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Item, the seyd Fastolf lent to the voyage that Thomas Danyell made in to Breteyn, as it is notorily knowen, of which he ys not yhyt payd, the somme of


Item, the seyd Fastolf hath born grete charge and cost of a lone made for the spede and help of a voyage whych the Erle of Shrewysbury now last made in to the Kynges Duchee of Gyen,

______ [60.2]

[Footnote 55.1: [From Fenn, iii. 260.] The date of this paper is determined by the last paragraph, showing that it was composed fifteen years after Sir John finally left France in 1440.]

[Footnote 57.1: Sir John took the castle of Sillie le Guillem in 1425, and from which he was dignified with the title of baron.--F.]

[Footnote 57.2: The salute was a gold coin of Henry VI. current in France for 1, 5s. English.--F.]

[Footnote 58.1: In 1423 he took the castle of Pacy, the governor whereof was Guillaume Reymond.--F.]

[Footnote 59.1: This battle was fought in 1424.--F.]

[Footnote 60.1: So in MS. The total should be 100 less.]

[Footnote 60.2: A blank.]



_A Declaracion of the Costs which Sir John Fastolf was at, ben without this royaume._

The declaracions of certeyn prests, costys, and chargys don and born by Sir John Fastolf, aswel in the tyme of the moste noble and victoryouse Princes of blessed memorie, Kyng Herry the iiij^the, Kyng Herry v^th, as in the tyme of our Souvereyn Lord Kyng that now is, in hys werrys by yend the see, as by the articles that folowen more pleynly apperyth:--

First, it ys to be remembred that to the sayd Fastolf ys owyng for divers costys and chargis by hym born for the tyme that he occupied th'office of the Constabulrye of Burdeux for the saufgarde of the Kyngys Duchie of Guyen, as it apperith pleynlye by accompt made of the sayd office of Constabulrye, remaynyng in the Kyngs Cheker at Westminster of record, wherof he yet nouther had payement nor assignement of, the somme of

ij^{c}. xxvij_li._ xv_s._ iij_d._ _ob._

Item, in like wyse there ys owyng to the seyd Fastolf for wagys for hys service don to the Kyng, and to the Duc of Clarence, beyng the Kyng ys Lieutenant in the seyd Duchie of Guyen, as it may appere under suffisaunt writing, the somme of

ij^c ij_li._ x_s._

Item, in lyke wyse ys owyng to the seyd Fastolf for costys and chargys that he bare when he was Lieutenant of the towne of Harflew[62.1] in Normandie, as yt shewith by a debentur made to the seyd Fastolf, with hym remaynyng,

Cxxxiij_li._ vj_s._ viij_d._

Item, in lyke wyse ys owyng to the seyd Fastolf for the keping and vytaylyng of the Bastyle of Saint Anthoyne in Paris, as it apperith by writing suffisaunt and by the creditours of Sir John Tyrell, Knyght, late Tresourier of the Kyngs house, remaynyng in the Escheker of Westminster of record, the somme of


Item, there ys owyng to the seyd Fastolf for the saufgarde of the toune of Fount Melank[62.2] in the parties of Fraunce, as it apperith by accompt therof made in the Kyngs Escheker of England of record, the somme of

iiij^xx ix_li._ x_s._ iiij_d._ _ob. q._

Summa xlij. marc ix_s._ _q._

And in semblable wyse, over all this ys owyng to the seyd Fastolf for prests and wagys of hym and his retenues beyng in the Kings service in his royaume of Fraunce and duchie of Normandie, as wel abowte the saufgarde and gouvernaunce of his tounys, castell, and forteresses of Alaunson, Fresney Le Vicounte, Vernell, Honneflete, as for othir grete causys and charges born and payd in the Kyng our Souvereyn Lord ys dayes that nowys, for the avauncement of his conquest, the good and utilite of hym, of his seyd royaume and duchie forseid, as it apperyth oppenly by accomptys made in the Chambre of Accompts of Paris and Roon, wherof the vidimus remaynen with the seyd Fastolf, and also by certeyn debentur conteynyng the seyd sommes, redy to shewe, wherof the seyd Fastolf hiderto hath had nouther payement nor assignacion, the somme of

v. m^{l}. iiij^xx ij. marc, xiij_s._ iij_d._ _ob._ sterling.

