will that the right heyris purchase as be suche taylid londes, if ony be in my possession or in my feffeez handes, and that for a ... ... is thanne ony othir persone after the avyse and discrecion of the seid John Paston and Thomas Howis, clerk, and where there be no lawefull answere nor debarre of the tayle.[153.3]

Item, I will and ordeyne that the holy place of monastery and abbathye of oure Ladyiz chirche of Langley, in the diocise of Norwiche, for my soule to be more specialy recommendyd, and also for to kepe and susteyne, one day in the yeer, myn annversary solempnely be note the _derige_ and messe of requyem for ever to endure for the helthe of my soule and for the soule of Dame Milcent, my wif, the doutyr of Sir Robert Tibetot, Knyght, whiche was of the consanguynite and kyn to the foundorys of the seyd monastery, and she owyng a senguler affeccion and love of devocion to the preyeris of that place, that the Abot and Covent have a reward and a remuneracion of my mevable goodes aftyr the discrecion of myn executores before namyd.

Item, I will and ordeyne that be the avise of myn executorys before namyd, that prevecion and ordenaunce be made that the obit and annversary may be yeerly inperpetuite kept with _placebo_ and _derige_ and messe of requiem benote for the soule of Dame Mary, my modir, in the chirche of Attilburgh, *[and a fundacion of a messe there, or in othyr convenyent place to be morteysid, for ever to seye and preye for here soule and for here auncetryez aftyr the discrecion of myn executorys.]*

[_Second Draft._]

* and that oon of the monkis or pristes in the collage be me ordeynid in the mancion of Castre forseid shall synge specialy in perpetuite for the soule of my modir and all here auncestryez, and good dooerys.

[_First Draft._]

Item, I will and ordeyne that it be provided by myn executores before namyd a reward as a yefte be made to the chapell of Seynt Jorge in the Castill of Wyndishore, and to the collagyens of the same collage for to have my soule recomendid amonges ... . . with an annversary to be kept yeerly and perpetualy amonges hem with _placebo_ and [_derige_ and]

messe of requyem be note.[154.1]

Item, I will, ordeyne, and comaunde that myn [executores and][154.2]

feffeez* porsewe lawfully my right and title that I have in xxv. marke of yeerly rente, with all the areragis that of right and concience is dewe to my feffeez feffyd there in to myn use to dispose for my soule helthe chargyd and payable out of a maner in Hiklyng, callid Nethyrhalle, with the priour and covent of Hiklyng for the tyme beyng, be bounden and astrict be wryting undyr here covent sealys to paye yeerly. And on lyke wise I wyll that pursewt be made be Parlement or othyrwise lawefull for redressyng of the wrong doon to me in the maner of Bradwell, in the hundrid of Lodynglond in Suffolk, whiche I purchasid trewly, and hadde a lawefull astat in the same maner, as myn evydence woll shewe of record, xl. yeer past; and for to redresse the wrong full entre doon ... . . my feffeez in the maner of Dedham Nethirhalle by Willyam, late Duke of Suff[olk], as well as for the wrongfull entre eftsonys and late made upon serteyn personys feffyd to myn use in the seyd maner, now of latter tyme; And that myn executores doo dewly here deligence aboute the recovery and getyng ageyn of the seyd manerez, lond[es], and tenementes and rentes above seyd of my goodes to be born.

[_Second Draft._]

* be the avise of myn executores before namyd

[_First Draft._]

Item, I will and ordeyne that the wardeyn and the procutoris for the tyme beyng of the parishe chirche of Seynt Oloff in Suthewerk, be London Brege, beyeng to the use of the seyd chirche of Seynt Oloff, be preferryd, in beyeng and purchasyng of myn executorys before namyd, a tenement with a warff thereto longyng, set be the seyd chirche, callyd the Bukheed, before ony man, and for a lesse valewe than it is worthe withine the sum of xx_li._

Item, I will that a convenyent stoon of marbill and a flat fygure, aftyr the facion of an armyd man, be made and gravyn in the seyd stoon in laton in memoryall of my fadyr, John Fastolf, Squyer, to be leyd upon hese toumbe in the chapell of Seynt Nicholas, in the parishe chirche of Jernemuth, and with my skochonys of armys of hym and hese auncestryez, with a scripture aboute the stoon makynge mencion the day and yeer of hise obite.

