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Chapter 13: 13
She was using crude candles made from melted candle wax .

Strange appearances came not just from the ceiling .

The floor was not a common display and none of the statues representing the gods were visible .

After preparing what she was going to say, she walked blankly into the wall .


She was focusing on the ceiling and not on her feet .

Rurutia, who had lost her center, swung heavily, but Cronu held her firmly so she did not fall .

Cronu, who helped Rurutia find her center again, murmured, avoiding her gaze .

“Foot… Be careful . ”

Rurutia, who held up her white wedding dress, looked at her feet .

The floor’s unevenness also drew Cronu’s gaze because he was too shy and wanted to avoid her stare .

If I don’t focus on the floor due to its broken appearance, I will stumble .

She looked at the floor and walked carefully .

Cronu standing nearby suddenly became quiet . This allowed her to focus on her surroundings .

The chapel and wedding hall, where outsiders were milling in and out, was a public space, but the inner building was a pavilion for only priests .

The temple seemed to be poorly kept .

They had no money to pay for it, so they sold all the statues and the chandelier pieces .

The Paladins was one of the temple’s most important buildings .

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According to the book’s description, the imperial family tamed a temple that had become a lair of evil .

Recently, the believers of the goddess Crescentia had decreased . The temple, where donations had fallen, had become far less luxurious than it used to be .

At this time, the emperor, who needed a paladin, secretly proposed this: “I’ll give you a grant so that you’ll be working for the imperial family . ”

The temple accepted the imperial proposal to fill the private interest .

But there was no word to describe how poor they had become .

“If I’d become that poor, I would have accepted any suggestion . ”

Rurutia looked around her . Cronu, who was ashamed of the temple, opened his mouth . “It’s not as bad as it looks . ”

“How did you get in this mess?”

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Cronu smiled as he scratched his neck .

“Since we made wrong prophecies for the last few decades, the number of believers have shrunk, and we can’t do business . We do receive some donations, but we don’t have much revenue coming in these days . ”

It was a group of self-serving individuals, but they needed money . The temple, which was unable to do business, was operated by donations .

The devotion of the Crescentia denomination was based on prophecy .

The Pope, the head of the denomination, had the ability to communicate with the goddess .

Once a year, he communes with the goddess and predicts many major natural disasters, such as typhoons and droughts .

Based on his prophecies, the believers who were able to grasp the weather patterns in advance were thoroughly prepared . The devotees donated large sums of money in gratitude .

But lately, whenever a prophecy was given, the predictions were wrong . This new trend created unrest and division among the people .

As the weather forecast continued to deflect, the temple was blamed, and they were called “Kura Cheong . ”

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The farmers who farmed the land and sailors who sailed the seas even began to resent the temple .

Here the imperial throne intervened .

They will take care of the victims of major natural disasters .

From then on, the imperial power was strengthened, and the priesthood was left on the floor .

It was an old religion, and even though there were still many people with deep faith, it seemed there were many others who have defected .

“The failure to receive prophecy may be due to the disappearance of the Prince of the Holy Kingdom . ”

“That’s right . The prophecy continues to be wrong due to the Prince of the Holy Kingdom being cursed by the gods since he has been taken down and has long since disappeared . ”

Before Rurutia was born, the young prince of the Holy Kingdom, who had the lineage of the goddess, was kidnapped by monsters .

The Holy State doubted the empire but found no evidence . They all said the prince was dead .

Because of the death of her only son, the empress was completely destroyed by the goddess’s immediate wrath .

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