Summa totalis vj. m^{l}. cxxv. marc, ix_s._ _ob. q._

There are two drafts of the preceding statement among the Paston MSS. in the British Museum, besides an imperfect draft hereafter mentioned. These appear to have been drawn up as early as the year 1452. One of these is in William Worcester's handwriting; the other is a fair copy from it, with further corrections, in his hand. The document printed above embodies all the corrections in the second paper, and corresponds with it almost exactly in every point, except that the latter places the second item relating to the Duke of Clarence at the very end of the account, and contains the following additional entries:--

And beside all this, there is yet owyng to the sayd Fastolf uppon the voyage that Thomas Danyell made into Bretayn, as it is openly knowen, the somme of


Item, overe this the seyd Fastolf lent to the voyage that Sir Thomas Kyryell made into Normandye, in the xxviij. yere of the regne of the Kyng our Souverain Lorde, the somme of CC. marc; also lent to the Kyng afore that tyme in his necessite the somme of C_li._ The somme of both,

ij^{c}. xxxiij_li._ vj_s._ viij_d._

And also the seyd Fastolf hath borne grete charge and cost of alone made for the spede and helpe of the voyage whiche the Erle of Shrowysbury[64.1] now last made into the Kynges duchie of Guyenne, to whom God graunte good expedicion, as it shewith by suffisaunt writyng, for whiche at the commaundement of my Lord Cardynalle[64.2] the seyd Fastolf made a chevyssaunce and leyd to wedd [_i.e._ pawned] the substaunce of his pore juellys, in the whiche chevyssaunce the seyd Fastolf hath lost xxxvij_li._, and is like to lese more herafter, by cause he is not of poer to quyte hem oute; the seyd juellys lyne as yet to plegge for the somme of


Somme of the prestys and debtys abofe rehersed,

ij^{ml}. xlv. markes, vj_s._ v_d._ _ob._

The following is written on a separate paper, on the back of which occurs the imperfect draft above referred to.

Item, overe all thys grete debtes dew at thys day to the seyd Fastolf, he desyryth and prayth that it may be pondered and concydered the grete lossez and damages that he hath susteyned and born, as well in the parties of Fraunce as in thys land; as at one tyme lost the somme and value of iiij^{ml}. mark for Guillem Remond, hys prysonnere, that agreed to pay for hys raunsom xxxij^{ml}. salux. The seyd prisonnere was take awey from hym, and delyvered the toune of Compyne in to the obbeissaunce of our Souvereyn Lord. Also the reward that the seyd Fastolf shuld hafe hys part for the takyng of the Duc off Allaunson, whych shuld mount for hys seyd part iiij^{ml}. [4000] markes, the grete losse that he hath in delyveryng upp the baronye of Syllye Guillem, in the counte of Mayn, be thout [_without_] recompense or reward, whych was gevyn to hym and hys assigneez in the value of m^{l}. m^{l}. [2000] salux off yerly rent.

Also the lesyng of hys pore lyvelode in Normandie that was of the yerly value of [65.1] mark. The grete importune lossez and damages that he hath had seth he came into England, whych hys evylle wyllers the officers and servauntes of the Duc of Suffolk have, be thout [_without_]

cause resonable, made hym leese, as in causyng hym to be disseised wrongysly of iiij. of hys maners of Dedham, Beyton, Bradwell, Hykelyng, and Tychewell, to the value of ij^{c}. [200] mark of yeerly rent; besyde othyr damages and lossez by colours of the lawe, and by menys of extorcions, as it may shew by a rolle of articles to the value of vj^{ml}. [6000] markes.

[Footnote 61.1: [From Fenn, iii. 268.] This appears to be a supplementary paper to the preceding. Two other copies or drafts of this paper exist among the Paston MSS. in the British Museum.]

[Footnote 62.1: Sir John Fastolf was Lieutenant of Harfleur in 1415.--F.]

[Footnote 62.2: Pont Meulent was taken in 1422.--F.]

[Footnote 64.1: John Talbot, first Earl, sent to France in 1452 to recover Guienne for the English; killed the following year in endeavouring to relieve Castillon.]

[Footnote 64.2: Cardinal Kemp. --_See_ vol. ii. p. 160, Note 7.]

[Footnote 65.1: Blank in MS.]

[[iiij^xx ix_li._ x_s._ iiij_d._ _ob. q._ _text has "iiij_a._" (italic a for d)_]]


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