Item, I will that in semblable wise a marble stoon of a convenyent me ... ... ... . made to be leyd upon the toumbe of Dame Mary, my modyr, in the ... ... . . foundid in the parishe chyrche of Atilburgh, and that a figure ... ... ... . of a jentilwoman with here mantil, with a scripture made of laton in on ... ... . iiij.

skochonys of armys of here iij. husbondes, as the skochon of Thomas Mortimer, Knight, [John] Fastolf, Squyer, the seconde husbonde, and of John Farwell, Squyer, the thridde husbonde, auncetryez in the seyd toumbe, and the day and yeer of here obite to be wretyn aboute.

*[Item, I will that a provecion be made for swerte of the maner of Cowlynge in Suffolk, accordyng to the last wyll of Dame Marget Braunche, my sustir, in whiche maner I stond enfeffed in to here use, and serteyn londes in the seyd Cowlynge that Dame Mary, my modir, purchasyd to here and to hire heirez, that Herry Braunche, my neweu, here son ... . seyd maner, provided that he be oblygid to preye for hise fadir, Sir Philip Br[aunche, and his] modir, Dame Marget, serteyn preyeris and messez, with a prist, to be contynw[aly] seyd [be] the discrecyon of myn executorys.]*

[_Second Draft._]

Item, that myn executores before namyd helpe that the maner of Cowlynge be disposed and guydid aftyr the will of Dame Marget Brannche, my sastir, if my executoris thynke it be to doo.

[_First Draft._]

Item, I will and ordeyne that the executores of John Wellys, aldreman of London, whiche hadde gret goodes of myne in hise governaunce whil I was in the partyez of Fraunce and Normandye, and hadde never opyn declaracion to whos handes of my resseyvoris atturnyez, or servauntes of myne the seyd goodes were delyvered particlerly, and for that cause to be aserteynid of the trouthe in this be halve, as well as for the dyscharge of the seyd John Wellys soule, his executores and attornyez may yeve accompt, soo declaryng of my seyd goodes accordyng to the trouthe and concience.

*[Item, to be providyd, if it be thowght comodiously that it may be doon be myn executores, that a chauntry may be foundyd in the chyrche of Seynt Oloff, be London Brege, in Southewerk, to prey for my soule perpetualy.]*

Item, I will and requyre that it be knowyn to all pepill present and for to come that where afore thys tyme whil I dwellyd and excersysed the werrys in Fraunce, Normandye, Angoy, and Mayne, as in Gyen, havyng undir the Kyng, myn sovereyn Lord, officez and governauncez of cuntreez and placis, as of castilys, fortreys, citeez, and townes be xxx. yeer and more contynwed, be reson of whiche officez ... . . many sealis of myn armys gravyn with my name wretyn aboutyn ... ... ... . . course (?) in the seyd castilys and fortreycez that my lef tenauntes and ... . . officerz beyng in dyverse suche placis ocupied undyr me the sealys and sygnettes to seale saf conduytez and billettes of saf gardes, and othyr wrytinges of justice longyng to suche officez of werre; and I doutyng that summe of the forseyd sealys of armys or sygnettes remayne stille amonges myn officeres or personys not delyvered to me ageyn, and that with the sealys of armys and signettes ony monwements, chartrys, dedes, letterys patentes, blankes chartrys in parchemyn or paper, or othyr evydence forgyd and contryved withoute my knowynge or assent, myght soo be sealyd ageyn all concience and trouthe and ryghtwisenesse; and for these causez, and for doute of ony inconvenyent that myghte falle be this my wrytinge, I sertefie for trouthe and afferme on my soule, I swere and proteste that sethe I cam last out of Fraunce and Normandye, xix. yeere passed, I never sealyd wrytinge of charge, yefte, nor graunte with noon othyr seal of armys nor sygnet thanne *[with this same seal of armys and sygnet ... ... ... this my present will and my last testament],* and overmore that I have enselyd no [charge] yefte, nor graunte be the space of xix. yeer with noo seal nor sygnet, of noo lordshype, maner, nor manerez, annuite, reversionis, nor of no yiftes nor grauntes of goodes and cattellys, mevable and on mevable, nor mony, excepte suche as I have made opynly to be knowyn, executyd, and put in pocession be fore this day. Wherfore I requyre ... ... all Cristyn peple to yeve noo feithe nor credence to ony pryvat wryting not opynly declarid nor provid in my lif tyme, nor to blanke chartrys sealyd in my ... ... . whereof I remembre me well that oon John Wyntir, Esquyer, late my servaunt, hadde (?) in kepyng a blanke letter in parchemyn ensealyd ondyr my seal, and never delyvered it me ageyn, but seyde he hadde lost it at hyse confecion, as wryting ondyr hise owyn hande maketh mencyon or he deyde.

[_Second Draft._]

* I have usyd this ij. yeer day last passed.

[_First Draft._]

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