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When Ji Ai came in, the formerly quiet villa became noisy.

She gathered around Yibei. Except for the few minutes of depression, after she sat down, her voice never stopped.

“When did the decoration here change to this? It was not like this a few days ago.”

“Yibei Brother, when did you like warm colors?”

“And what is this?”

“It’s nothing like your style!”

Her words were really a lot. Initially, everything was about the renovation of the villa, and then she talked to Yibei about a lot of people and things Fang Chixia had no idea of.

Fang Chixia had been worrying about how to deal with Luo Yibei tonight. When Ji Ai came, she was happy and felt at ease. She automatically avoided the two people and stayed in the distance. She gave the impression of being afraid to disturb the two.

After dinner, she went straight upstairs to a guestroom.

Ji Ai was still downstairs. This girl was too lively. As long as she and Luo Yibei have time, she would  always be thinking of how to catch the other person’s attention.

She walked in front of him, across him, and also deliberately did a number of poses often seen in a women’s magazine. Unfortunately, not a slightest reaction came out of it.

Ji Ai became anxious. She wanted to pounce again if there would be no action, but she suddenly recalled what Ji Nanyou said this day, as well as Luo Yibei’s indifference when he warned her.

All impulses were snuffed out and she guiltily withdrew her hand. She continued to talk to him without any problems.


Fang Chixia brushed her teeth, washed her face and had a soak in a comfortable bubble bath. She didn’t even care about the two people downstairs. She has no intention of waiting for Luo Yibei so she went straight to sleep.

She didn’t know the specific time Ji Ai Left. When Luo Yibei went upstairs, the whole floor was pitch-black and no light was left on for him.

He snapped the corridor lights open, opened the bedroom door and saw her back to him. She seemed to be sleeping soundly. He couldn’t say how but he suddenly felt irritated.

She’s so comfortable when he’s not there?

Fang Chixia’s sleeping posture was somewhat unrefined with arms holding a pillow and legs casually open. This posture looked much more comfortable than when he was with her.

Her thick long lashes drooped gently down and when she is asleep she was very looked very tranquil. Shedding her sharpness during the day, that small face not as big as his palm shows a childlike innocence, so beautiful which…just urged Luo Yibei’s desire to ruin!

His eyes bored into her for a little while before he closed the door and advanced towards her.

Fang Chixia didn’t really fall asleep at this time. In a daze, she felt the footsteps coming towards her but her sleepy eyelids didn’t open.

As the footsteps drew nearer, the other end of the bed seemed to have sunk followed by a familiar chilly clean scent. Then her body was crushed heavily and pressed down.

Fang Chixia’s eyebrows uncomfortably wrinkled but still hasn’t responded to the situation. Her body grew cold as something was ripped off…..

Even if Fang Chixia had more sleepiness, she woke up at this time but her eyes still didn’t open.

Her coping policy was, if he must toss her about, she would just go along with him but she wouldn’t respond till the end.

When he gets bored by  himself, he will naturally stop his hand.

Who knew, someone didn’t let her have it easy. He had her on her back and had no intention of getting up.

“Heavy…” Fang Chixia muttered uncomfortably and turned her body sideways.

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